Elopement Packages Queensland

Are you searching for elopement packages in Queensland (QLD)? Queensland wedding vendors that have all-inclusive packages and prices for your elopement, small wedding or micro wedding? Then you have come to the right place! 

Eloping Australia is all about showing couples how awesome elopements are. Elopements are more personal and intimate and so different from a big wedding and all the traditions associated with it.

Queensland is such an amazing and beautiful state and region. Queensland has a huge variety of landscapes and locations that are amazing for elopements. 

These wonderful professionals in Queensland provide elopement packages and prices and we have also included elopement planners because often the two jobs are often intertwined.

Naturally Jek


Wedding photographer with an all inclusive “Adventure Elopement Package”. Which includes photo, video, celebrant, florist & musician.

Your story celebrant

Your Story Celebrant


Marriage celebrant with an all-inclusive “Adventure Elopement Package”. Which includes photo, video, celebrant, florist & musician.

Elope With Us


Intimate picnic elopements in nature & sailing elopements.

Elopement Package

Australia Wide

All-inclusive package, celebrant, photographer, video, musician. Dream, Create, Elope!

Deciding to go with an elopement package in Queensland just might be a really cost-effective and extremely practical strategy for planning and organising your elopement. An elopement package generally includes all the basic things you need for an elopement. So if planning a Queensland elopement seems like too much work, or you just don’t have the time, then a Queensland elopement package just could be the perfect option for you.

Elopements are generally is a lot more cost-effective way of getting married compared to a traditional wedding. Weddings can be really pricey. They are an expensive way of getting married. These days the average cost of having a wedding is around $36,000. By having an elopement, you will immediately save some money. But there are so many a lot more factors why you need to elope. It is not just about saving cash. Eloping is a better way of getting married. It is a more personal experience and the day becomes more about the two of you.

What are Elopement Packages?

Elopement packages are various elopement services or products all combined into one package. It makes an elopement an incredibly simple and hassle-free procedure. Elopement packages normally include at a minimum, a celebrant and a photographer. But any number of other elopement vendors can be included in the package such as a venue, hair & makeup, musicians or a stylist.

The beauty of an elopement package is that the vendors are included. You don’t need to go out and find the suppliers for the elopement. You only need to turn up and have an amazing time at the elopement.

What exactly is an Elopement?

The definition of ‘elopement’ has changed a lot over the years. And the modern meaning is much different to what it used to mean. If you were to ask Grandparents they would probably tell you that is it when a couple run off secretly and get married without anyone knowing. Elopements in the past have had a negative meaning when that really isn’t the case.

That is not the modern meaning of an elopement. Our definition of an elopement is:

“An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you.”

We believe elopements are you as a couple, and your very closest family and friends. Those who are important in your own life. An elopement can be just the two of you, but it doesn’t need to be. Just how many guests may be at the elopement is totally up for debate, but we see it as 20 people or less.

We see small weddings or micro weddings as the both of you and up to 40 of your respective family and friends.

There is not any right or wrong. But elopements and small weddings are definitely more about an intimate commitment between the two of you, instead of a big display, with older-fashioned practices, in front of a couple of hundred wedding guests.

Why Pick an Elopement Package?

There is a few reasons why you might look at an elopement package in Queensland. To begin with, there is a monetary reason and the secondary is because of the convenience it gives you.

Financially talking, elopement packages are far more affordable than a traditional Queensland wedding. Which should be a no brainer. For example, let us say there is a smallish size Queensland wedding of around 100 people. And you also are paying about $150 per guest. It could be a lot more, or you could possibly find it for less. So that’s $15,000 right away for drinks and dinner. Without styling, decor, florals, cake etc And fifty per cent of those people you probably don’t really know. They are the plus-ones, partners, relatives you never see etc

So let us now imaging that you instead have a little elopement for 20 people, where the venue, ceremony and reception are all included. And then let;s say to upgraded everything that you possibly could. Upgrade the food, wine, cocktails, styling, decor etc. You might pay $300 per person. That’s $6,000 with everything upgraded. You could have the most amazing day and evening for $6,000. And you would be spending better quality time with the important people in your life. These figures are only educated examples, but you get the idea.

Convenience is the other major reason why you might want an elopement package. These amazing pros who make elopement packages, do all the work for you. They supply all the best suppliers for you and put it neatly into their Queensland elopement packages. It makes it so simple for couples.

Usually, the only thing a couple really needs to do is fill in a form, shell out some money and talk with their celebrant. These elopement packages make it very easy for couples to elope. And they also miss all the stress involved in planning a wedding.

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages Queensland

Elopement packages in Queensland have lots of things included. Therefore it is really crucial that you recognise exactly what you will be getting. Additionally, it is really important to learn who the elopement vendors are and products are that they are supplying. Do a little research and find out who they are and if they are any good. Read their reviews, have a good look at their site and check out their socials. That way you won’t be disappointed on the day.

Queensland elopement packages can include things like:

  • Accommodation
  • Ceremony location
  • Celebrant
  • Hair & makeup
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Wedding planner/coordinator
  • Florals and bouquet
  • Styling
  • Musicians
  • Photo locations
  • Food & drinks
  • Wedding cake
  • Transport
  • Dinner

All-inclusive elopement packages are often organised and run by one wedding or elopement supplier. They might be:


It may be an accommodation property or possibly a restaurant or wedding venue. The venue has the main facility and can pick some of their favourite suppliers to do business with them. Ensure you like the venue and its location and also check out their vendors that are included. Just make sure you like them too. This is a great way to get a great property and have most things included.

