Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers

List of Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers

Are you eloping on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and looking for one of the best Sunshine Coast elopement photographers for your small wedding? This is your ultimate list of the best wedding and elopement photographers on the Sunshine Coast. We have looked at hundreds of photographers and these are some of the best!

Picking the perfect elopement photographer is a really important step in any couples wedding & elopement plans. Especially if you value amazing photography. A great photographer will not only give your a photographic record of your day, they will capture fleeting moments and create stunning works of art that you can hang on your walls.

An elopement photographer is a wedding vendor that you shouldn’t cut corners with. There can be a huge price difference between photographers, but as the saying goes… you get what you pay for. And this rings particularly true with professional photographers.

The best photographers on the Sunshine Coast do tend to book out a long way in advance. Many will be booked out one or two years in advance. Particularly on Saturdays. So our advice for couples looking to elope is to consider weekday weddings and also consider more off-peak times and months during the year.

It is also important for couples to do their homework and due diligence. Not every photographer will suit all couples. Photography is artistic by nature and the work can be subjective to the viewer. So it is important to choose a photographer whose work, style and even personality work with yours. So look through their portfolio and see whose work makes you go wow! That is a sign that they might be right for you.

Therefore, in no particular order, this is our list of the best Sunshine Coast elopement photographers that do absolutely amazing work and may be perfect for your micro wedding, small wedding or elopement.

Naturally Jek


Your down-to-earth elopement photographer, documenting the real, raw, soulful and authentic in the most artistic way possible.

Terri Hanlon Photography


Runaway moments for the wildly in love.

Your Neck of the Woods Photography


Based on the Sunshine Coast, though I’ll travel anywhere for you!

Elopement Package

Australia Wide

All-inclusive package, celebrant, photographer, video, musician. Dream, Create, Elope!

1. Naturally Jek

If you are searching for an amazing, down-to-earth elopement photographer on the Sunshine Coast, then Naturally Jek should be someone you should check out.

Jekka is the talented photographer behind Naturally Jek and she is all about photographing elopements in an authentic, real and incredibly artistic way. She keeps the day really fun and gives couples little prompts to get those real natural expressions in some amazing backdrops.

She is a photographer who is so passionate about elopements and everything they represent. By doing away with the traditions and all the etiquette and complications associated with it, she believes you will be able to concentrate on what is really important to you. And that is the two of you and your relationship. And that is what she wants to photograph.

If you take a good look through her portfolio, you will see someone who has an excellent photographic technique. She understands light and composition and the post-processing of her photos is just beautiful. But what is even more impressive is her ability to capture those gorgeous little moments between couples. And the way to gets her them to show their real personalities.

So if you are looking for one of the best elopement photographers on the Sunshine Coast, then please get in contact with Naturally Jek.

2. Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon is a Sunshine Coast elopement photographer who loves and specialises in beautiful elopements. She has over 20 years of experience and you will be hard-pressed to find a more fun, skilled and passionate photographer for your elopement.

Her goal with elopements is to make the day and the process as fun as possible. She will help you through all the details and be your own personal elopement consultant, guide, legal witness and all-around awesome photographer. She will take you to unexpected epic places and photograph you in beautiful light. You can be yourselves with her and have photos that capture those in-between moments that show your real emotion and your real personalities.

When looking through her work, you will see a photographer who takes amazing photos of lovely couples in beautiful locations. Which is great and what you want to see in a good photographers portfolio. But what is even more important is that you can see that she is a photographer who understands light and how to use it. And her couples all look so happy and in love.

So if you are eloping or having a small wedding on the Sunshine Coast and you are looking for one of the best elopement photographers, then you have to check out Terri Hanlon Photography.

3. Your Neck of the Woods Photography

Meet Scout Stenhouse, from Your Neck of the Woods Photography, a Sunshine Coast elopement photographer who will travel anywhere for your elopement.

