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Easy simple sets, curated to suit most hands at any finger size.

Classic matching sets start from $635 for Hers& Hers

$889 for His & Hers

$1,118 for His and His in 9ct gold.

Fast Turnaround

Available for your elopement whenever you are ready! We make and deliver beautiful wedding bands in approximately 12 calendar days, which is less time than the NOIM requirement.


We service all of Australia and offer complimentary express, traceable, and insured delivery.

About Australian Wedding Rings

We combine a passion for Australian-made premium quality with a new level of convenience, simplifying wedding band shopping. Our gold or platinum wedding bands are solid, classic designs with customisable options including laser engraving in your choice of font.

Each wedding band is made especially for you with love, and on your hand approximately 12 calendar days which means your wedding band are guaranteed for your elopement date – no more waiting for wedding bands to arrive before you can set your date! 

We cater for any finger size and can help with measuring your size from the comfort of your lounge. Every ring we make is ethically made in Australia and supports the education of Australian girls facing disadvantages so you can wear it with even more love.

All this is available through an easy to use, convenient platform with thousands of options at your fingertips. Your new, future heirlooms are just a few clicks away!

Treasure your love.


I have always worked in fine jewellery. From handmaking in small studios, working with Australia’s most prestigious brands, to managing mass production overseas and everything in between. I absolutely love everything about precious metals and gemmology!

After going through my own wedding planning experience, I realised there were no options for high-end, Australian-made wedding bands online.  What if couples could have access to the same high quality and as I demand for myself, in a convenient, stress-free way? And now, I have the best job in the world!

Outside work, my absolute two favourite things are traveling and experiencing the world and going to live music gigs. I’m into all things recyclable, sustainable and ethical. I am a big believer in breaking poverty cycles though women’s education and empowerment.

Fun Facts

-I’m a sucker for cats
-Slow and sustainable is super
-I love the sound of the German language
-Show the same kindness as you’d like to receive
-Champagne is appropriate at any time for any reason
-I’m a big geek, especially about gemmology and metals

Approach to Elopements

Your wedding bands should be the same as your elopement. They should be simple but meaningful, practical but beautiful. Purchasing them should also be as convenient and stress-free. 
I will never forget the first time I heard a celebrant remark that a lot of their couples worked their wedding date around waiting for the wedding bands to be ready! Our approach is to move fast so your wedding bands can be ticked off within a couple of weeks, freeing up your time, saving you stress and being ready to elope at your convenience.

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Contact Australian Wedding Rings

Address: PO Box 1579, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012

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