It well worth remembering that usually, the venue operate elopement packages may only provide weekday elopements. This is because their main business is on weekends so they have to keep those days free so they remain profitable and in business. There are however a lot of benefits to eloping on a weekday, so don’t worry. You will get an incredible property and wonderful vendors along with some very affordable pricing.


Elopement businesses are often run by celebrants because, let’s face it… to elope, all you really need is an authorised marriage celebrant.

Professional celebrants can have carried out a huge number of weddings and elopements and know a lot of people inside the wedding industry. They also have travelled around their city and are aware of the awesome and sometimes even cost-free locations where you can get wed. And many can organise a photographer, bouquet, videographer plus more. As always, ensure you are pleased with the vendors they can be making use of.


There are lots of photographers who offer all-inclusive elopement packages. They do not have the venue and can’t legally get married to you, however are arguably probably the most important elopement suppliers for your day. They know of stunning locations and also have photographed lots of weddings, therefore they also know some awesome suppliers. Most people who choose a photographer based elopement package, have a real love for beautiful photography. So choose a photographer whose photos really inspire you and make you go wow! Then take their advice on where and when to do things for your elopement. And you will no doubt get some beautiful images from your day.


Stylist and decorators often run elopement businesses and often elopement packages since they can create the most visually beautiful elopements possible, so couples know how good it can look. Additionally, they display amazing setups that attract elopement clients. Stylist and decorators have an eye for good photography and are aware of wonderful photographers. They do and are able to put some really good elopement packages together for couples.

Inexpensive Elopement Packages Queensland

In Queensland, elopement packages can be a really inexpensive way to get hitched. By bundling services all within the one selling price you can save yourself time and plenty of dollars.

Everybody knows that traditional weddings in Australia are very expensive. They can be stress filled and may take years to organise. By eloping and selecting an elopement package deal, you are able to prepare and organise your elopement much faster and save yourself a tonne of cash.

By conserving on your own some cash with an elopement package, you allow yourself options to spend that money in other areas. Sometimes on your elopement or even somewhere else in your own life. It may be by purchasing your ideal wedding gown, extra nights at your deluxe resort, upgrade your diamond or you could completely upgrade your styling to make your elopement an absolute fairytale. Or you could invest your saved money into your honeymoon or put it towards a home deposit. You provide your self more possibilities but preserving some cash by using an elopement package.

How to pick an Elopement Package

Deciding on an awesome elopement package can be a daunting project. As it is one of the most major decisions you must do. It is going to influence all of your experiences. You could just elope down at the local registry office, but I know you can do better than that. Elope in a stunning location and really enhance your whole experience. So here are some tips to chooseing the right elopement package.

Talk about Elopement Ideas

What do you want your elopement to look like? Get a real vision of what you both are after and what you both would love. It’s no good if one of you wants an island elopement but the other wanted a rainforest elopement

So pour some wine and sit down together and talk about it. You both need to get in the same page or at least find some middle ground. Don’t just go along with whatever the other wants. Start this new chapter in your lives together and choose together.

See if you can include your hobbies or passions in the elopement. Hiking, swimming, surfing… there are no rules here. Or think about places or locations that have a very special meaning to you. Think about your idea weather and climate for your elopement. And think about locations on your ‘bucket list’. Maybe you can elope and honeymoon in the same place or region?

Elopement Scenery

Talk about the scenery and surroundings that you both like. What sort of environment do you both really love?

Modern city environment? A rooftop elopement looking over a cityscape backdrop. Accompanied by a stroll through the city roads and back alleys. Completing the evening with a stunning meal looking over the harbour.

Rainforest waterfall setting? Eloping at the bottom of a massive waterfall, with the mist of the falls wetting your hair, and trees and forest all around you. Finishing the day by sitting by an open fire pit while your own private chef prepares an incredible meal for you.

Or is the ocean what you love? Elope in an oceanside villa with views over the beach and ocean. Do photos on the beach and even swim in the water. Finish the day with a small dinner on your patio with the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Allow your creative imagination to run wild.

Start looking for elopement packages with the scenery

Once you have chosen the surroundings that you want, begin looking for providers who offer you elopement packages at these kind of spots.

You probably have a good idea of the states and regions you should look in, but look all over Queensland and even Australia for the perfect place.

Do some research and look at their web sites, view their work, go through testimonials and check out their work on social media.

Get Pricing and check their Vendors

When you have narrowed down the options, speak to them and obtain their elopement packages and rates. So get a quote and learn how much money it really is and also exactly what is actually included in the price.

Furthermore, i think it is important to look at who their elopement providers are. Especially the venue, celebrant and photographer. These three main suppliers can really affect your elopement.

You must have heard the stories from friends, of elopements overseas that didn’t go as planned? The celebrant couldn’t speak English, the professional photographer was far from professional and the venue was terrible. So really do your research and look through the vendors they are using and make sure you will be happy with what they can do. Do it now so you are not disappointed on the day.

Closing Thoughts

My wish is that this has helped you realise of advantages of elopement packages in Queensland. Eloping, generally, is definitely an awesome and beautiful experience if done right. It really is a lot more private and personal and the entire day is really about both of you. Queensland elopement packages bundle some key elopement services and good quality suppliers to create an inexpensive and convenient package to suit your needs. So check out our elopement packages and planner here on our website and have fun planning.