10 Amazing Hobart Elopement Photographers

Are you recently engaged and looking for an amazing Hobart elopement photographer for your small wedding or elopement? We love everything about elopements and have done all the research for you. We have found some of the very best wedding and elopement photographers for you that capture amazing photos for your special day.

Other than your elopement location or venue, choosing your photographer is the most important decision you have to make. Your wedding photos from your elopement may be the only visual record of your day. So it is so important to choose an amazing photographer that will capture every intimate and fleeting moment. You want beautiful photos to show your family and friends. But you also want beautiful photos to show future generations. Your elopement photos will become a family heirloom that will be shown to your future children and their children.

Wedding photographers all have very different styles of shooting and editing photos. Some photographers will set up a pose and multiple lights to capture the perfect image. While others will shoot very candidly and give you subtle prompts to get natural expressions from you. There is no right or wrong. There are just different approaches. So our advice is to choose a photographer whose work really appeals to you. Their photos should make you go ‘damn that is gorgeous.’

Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest and most affordable photographer. Because you know what the results will be. You are already saving a tonne of cash by eloping. So spend money on what is important to you. And you won’t regret amazing elopement photos. Hire the best wedding and elopement photographer in Hobart!

So in no particular order here is our list of photographers to check out. These are some of the best Hobart elopement photographers that will capture beautiful photos.

1. Meghan Maguire

One of our most favourite wedding and elopement photographers in Hobart Tasmania, is Meghan Maguire. What I personally love about her images is that she combines intimate and real moments into the majestic landscape of Tasmania.

She has the wonderful ability to capture a couples real personality. And that is one of the most difficult things to capture. She gets them to let down their guard and show their real selves. That is how she gets those intimate and candid moments that give her images life and emotion.

And damn, she can capture that epic Tasmanian landscape like no one else. Check out her Freycinet Lodge elopement that we recently featured on this site. It is stunning, beautiful and very intimate and everything that elopement photography is all about.

If you are planning on eloping in Hobart that you should definitely put Megan high up on your list of potential elopement photographers.

2. Jonathan Wherrett

I have loved Jonathan Wherrett’s wedding and elopement work for many years now. Without a doubt he is a master of his craft and one of the most underrated photographers in Australia. But he is one of Australia’s best!

He aims to photograph the day without interference so that moment and events naturally unfold. He photographs very candidly and his clients say he is really relaxed, fun and feels like one of their wedding guests.

The main reason I believe you should choose him for your elopement is because of his deep understanding and wonderful use of light in his photos. Weddings and elopements are totally unpredictable. Especially the light. Light can be harsh and constrasty or soft and golden. And he is able to use all situations to his advantage. If you look through his website and portfolio, you beautiful use of light that only comes with years of experience and hundreds of weddings.

3. Astrid Simone

If you are someone who is boho and loves earthy tones, look no further. Astrid Simone is your soulmate. Based on the North West coast of Tasmania, she is willing to travel state and interstate. The artist is someone who loves to encapture moments with an emotional connection. She is someone who specializes in wedding photography, portraits, and corporate filming. She is someone who loves the idea of candid moments and captures them effortlessly. Inspiration is what keeps her going. She loves the idea of family heirlooms, luxurious lace, and boho braided brides. She understands the value of family, and her love is the factor that inserts an earthy charm into her pictures. She is a budget-friendly photographer and has packages according to the needs of her client.

4. Michelle Dupont

The photographer is residing in glorious Tasmania who specializes in wedding and portraits pictures. Her inspirations come from mesmerizing surroundings, family, children, and friends. She loves people, which reflects in her photos. Passionate about her work, she can turn mundane moments into beautiful art. She understands that wedding is all about love and family & creatively captures it through the lens; she is one of the Top Wedding Photographers.

5. Fred And Hannah

A couple in love, and that reflects in their work as well. Their first meeting was lovely and was love at first sight for them. Their passion for their love of photography is so high that they collect cameras from every place possible. They believe that they have a superpower with a camera in their hands! They have expertise in film and digital photography. They focus on creating an everlasting story through their work. They don’t believe in fixed working timings at weddings as weddings are a time full of fun and frolic moments. They are a sport when it comes to travelling. They are here to make everyone happy.

6. Wayne Enright

A photographer with experience whose work speaks for itself. Wayne is someone who would go to extra mile to capture your beautiful moments. He would travel anywhere for his work. His style of photography has two parts; firstly, being how to captures and secondly how to work. He is keen on capturing moments that are real and natural happenings of the day. He believes in the idea of less pressure and more genuine photos like any Top Wedding Photographers. His work style on a day is less demanding while blending into his surroundings smoothly.

7. Linda Pasfield

Linda, in coordination with her husband/business partner Anthony Pforr, is an established wedding photographer in Australia with a specialization in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tasmanian region, and Mount Tamborine. She is also a vividly experienced photographer with expertise in wedding, portraiture, and documentary. She is an acknowledged photographer with an award-winning record who has a passion for her work. She loves to capture real feelings with a blend of creativity and lighting, the perfect way to ensure joy and happiness. Her husband Pforr is someone who has photography in his blood. He is taking forward the legacy of his grandfather Darcy Pforr, the founding member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Both of them have created a team of experienced photographers who help create weddings memorable for a lifetime to cherish.

8. Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

Founded in 2001 by Alexandra Grimshaw, the idea of Lifestyle Images conceived when she settled in Hobart, Tasmania. Before that, she was running a successful photographic production service in Sydney. The artist loves the idea of weddings and captures them with finesse. She knows that the quality of patience is of the utmost importance when it comes to photographing wedding moments. She discreetly performs her work and let the people enjoy the wedding with joy.

9. Cassie Sullivan Weddings

A social photographer is perhaps what describes her best. To put in her own words is her favourite part of a wedding day is where she interacts with people and gets to know them. A thorough and keen observer who could capture even the minutest change in expressions, she adores how people love things around them. She understands that it is a big responsibility when someone entrusts her with capture someone’s special day and gives her best to do so. Cassie Sullivan’s wedding work is simply beautiful. Moody and soulful and we believe she is one of the best elopement photographers in Hobart.

10. Inside the Frame

Looking for someone who loves to experiment and thinks out of the box. Don’t look somewhere else. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, he was earlier in New South Wales. A simplistic individual who has photography in his spirit combines his passion with his love for his family and makes the wedding pictures turn out beautifully. He loves exploring things and then amalgamates them in his photos so that people fall in love with photos easily. He wants people to relive those special moments again by looking at the pictures.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your perfect Hobart elopement photographer is a huge decision in your elopement journey. Your elopement photographer is the one person who will spend the most time with at your elopement. And they are tasked with giving you beautiful and intimate images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

So please, please, please, choose a photographer whose work you really, really love! Choose an artist who is passionate about their job and the work they produce. And don’t cut corners to save money. Get someone awesome.

My biggest advice for couples that have found their perfect photographer, is to choose your photographer and then choose a date based on their availability. The best wedding and elopement photographer book out a long way in advance. And they book out on weekends first. So find out their availability and consider a weekday elopement. There are a lot of good reasons to choose one.

So good luck with your elopement planning and I hope this article of the best Hobart elopement photographers has helped you find your perfect photographer.

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