16 Amazing Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers

List of the Top Sunshine Coast Elopement Photographers – 2022

Are you eloping on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and looking for one of the best Sunshine Coast elopement photographers for your small wedding? This is your ultimate list of the best wedding and elopement photographers on the Sunshine Coast. We have looked at hundreds of photographers and these are some of the best!

Picking the perfect elopement photographer is a really important step in any couples wedding & elopement plans. Especially if you value amazing photography. A great photographer will not only give your a photographic record of your day, they will capture fleeting moments and create stunning works of art that you can hang on your walls.

An elopement photographer is a wedding vendor that you shouldn’t cut corners with. There can be a huge price difference between photographers, but as the saying goes… you get what you pay for. And this rings particularly true with professional photographers.

The best photographers on the Sunshine Coast do tend to book out a long way in advance. Many will be booked out one or two years in advance. Particularly on Saturdays. So our advice for couples looking to elope is to consider weekday weddings and also consider more off-peak times and months during the year.

It is also important for couples to do their homework and due diligence. Not every photographer will suit all couples. Photography is artistic by nature and the work can be subjective to the viewer. So it is important to choose a photographer whose work, style and even personality work with yours. So look through their portfolio and see whose work makes you go wow! That is a sign that they might be right for you.

Therefore, in no particular order, this is our list of the best Sunshine Coast elopement photographers that do absolutely amazing work and may be perfect for your micro wedding, small wedding or elopement.

1. Naturally Jek

If you are searching for an amazing, down-to-earth elopement photographer on the Sunshine Coast, then Naturally Jek should be someone you should check out.

Jekka is the talented photographer behind Naturally Jek and she is all about photographing elopements in an authentic, real and incredibly artistic way. She keeps the day really fun and gives couples little prompts to get those real natural expressions in some amazing backdrops.

She is a photographer who is so passionate about elopements and everything they represent. By doing away with the traditions and all the etiquette and complications associated with it, she believes you will be able to concentrate on what is really important to you. And that is the two of you and your relationship. And that is what she wants to photograph.

If you take a good look through her portfolio, you will see someone who has an excellent photographic technique. She understands light and composition and the post-processing of her photos is just beautiful. But what is even more impressive is her ability to capture those gorgeous little moments between couples. And the way to gets her them to show their real personalities.

So if you are looking for one of the best elopement photographers on the Sunshine Coast, then please get in contact with Naturally Jek.

2. Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon is a Sunshine Coast elopement photographer who loves and specialises in beautiful elopements. She has over 20 years of experience and you will be hard-pressed to find a more fun, skilled and passionate photographer for your elopement.

Her goal with elopements is to make the day and the process as fun as possible. She will help you through all the details and be your own personal elopement consultant, guide, legal witness and all-around awesome photographer. She will take you to unexpected epic places and photograph you in beautiful light. You can be yourselves with her and have photos that capture those in-between moments that show your real emotion and your real personalities.

When looking through her work, you will see a photographer who takes amazing photos of lovely couples in beautiful locations. Which is great and what you want to see in a good photographers portfolio. But what is even more important is that you can see that she is a photographer who understands light and how to use it. And her couples all look so happy and in love.

So if you are eloping or having a small wedding on the Sunshine Coast and you are looking for one of the best elopement photographers, then you have to check out Terri Hanlon Photography.

3. Luke Middlemiss

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Luke Middlemiss is an award-winning Sunshine coast wedding & elopement photographer, with a passion for travelling. Thus, he travels around the world to help couples capture their precious moments. With 17 awards over nine years, Luke carries an aura of positive energy! He has a rich experience of having shot over five hundred weddings in the past twelve years. His pictures and client testimonials point to one thing – his success in transforming his passion into profession. So if you are looking for a Sunshine Coast elopement photographer, you can rely on Middlemiss to make your special day memorable. 

4. Mallory Sparkles

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Mallory is among the top Sunshine Coast elopement & wedding photographers. In her opinion, three words that would best describe her style of photography are light, fun and adventurous. If this sounds anything like how you want to document your wedding, connect with Mallory to find out more. She has been working in the wedding photography industry for over seven years. She travels around Queensland and outside Australia as well, to capture her client’s special moments. From Wedding Chicks to The Bride’s Tree and now Eloping, Mallory’s work has been featured in several renowned journals. Her work speaks volumes about her love for the work she does. 

5. Calli B

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Calli B is a well-known Sunshine Coast wedding & elopement photographer. Equipped with a Diploma of Photo Imaging, Calli brings her experience of over twelve years, to the table. Calli specialises in wedding photography. But she also commits to portraits and maternity shoots. While she has carved a niche for herself in Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Maleny, Calli is enthusiastic about travelling to other destinations as well, for her clients’ shoots. Calli’s style brings out the natural emotions and intimacy between the wedding couples. To best capture the fine details of your most awaited day, you know where to go!

6. Adriana Watson

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Adriana believes in not just capturing the key moments, but completely participating in them. Being a woman of Brazilian origin, this elopement and wedding photographer on the Sunshine Coast is emotive and will not shy away from showing it. It helps her build a rapport with the couple and she becomes a part of her clients’ memories from their big day. While she adopts a relaxed and natural photography style, she also ensures that the end product carries elegance. She holds a diploma in photoimaging. But Andriana believes that learning is a continuous process and thus extensively participates in webinars and conferences to pick up new skills and hone her existing ones.

