Melbourne Elopement Photographers

Melbourne Elopement Photographers

Are you in Melbourne, VIC and looking for the best Melbourne elopement photographers to photograph your elopement, small wedding or micro wedding? We have done the work for you and put together a list of some of the best elopement photographer in Melbourne.

Selecting the best elopement photographer is one of the biggest choices you would have to make while planning your elopement or small wedding. The only photographic record of your elopement could be your wedding photos. Because many eloping couples use the images to show what the day and elopement was like to family members and friends.

Your elopement or wedding photographer is the one vendor that you really need to choose carefully. Choose a photographer whose work matches your style. A photographer with photos that make your jaw drop to the floor. That’s what you want!

The top Melbourne elopement photographer will generally book out a year and sometimes two years in advance. Particularly for weekends and especially for Saturdays during wedding season. Which in Melbourne is generally Spring and Autumn.

Our advice to eloping couples is to find your ultimate photographer before you set a date. Find out their availability over a couples of months that work for you. Consider a weekday elopement because there are lots of benefits to having one. And book them for the entire day. Not just a couple of hours. You want to capture the entire story of your wedding day.

All these wedding photographers have very different styles, personalities and skill levels. Some are extremely experienced and some have only been in the industry for a couple of years, but they will work their butt off for you. Some will pose more, some will pose less. There is no right or wrong way of photographing an elopement, just different styles. So study their portfolio carefully and contact the photographers who you love the look of.

So in no particular order, here are some of the very best Melbourne elopement photographers who will give you amazing photos and a beautiful elopement experience.

My Scandi Style


Capturing rad couples and their love stories all around Melbourne and beyond.

Rohit Jhawar Photography

Rohit Jhawar Photography


Artistic and heartfelt imagery for your love stories.

coast & pines

Coast & Pines


For the non-traditionalists and adventurous souls



Authentic moments for the carefree.

Elopement Package

Australia Wide

All-inclusive package, celebrant, photographer, video, musician. Dream, Create, Elope!

1. My Scandi Style Photography

Kelly Williams is the amazing Melbourne elopement photographer behind My Scandi Style Photography. She is all about capturing rad couples and their unique love story. She loves to photograph all the little in-between moments and the warm connection between couples.

Her style of photography is really fun, candid and totally non-posey. So forget those boring and awkward poses. Those poses are not you. She will give you gentle prompts to get you really comfortable and relaxed at your elopement and capture your real personalities.

She is a wedding and elopement photographer who absolutely loves her job. Kelly really loves that she gets to experience the most important and amazing days in couples lives. Elopements and weddings are what she really loves to do and therefore, to make sure she can give couples one hundred and ten per cent, she only takes on a limited amount of weddings each year.

2. Rohit Jhawar Photography

Rohit Jhawar Photography

Rohit Jhawar is a passionate wedding and elopement photographer whose style is focused on capturing artistic and emotional images of couples’ love stories. Rohit is sincere, dedicated and truly driven. He is patient, also a perceptive listener and observer who thoroughly immerses himself in his craft. The foundation of his creativity is based in the joy and heartfelt emotions it brings to his couples. He lives to document the alchemy of love.

Rohit Jhawar is grateful for following his passion and turning it into his career. With prior experience at top photography studios in Melbourne, he decided to start his own venture – Rohit Jhawar Photography. His aim was to provide couples with a personalised and heartfelt experience while capturing their story in the most authentic and loving way possible.

Rohit believes that photography is not just about the day of the shoot but also about building a relationship with his clients. He takes the time to understand their needs and always prioritizes them. Rohit’s focus is on creating beautiful imagery while making sure his clients have a beautiful time during the shoot. He captures their chemistry and candid moments, creating timeless photos that they will cherish for years to come.

Clients often see Rohit as a friend rather than just a photographer. He listens, understands, and puts in a genuine effort to bring their vision to life. Rohit’s expertise is in capturing intimate wedding ceremonies, adventurous elopements, and large-scale celebrations full of love and dancing. He makes sure to keep his clients relaxed while he documents the essence of their love, immersing himself in their celebration without disrupting it.

Rohit’s photography style is natural and minimalistic, using natural light and minimal editing to produce images that are unique and personal to his clients. If you trust Rohit Jhawar Photography, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt experience.

3. Coast & Pines

coast & pines

Meet Vanessa and Linden, two adventurous elopement photographers who are passionate about capturing love stories in an authentic and meaningful way. As lovers of travel, photography, and human connection, they draw inspiration from nature and travel the world to document all kinds of love stories. Their ultimate goal is to capture your most intimate and meaningful moments that will evoke all the feelings.

Vanessa and Linden strongly believe in empowering you to celebrate your love story in the most genuine and personal way possible. Whether you dream of eloping in the mountains or exchanging vows on a cliff overlooking the sea, they will encourage you to do what feels true to you. They strive to create a safe environment for you to be yourselves and support you throughout the process of planning your dream elopement experience.

As your elopement photographers, Vanessa and Linden take pride in creating an authentic, laid-back experience to get to know you on a deeper level. They want you to feel like you have invited two friends into this special time in your life, not just vendors. By the time your elopement comes around, it will feel like you’re hanging out with another super awesome couple, just like yourselves!