As your elopement photographer, Scout lives and breathes passion, making your wildest elopement dreams come alive. She’s not just capturing moments; she’s a storyteller weaving your unique tale.

With boundless creativity, Scout dives headfirst into the spirit of endless possibilities, turning your visions into stunning realities. Remote location? No problem. Daring adventure? Bring it on.

Your elopement deserves nothing less than a burst of creativity and a sprinkle of magic, and Scout is here to make it happen. Let the adventure begin!

4. Elopement Package

“Elopement Package’ is a team of three wedding professionals who have joined forces to create an amazing elopement package that might just be perfect for you.

Introducing Ben, the celebrant who infuses every ceremony with a vibrant and playful energy, showcasing a love for fancy colors, a love for mushrooms, and a style that effortlessly marries sexiness with sophistication in his suits.

Then there’s Sophia, the talented photographer whose work is a testament to creativity and passion. Inspired by art and captivated by the magic of perfect sunsets, she expresses her unique style not just through her lens but also through a stunning collection of fancy and stylish shoes.

Meet Lokki, the versatile videographer and musician, a true artist at heart. He weaves captivating stories through his lens and enchants with melodies, embracing the beauty of visual storytelling and the emotive power of music.

Based in Echuca, Vic, Australia, this talented team isn’t confined to a single scenic locale. They’re eager to travel wherever elopement dreams may lead, ensuring that each couple’s love story is celebrated in the most enchanting and picturesque settings imaginable.

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How To Choose a Sunshine Elopement Photographer

Hey there, lovebirds! If you’re planning for a spectacularly intimate elopement in the beautiful settings of the Sunshine Coast, you’ve landed at the right place. We’re here to help you navigate one of the most crucial decisions of your elopement – choosing the right photographer.

Now, you might think, why all this fuss about a photographer? Well, let’s think about it this way: your elopement is about celebrating your love in an intimate and uniquely you setting. It’s about those quiet whispers, the sparkling glances, the delicate touches, the gentle breeze, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Sunshine Coast. An elopement photographer doesn’t merely click photos, they capture all of these moments and weave them into an unforgettable visual story. They encapsulate the essence of your special day, providing you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrating the Art of Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers

Now that we’ve stressed the importance of your elopement photographer, let’s delve into the world of Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers. What makes them stand out? Why should you consider them for your elopement?

Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers are the experts who bring your elopement dreams to life in picture-perfect frames. They’re experienced with the brilliant coastal light, the picturesque landscapes, the serene beaches, the stunning sunsets, and the myriad of magical spots hidden across the Sunshine Coast. They know how to capture the sparkle in your eyes, the ecstatic laughter, and the profound moments of togetherness against these extraordinary backdrops. These photographers are more than just professionals with cameras; they are the narrators of your love story. They see the unseen, capture the unspoken, and create a photographic record of your unique journey.

Elopement Photographer: Your Essential Partner on the Day

We’ll say it again, folks – your elopement photographer plays a massive role in your special day. Besides the love-struck couple (that’s you!), the photographer is the third wheel you need and want at your Sunshine Coast elopement.

Your elopement is a precious event – intimate, personal, and full of moments that you will want to relive. While you will remember the vows, the exchange of rings, and the joy, the delicate nuances may fade away with time. This is where your Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer steps in.

With their professional skills and keen eye, they capture those fleeting moments of happiness, the subtlest of gestures, the most profound emotions, and the raw beauty of the Sunshine Coast. When your day has passed, your floral bouquet has wilted, and your elopement dress is packed away, it’s the photographs that will take you back to those priceless moments.

In a nutshell, choosing the right Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer means trusting them with your memories. It’s about finding someone who resonates with your vision and can translate it into a timeless treasure trove of images. So, stick with us as we guide you through this significant decision for your Sunshine Coast elopement.

Elopement Photography Unveiled

Now that we’ve painted a picture of why your elopement photographer is so crucial, let’s delve into understanding what elopement photography actually entails, particularly Sunshine Coast Elopement Photography.

