10 Best Canberra Elopement Photographers

List of the Best Canberra Elopement Photographers – Updated 2022

Looking for an amazing elopement photographer for your small wedding or elopement in Canberra? Well, you have come to the right website. Canberra is blessed with some of the very best wedding and elopement photographers anywhere in the world. And we have put together the ultimate list for you to help you on your way.

Choosing an amazing elopement photographer is without a doubt one of the most important decisions you have to make when planning your small wedding. For many eloping couples, the wedding photos may be the only true record of their marriage ceremony and their wedding day.

And just a word of advice when choosing your photographer. Don’t just choose a cheap photographer and think they will do a good enough job. Because in wedding photography, you get what you pay for. Choose someone cheap and inexperienced and you run the risk of being disappointed and most probably upset at the results. You want to be proud of your elopement photos. You should feel joy, emotion, laughter and tears when you look at them.

Your wedding and elopement photos are also so much more than just photos. They are some of the only photos that will be shown to future generations. Your children will see them and their children will see them. Your elopement photos will become a family heirloom.

When choosing your perfect elopement photographer, it is important to realise that photography, like all art, is a very subjective matter. Photographers have different styles of photography. And one person’s dream photographer may be another person’s nightmare. So take a good look through their portfolio and find someone whose work an photography style appeals to both of you.

So to get you started on your elopement journey, and in no particular order, here is our list of the best elopement photographers in Canberra. They are amazing professional photographers who will do a fantastic job with your small wedding, micro wedding or elopement.

1. Milton Gan

Milton Gan is a Londoner that now lives and works in Canberra. His style has been described as a mix of his photojournalistic instincts and artistic vision. Milton transitioned from photojournalism to wedding photography in 2010. Then he started working as a full-time photographer two years later, in 2012. He has photographed hundreds of couples in the previous ten years.

His lengthy list of accolades and awards includes two gold and five silver Australian Professional Photography Awards. Some of his work was exhibited in prestigious galleries such as the NSW Parliament House and the aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney. In 2017 he was the keynote speaker at the Foto Live conference and The Album Atelier. And he will do a wonderful job photographing your elopement.

If you are looking for one of the best wedding & elopement photographers in Canberra, you really can’t go past checking out Milton Gan.

2. Zinette Hopper

Zinette Hopper has one of those photography styles that you just don’t see every day in elopement and wedding photography. It is a high-end, fine art style of photography that is elegant, sophisticated and classic. Her composition is perfect and her editing has the look of professional film cameras. And it gives her images a romantic, soft and creamy look. Simply put, her photography is absolutely stunning!

She is originally from South Africa and teams up with her hubby on wedding days to document couple’s love stories. Her husband even proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower, so you know they are both hopeless romantics.

Combining both candid and naturally posed photos, you are in experienced and very safe hands with Zinette. You can tell by looking through her images that she knows how to capture those important moments as well as having the skill to put a couple at ease in front of the camera. She also treats each photo like a little poem and as an artist, she hopes that every photo will bring you joy.

So if you are searching for one of the best elopement photographers in Canberra for your wedding, you should definitely check out Zinette Hopper Photography. Have a look through her portfolio and i think you will see how beautiful her work is.

3. Kelly Tunney

Kelly Tunney is one of the most acclaimed wedding photographers in Australia. She is a true artist and a master of her craft. Her work is regarded as honest, warm, fearless, and candid. Critics say she has that special touch that enables her to find the extraordinary in everyone.

Kelly has her Master of Photography featuring three gold bars. So far, she has won six AIPP ACT Wedding Photographer of the year awards, and she is an Australian Nikon Ambassador. On two occasions, she won the prestigious AIPP ACT Professional Photographer of the Year award. And she is the first-ever female photographer to be awarded the Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. She is also the recipient of numerous international photographer’s awards.

Basically, when you look up ‘award winning wedding photographer’ in the dictionary you will seriously see a photo of Kelly.

4. Thorson Photography

We just love the wedding work produced by Amanda from Thorson Photography. And apart from her work, I really love her work ethic. She doesn’t promise the perfect photo, but she does promise that she will work her ass off for you. And you can tell from her images that she works extremely hard for her couples.

Amanda is not your typical wedding photographer. Her focus is always on the people, rather than on the decorations, wedding dresses, or even the scenery. She appreciates exceptional scenery as long as there are people in it, so that she can translate that into a beautiful photographic story of your wedding day.