Vanessa and Linden don’t just photograph love stories, they also guide you every step of the way to create your dream elopement experience. They provide you with the knowledge, resources, and expert advice to empower you to have a wedding day that is authentically you. They offer personalized vendor recommendations, location ideas, help you build your timeline, and are your go-to for any questions or advice throughout the entire process.

As a duo, Vanessa and Linden bring something unique to your elopement. Having two of them allows them to capture the full story of your experience from different angles and perspectives, creating a unique and artistically filled gallery for you to cherish forever. With two different sets of eyes, they can be in more than one place at once, ensuring they always get the perfect shot and photograph your memories honestly.

Vanessa and Linden are passionate about creating a special elopement experience for you because they believe there is not only one way to get married, and your experience should represent you. If you’re all about breaking tradition, breaking the rules, and creating a true-to-you experience, then they might just be the perfect photographers for you.


Melbourne elopement photographers melbadseyco

Melissa Badsey is the amazing Melbourne elopement photographer behind which is all about “Authentic moments for the carefree”.

She is passionate about photographing people and capturing their stories. This includes weddings, elopements and portraits. Melissa believes in the value and power of images and their stories. As they tell us where we have been and get us all excited about where we will go in the future.

She has an innate ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level. She spends time with them, gets to really know their stories. And people let down their walls and showcase their relationship and connection together. Have a close look through her portfolio and I think you will see that there are no average photos or bored couples. All her couples have a real connection and this is what awesome photographers are able to do.

Mel from is one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers and loves an epic adventure. So check out her work and elope somewhere amazing with her.

5. Elopement Package

“Elopement Package’ is a team of three wedding professionals who have joined forces to create an amazing elopement package that might just be perfect for you.

Introducing Ben, the celebrant who infuses every ceremony with a vibrant and playful energy, showcasing a love for fancy colors, a love for mushrooms, and a style that effortlessly marries sexiness with sophistication in his suits.

Then there’s Sophia, the talented photographer whose work is a testament to creativity and passion. Inspired by art and captivated by the magic of perfect sunsets, she expresses her unique style not just through her lens but also through a stunning collection of fancy and stylish shoes.

Meet Lokki, the versatile videographer and musician, a true artist at heart. He weaves captivating stories through his lens and enchants with melodies, embracing the beauty of visual storytelling and the emotive power of music.

Based in Echuca, Vic, Australia, this talented team isn’t confined to a single scenic locale. They’re eager to travel wherever elopement dreams may lead, ensuring that each couple’s love story is celebrated in the most enchanting and picturesque settings imaginable.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Elopement Photographer for your Melbourne Elopement

I’m going to explore Melbourne elopement photographers and highlight the pivotal role that a skilled elopement photographer can play in capturing those amazing moments. For those who aren’t acquainted with the concept, an elopement is a bespoke and intimate matrimonial event between two individuals, without the extravagance and formality of a conventional wedding. Essentially, it’s a small and private ceremony that usually involves only the couple and their nearest and dearest.

Elopements are becoming increasingly popular as couples opt for a more intimate and uncomplicated approach to marriage celebrations. With Melbourne’s unique charm, it’s not surprising that numerous couples are choosing to exchange their vows in this awesome city. Although elopements are typically more relaxed than conventional weddings, they are nonetheless just as significant. As with any wedding, photographs are a fundamental element in capturing memories that can be cherished and shared with family and friends for generations. This is precisely why it’s crucial to engage a professional elopement photographer for your Melbourne elopement.

Engaging a professional elopement photographer guarantees that your special day is documented in a genuine and personalised manner that reflects your exceptional love story. With their knowledge and proficiency, they can collaborate with you to establish a vision for your photos and make certain that you have a tangible and lasting memento to commemorate your Melbourne elopement.

However, locating the ideal Melbourne elopement photographer for your needs may seem like a daunting task. This is where we step in. In this article, we will lead you through the process of identifying the perfect elopement photographer for your Melbourne elopement. From conducting research on potential photographers to finalizing the details, we will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision and guarantee that you have breathtaking photos to relish for a lifetime. Let’s begin!


What precisly is an elopement?

An elopement is a wedding ceremony that is much more intimate and modest scale. Traditionally, elopements were associated with clandestine or impulsive events that couples would undertake without the knowledge or consent of their families. However, contemporary elopements have evolved to become more intentional and thoughtfully planned celebrations.

In recent times, numerous couples have chosen to elope to prioritise intimacy and simplicity over the grand and customary aspects of a wedding. Elopements place the emphasis on the couple and their love for one another rather than the extravagance and ceremony of a more extensive wedding celebration.

Our definition of an elopement is… “An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you.”

Elopements can take many forms, from a simple ceremony at Birth, Deaths & Marriages, to a romantic getaway to a breathtaking location like Melbourne. Often, elopements are attended only by the couple and a handful of close friends and family members, making for a truly personal and meaningful experience.