So, What is Sunshine Coast Elopement Photography?

At its core, Sunshine Coast Elopement Photography is about capturing the heart and soul of your intimate elopement amidst the stunning landscapes of the Sunshine Coast. Unlike traditional wedding photography, which often focuses on large gatherings, posed moments, and a structured timeline, elopement photography is more about capturing the authentic, raw, and candid moments that unfold during your intimate celebration.

Picture this: You and your partner, barefoot on the sandy beaches of Noosa, the sun is setting, casting warm hues across the sky. Or maybe you’re nestled in the lush hinterland, surrounded by enchanting forests and the calls of native wildlife. Your Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer captures all these moments as they organically happen – the laughter, the tears, the loving glances, and even the breathtaking surroundings.

The Unique Aspects of Elopement Photography Vs Traditional Wedding Photography

While traditional wedding photographers may document the standard proceedings of a wedding day – from the procession down the aisle to the first dance and bouquet toss, elopement photographers tread a different path. Elopement photography is not just about capturing the event; it’s about capturing the journey. It’s about telling the story of your day through natural, unstaged moments.

Sunshine Coast Elopement Photography particularly stands out due to the incredible variety of backdrops the coast offers. These photographers are skilled at capturing not only the couple but also the unique landscapes that frame them.

The Indispensable Role of a Photographer in a Sunshine Coast Elopement

Given the intimate nature of an elopement, the role of a Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer is even more crucial. They are more than just a vendor; they often serve as an elopement guide, an assistant, and even a witness. They’ll help you navigate your day smoothly, ensure that everything runs to schedule and that you feel relaxed and present in each moment.

Above all, your elopement photographer captures the essence of your love story against the canvas of the Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty. From your shared whispers, the light in your eyes, the soft touch of your hands, to the windswept hair against the crashing waves – they freeze these moments in time for you to cherish forever. So when it comes to eloping on the Sunshine Coast, never underestimate the impact of the right photographer!

Key Factors in Choosing Your Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer

Selecting the right photographer for your Sunshine Coast elopement is more than just finding someone with a good camera. It’s about finding someone who understands you, your vision, and can deliver the best possible service within your budget. Here are some key factors to consider:


Just as every couple is unique, so is every photographer. Some photographers focus on capturing candid, in-the-moment shots, while others excel at dramatic, creatively-posed photographs. Some may have a moody, dark aesthetic, while others prefer light, airy, and natural images.

It’s crucial to choose a Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer whose style aligns with your vision. Spend some time scrolling through their portfolio, social media, and any other available work. Look for consistency in their work, the quality of images, and whether their style evokes the feelings you want to remember from your elopement.


Experience is not just about the number of years a photographer has been shooting, but also the variety of situations they’ve handled. An experienced Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer will be familiar with the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the diverse Sunshine Coast locations.

They’ll know how to handle different lighting situations, how to work with the unpredictable weather, and how to capture stunning images even under pressure. They can provide useful tips for your elopement day, suggest the best photo locations, and even recommend the ideal time for the most beautiful lighting.


Your photographer is going to be a significant part of your elopement day, so it’s essential you feel comfortable and at ease around them. They should be someone you can trust, feel relaxed with, and maybe even share a laugh or two!

Schedule consultations or interviews with potential photographers. This will give you an insight into their personality, how they handle their work, and whether you’d feel comfortable having them around on your special day.

Package Inclusions

Different photographers offer different packages, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting. Sunshine Coast Elopement Photography packages typically include pre-elopement consultations, coverage of your elopement day, editing, and delivery of digital images. Some may also offer physical albums, prints, or even drone photography.

Ensure you’re choosing a package that not only suits your needs but also fits within your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what’s included, what’s not, and any possible additional costs.

Location Familiarity

The Sunshine Coast is teeming with breathtaking locations, each offering unique photographic opportunities. It’s vital that your photographer is familiar with these locations to fully capture the beauty of your Sunshine Coast elopement.