7. Matt Rowe

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Matte Rowe is a wedding photographer who puts his heart and soul into what he does. With a strong passion for wedding photography, he has had numerous clients entrust him with the responsibility of capturing shots of their big day. He has a way of making the pictures look as dreamy as the actual experience! He also makes sure to build a connection with the couple and has a calm but fun approach to clicking their best moments. 

8. Lou O’Brien

sunshine coast elopement photographers

Lou O’Brien is a Sunshine Coast wedding and elopement photographer who has her priority on providing a high level of customer service. She emphasis on giving her clients a great experience when their memorable moments are being shot. Her expertise in professional photography comes handy when she wants to put her customers at ease when they are being clicked. O’Brien adopts a bold style, and her photos are characterised by bright pops of colour. With over twenty years of experience, she covers high school senior photoshoots and family photoshoots as well. At your elopement, she promises to be more of your friend than just a photographer. 

9. Angela Brushe

Angela Brushe is a wedding photographer with 80+ 5-star reviews from her clients. Starting in 2011, she honed her skills under the guidance of a couple of big names in the wedding industry before starting off on her own. The stand-out feature of working with Brushe is her response time. There are no set office hours to discuss your requirements. Angela Brushe photography not only offers a wide range of packages, but you can also expect some goodies based on the package you pick! Your wedding day might in a blink, but Brushe will make sure that you have memories for a lifetime. 

10. Shae Estella

Shae Estella is an internationally acclaimed wedding & elopement photographer based in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. She believes that wedding photography is not just about capturing the fun and adventurous moments, but also getting the shots of the participant as they are immersed in their moment. Your incredible moments will be turned into memories that you will treasure forever. She commits to limited destination weddings every year. Shae is a committed wedding photographer willing to travel far and wide for her clients. She has numerous positive testimonials from couples within and outside Australia. 

11. Marion Jonkers

With over sixteen years of experience in the field, Marion Jonkers is a renowned Sunshine coast wedding photographer. She adopts an unobtrusive style of photography – one where the couple is almost unaware of her presence! This helps her capture those candid moments in the best possible way. Her distinct style reflects in her natural photos and emotion-filled images. She has lived here for about thirty-six years! And thus possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the best local locations and detailing. Jonkers holds the record for having shot the first legal same-sex wedding in Queensland.

12. Emma Nayler

Emma Nayler is a passionate photographer who covers all kinds of weddings – interstate, coastal, destination, city and so on. With her twin passions of photography and travelling, Nayler is ready to travel to any corner of the world to capture the romantic moments of a wedding. Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand are some of the places she has travelled to, for destination weddings. Her work has been featured on renowned wedding journals such as the Polka Dot Bride, The Bride’s Tree and now Eloping Australia. One look at her gallery reveals the passion she has for her work.

13. Angela Cannavo

Angela Cannavo is an energetic wedding photographer who loves capturing the emotions between two people on their most memorable day. She does not believe in adding extra fluff and focuses just on the couple, capturing their raw moments as they are. She loves the fact that her profession allows her to meet people whom she may otherwise never come across. So, she ensures that she creates a memorable experience for the heroes of the day – the wedding couple. The no-fluff, natural approach is sure to leave the couple loving each other (and themselves) even more. 

14. Amy Hinks

Amy Hinks is an award-winning photographer from Sunny coast. She is a vibrant photographer who loves to engage with the couple who are being shot. She tries to spend enough time with her clients so that, when the big day arrives, they know as much about her as she knows about their requirements. Clients also get a complimentary engagement session! Being a local, she helps couples pick the best locations for their big day. Her bright and natural photography leaves couples in awe when they finally get pictures of key moments from their wedding day. 

15. Karen Buckle

Karen Buckle is a wedding & elopement photographer who loves to bring out the natural essence of a wedding couple in their photos. With years of experience, Karen ensures that she has the best timing, lighting and composition so that your wedding pictures depict all the emotions from the big day. Equipped with local knowledge of romantic locations and good contacts in the wedding industry, Buckle also helps couples with planning. She carries a unique style of wedding photography where she captures every tiny moment that matters. Thanks to her experience of ten years in the field, her clients love her work and she is a great choice for your Sunshine Coast elopement.

16. Nicola Holland

Nicola Holland has spent the past seven years capturing the raw moments in weddings, elopements and other important events. Being a people person, she is easily able to establish a connection with her clients. Her style is best suited for couples who want natural, timeless and romantic photographs from their big day. The photos of important moments are captured such that you can relive your memories time and again. Nicola has a rich experience as she has captured about a hundred weddings in seven years! She has even become a family photographer for some of her clients. She has a beautiful portfolio and is a perfect choice for your Sunshine Coast elopement.

In Conclusion

Deciding on your Sunshine Coast elopement photographer is a massive decision for any couple who are planning an elopement or small wedding. Everyone wants beautiful memories of their special day. So make a realistic budget for photography and hire a true professional photographer to capture your day.

Choose someone whose work blows you away. And whose photography style matches your own style and vision of the day. And happy planning!

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