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Elopement Videographer (FILM)

Crear Bello

Based in Newcastle, NSW


Crear Bello films starting at $2000

Contact me for more details.

Mid-week Elopements

Mid-week elopements can be booked at any time. Subject to availability. Australia-wide. A booking fee is required.

Weekend Elopements

Weekend elopements can be booked at any time. Subject to availability. Australia-wide. A booking fee is required.


No travel charges for Newcastle or Hunter Valley locations. A travel fee may be required for outside of these areas. The fee is to cover petrol and one night’s accommodation.

About Crear Bello

Perfectly imperfect Super 8 Films.

Crear Bello was created from the belief that marriage is folklore. Even though there are modern twists, it is still based on two people who commit to each other, for life. Although it is a serious life moment it should also be a lighthearted experience. From that thought, Crear Bello became reality. I can also shoot photography to complement the super 8 film.

Perfectly imperfect Super 8 Films

About Brad Black

From my earliest memory I’ve been a creative. During my teen years I loved to draw whatever my mind could imagine. The drawings would be unrestricted, some were light and airy while others were dark and deep. I started shooting moments of my life on Super 8 back in 2012, not so much weddings, but just life in general.

Around 2018 I continued that love and started to learn how to process Super 8 film and I still do that today, in my home lab. Super 8 is almost indescribable, but the words dreamy, nostalgic, and romantic are in the mix. I compare it to the visual equivalent of listening to a vinyl record.

brad black super 8's
Brad Black

Fun Facts

I eloped with my wife in Las Vegas.

I was born on a New Moon.

Winter is my favourite season.

I’ve watched Seinfeld, every day, on repeat, since 1997.

Rollercoasters are my favourite thing and I’ve ridden one in California while it was snowing.

Approach to Elopements

I’m seeking honest expression from my couples. I like to have a meal or a beer with each couple the night before their elopement. Those few hours spent together allows the following day to be a more connected experience.

Elopement Specials/Pricing

Ask about adding photography to your Super 8 film booking.

Crear Bello Films

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Contact Crear Bello

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