Local Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers have the advantage of in-depth knowledge about secret spots, the best times for shooting, and how to handle the elements in different locations. This expertise is invaluable in capturing the essence of your elopement and creating stunning, memorable images.

So take your time, do your research, and choose a Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer who aligns with your style, has relevant experience, a pleasing personality, offers a suitable package, and has comprehensive knowledge of Sunshine Coast locations. Happy hunting!

The Hunt for Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers

So, you’ve figured out what you need in an elopement photographer – but how do you find them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can find the best Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers:

Online Search

In this digital age, a simple online search can provide you with a list of Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers. Websites like this one are designed to help you find and compare photographers in your desired area. You can filter by style, experience, price, and read reviews from previous clients to help make your decision easier.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Sometimes, the best recommendations come from people you trust. Ask friends or family members who have recently eloped, particularly on the Sunshine Coast. They’ll give you firsthand information about their experience with their photographer – the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

Don’t forget to ask other vendors too. Your florist, your hair and makeup artist, or even your elopement planner may have worked with photographers they can recommend.

Dive into Portfolios and Reviews

Once you’ve shortlisted a few potential photographers, it’s time to dive into their portfolios. Remember, a photographer’s portfolio is a window into their world. It showcases their style, creativity, and technical prowess. Look for images that draw you in, that resonate with you, and most importantly, images where you can envision yourselves.

But don’t stop at the portfolio! Take time to read reviews from previous clients. Online reviews can provide insights into the photographer’s professionalism, their interaction with clients, and the overall satisfaction of couples.

Finding your ideal Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer may take some time and effort, but remember, you’re investing in memories of one of the most beautiful days of your life. So, take the time to do your research and trust your instincts. Your perfect photographer is out there, ready to capture your Sunshine Coast elopement in all its glory!

Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential photographers, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Asking the right questions can give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you choose the right Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer. Here are some essential questions to guide your conversation:

Questions about Style and Experience

  1. How would you describe your photography style?
  2. Can you share a full gallery of a recent Sunshine Coast elopement you’ve photographed?
  3. How many elopements have you photographed on the Sunshine Coast?

Logistical Questions

  1. What does your elopement package include? Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?
  2. What’s your backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances (e.g., bad weather, equipment failure)?
  3. Do you have insurance?

Creative Process and Delivery Questions

  1. How much direction do you provide during the shoot? Are you more hands-on or do you prefer capturing candid moments?
  2. What is your turnaround time for delivering the final images?
  3. How will you deliver the images? Will they be high-resolution?
  4. Do we have rights to print and share the photos?

Getting clear answers to these questions will help you better understand the photographer’s style, experience, and workflow. It’s crucial to have a strong rapport and trust with your Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer as they’ll play a significant role in your special day. Remember, there are no silly questions, so ensure you’re fully comfortable and clear on all details before making your decision.

Wrapping It Up: Choosing Your Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer

Choosing the right Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of your elopement planning process. After all, these will be the images that you look back on for years to come, reliving the magic and emotion of your Sunshine Coast elopement.

From understanding what elopement photography is, assessing the style and experience of potential photographers, getting to know their personality, comparing package inclusions, to ensuring they’re familiar with the gorgeous Sunshine Coast locations, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Remember, it’s essential to take your time when making this decision. Browse portfolios, read reviews, schedule interviews, and ask questions. Don’t rush the process – it’s about finding a photographer who doesn’t just take pictures but captures the essence of your love story.

Trust your instincts, and remember, the right Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographer for you is someone whose images resonate with you and whose presence makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s someone who will immortalise the candid, raw, and intimate moments of your elopement in a way that mirrors your love story.

Deciding on your Sunshine Coast elopement photographer is a massive decision for any couple who are planning an elopement or small wedding. Everyone wants beautiful memories of their special day. So make a realistic budget for photography and hire a true professional photographer to capture your day.

Choose someone whose work blows you away. And whose photography style matches your own style and vision of the day. And happy planning!

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