Her clients see her as open-minded, easy-going, and widely creative. Her extensive portfolio is a mix of photography styles in which she masters the fine art of capturing peculiar moments of intimacy and happiness. Amanda is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography since 2012.

5. Alex Pasquali

Alex is a Canberra based wedding & elopement photographer, born and raised in Brazil. He has over 24 years of experience as a professional photographer. His style was heavily influenced by his father, who was also a photographer, and his mother, a painter who had her painting school.

He is also the elopement photographer involved in “Little Weddings“, so we are especially excited about showing off his work.

Today, Alex works from his home, and all of the work is done solely by him. That means you can feel his unique and personal touch in every wedding photo of yours. And he will put his heart and soul into every wedding. He makes the process engaging, fun, and easy. Aside from Australia, he has photographed numerous weddings in countries such as Brazil and Switzerland.

6. Keepsake Photo

Daniel and Maria is the photography duo behind Keepsake Photo. Their style is described as non-pretentious, spontaneous, and flawless visual storytelling. Capturing untouched and honest moments is the pinnacle of their visual storytelling.

Many of their wedding and elopement photographs have been published in magazines such as Polka Dot Bride , HerCanberra, Her Bride His Groom, and Brides Diary. Take a look at their massive portfolio, and it is obvious that they can handle any lighting situation that a wedding can throw at them. Most of their photo sessions are in Canberra and nearby locations so you have that very valuable local knowledge of the region.

7. Corinne and Dylan Photography

You can’t mention amazing elopement photographers in Canberra without mentioning the stunning and creative talents of Dylan and Corrina Photography.

Dylan and Corrina are award-winning photographers located in Canberra, but their work often takes them to the South Coast, Riverina, Southern Highlands, Hunter, Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond.

Their style aims for unstaged authenticity, which is often used to describe their work. Many photography critics have recognised their excellence. It has brought them numerous awards such as the Best wedding photos of the year 2017 (Junebug Weddings), Rising Star of Wedding Photography 2019 (Rangefinder Magazine), Best of the best engagement photography award 2019 (Junebug Weddings), and so on. Furthermore, their work was printed in the Hello May 2020 Real Wedding Special and the Dancing With Her Volume Three magazines.

Their work is simply stunning and these guys should be high up on your list of photographers to check out for your small wedding or elopement.

8. Callum Thurgar Photography

Callum Thurgar is the lead photographer at Callum Photography. He runs his Canberra based photography business with his partner Alina. Even though they are in love with all types of photography, they excel in wedding and elopement photography.

Callum’s portfolio speaks of a great, detail-oriented professional as he always strives to capture the right moment. Not many photographers can capture the true reflection of the wedding day in a way Callum can. Even though he is very relaxed and easy-going, he is always meticulous in his planning so that the end product is always remarkable.

9. Mel Hill Photography

Mell Hill Photography is a husband and wife team that has been covering weddings since 2006. Her photography style is unique and all her own. And she doesn’t follow the trends that you can often see in wedding photography. Her images are bright, vibrant and colourful. And I love that is true to herself and her style. Her wedding and elopement photography radiates with love and emotion.

In addition to wedding photography, they excel in family photography, corporate photography, newborn photography, business headshots, and more. But wedding photography is where they really excel and she would cover elopements equally as beautifully.

Mell Hill Photography is one of our top picks for the best elopement photographers in Canberra. And I think if you have a good look through her website you will see the beautiful imagery that drew us to her.

10. Alexandra Orme

Alexandra Orme is a Canberra-based photographer who specialises in wedding & elopement photography, headshots, family, maternity, and couples photography. Her style is described as fresh, clean, and timeless. Alexandra is an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP, whose reputation is also well-known in both the South Coast and the Snowy Mountains, where she has numerous clients.

Her dynamic and diverse portfolio witnesses her exceptional professionalism and ability to capture every event’s most defining moments. Her approach has been described as fun, relaxed, and formal when the moment requires it. At the same time, her professionalism is never questioned, and her work speaks for its self.

Final Thoughts

So there is our list of some of our favourite elopement and wedding photographers in Canberra. They are all completely different and should appeal to a wide variety of couples.

Choose a photographer whose work and style you absolutely love. Don’t cut corners and don’t get a friend or family member to take them important photos for you. Hire a true professional and get some beautiful, modern and epic photos. Get photos that tell the story of your day and evoke some emotion from you. That is what good wedding and elopement photographers can do and what these guys listed here could do for you as well.

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