We are passionate about ELOPEMENTS IN AUSTRALIA

and helping couples plan their ultimate dream elopement.

About Eloping Australia

Eloping all started when we were trying to plan our own elopement. We quickly realised that many places, properties and venues would not allow a small wedding or elopement without meeting their minimum numbers.

It was so frustrating to organise. We just really didn’t want a big traditional wedding and everything that goes along with that.

Many venues and wedding websites say that they cater to intimate or small weddings, but in actual fact, they think 50 or 60 people is a small wedding.

So we wanted to create a website that was useful to couples wanting to elope and also help us photograph more beautiful elopements.

Our belief is that an elopement is 20 people or less, so we will try to only list venues and properties that actually can cater to smaller numbers.

Australians, in general, haven’t really embraced elopements just yet. There is still a negative association with them. And they don’t understand the modern meaning of an elopement.

We also run a elopement & wedding photography business and have documented countless elopements, so we know how great they can be.

Our other goal is to take elopements into Australia’s amazing landscape. Because the potential for totally epic and beautiful elopement is endless in this country.