All things considered, elopements are a remarkable means to commemorate love in an intimate and purposeful manner. They provide couples with a distinctive opportunity to prioritize their relationship and create a day that is entirely centered on them. By engaging the services of a professional elopement photographer, couples can be certain that they have exquisite photographs to treasure and reminisce upon for a lifetime.

elopement meaning

Importance of Hiring a Professional Melbourne Elopement Photographer

When it comes to elopements, the photographs are often one of the most significant elements of the day. After all, elopements are intimate affairs that are centered on the couple and their love for one another. As such, it’s vital to have a professional Melbourne elopement photographer who can capture those special moments in an authentic and stunning manner.

Here are a few reasons why engaging the services of a professional elopement photographer is imperative:

Expertise in capturing the moment flawlessly: Professional elopement photographers possess the skills and knowledge required to capture the essence of your day in a natural and exquisite manner. They understand how to capture the lighting, emotions, and scenery to create timeless and magnificent photographs.

They can create a vision for your photos: A professional elopement photographer can work with you to create a vision for your photos that reflects your unique love story. They can help you choose the perfect location, suggest poses and settings, and ensure that your photos are both stunning and true to your personalities.

They can help you feel at ease: Elopements can be emotional and nerve-wracking affairs, especially when it comes to taking photos. But a professional elopement photographer knows how to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They can guide you through the process and ensure that you feel relaxed and confident throughout the day.

They provide a tangible keepsake of your elopement: When your elopement is over, your photos will be the one tangible thing that lasts beyond your special day. They’ll be a keepsake that you can look back on and share with loved ones for years to come. So, it’s important to invest in a Melbourne elopement photographer who can ensure that you have stunning photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Overall, hiring a professional elopement photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your Melbourne elopement. With their expertise, vision, and ability to put you at ease, they’ll help you capture the beauty and emotion of your day in a way that you’ll treasure forever.

eloping australia

Research Potential Melbourne Photographers

Your elopement day is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and one of the most important aspects of capturing those memories is choosing the right photographer. That’s why it’s crucial to do your research when it comes to hiring a Melbourne elopement photographer. These photos will be treasured mementos of your special day, and you want to make sure that you’re working with a professional who can capture the essence of your love story.

Taking the time to research potential Melbourne elopement photographers is essential to finding the perfect fit for your wedding. Without proper research, you risk ending up with a photographer who doesn’t understand your vision, is difficult to work with, or whose work doesn’t meet your expectations.

To find the best Melbourne elopement photographer, start by searching online for photographers who specialize in elopements and have experience working in the area. Social media is another excellent resource – browse hashtags like #MelbourneElopementPhotographer or #MelbourneWeddingPhotographer to discover talented photographers who are active in the local community.

And don’t forget to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or other vendors in the wedding industry. They may have worked with photographers who they know do great work and can capture the magic of your wedding day. By taking the time to research potential photographers, you can ensure that you find someone who is skilled, professional, and who understands your unique vision for your elopement.

eloping australia

Factors to Consider When Researching Melbourne Elopement Photographers

As you embark on your search for the perfect Melbourne elopement photographer, there are a few critical factors to keep in mind. These will help you find a photographer who can bring your unique vision to life and create stunning, unforgettable images of your special day.

First and foremost, consider the photographer’s style. Take a look at their portfolio to see if their aesthetic aligns with your vision for your elopement. Do you prefer moody and dramatic images, or do you want your photos to be light and airy? Make sure the photographer’s style resonates with you.

Experience is another critical factor. Elopements can be intimate and unpredictable, so it’s essential to work with someone who has experience shooting these types of events. They should have the skills and expertise to handle any challenges that may arise.

Reading reviews from past clients can also be incredibly helpful. It will give you insight into what it’s like to work with a particular photographer and whether they deliver on their promises. Don’t overlook this valuable resource!

Finally, consider the photographer’s personality. You want to work with someone who is professional, yet also personable and easy to communicate with. Elopements can be emotional events, so it’s important to feel comfortable around your photographer.

By keeping these key factors in mind and taking the time to research potential Melbourne elopement photographers, you can find a skilled professional who can capture the beauty, love, and emotion of your special day.

Review Wedding & Elopement Portfolios

When it comes to choosing the perfect Melbourne elopement photographer, reviewing their portfolio is an essential step in the process. A portfolio can give you a glimpse into their creative eye, as well as their technical abilities. By taking a closer look at a photographer’s portfolio, you can determine whether their style and vision match what you’re looking for.

When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, there are a few key elements to consider. Firstly, examine their composition – does their work showcase a good eye for detail and placement of elements within a photograph? Secondly, evaluate the lighting in their images, as this can greatly impact the overall mood and ambience of the photos. Finally, check for consistency within their portfolio, looking for a sense of cohesiveness and continuity throughout their work.

As you’re comparing portfolios, it can be helpful to create a system for tracking your thoughts and impressions. Consider making notes on each photographer’s strengths and weaknesses, or assigning a score based on how well they meet your criteria.

Ultimately, your final decision should come down to how well the photographer’s style and vision align with your own. By doing your research and taking the time to review portfolios, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect Melbourne elopement photographer for your special day.

Get In Touch With Them

After narrowing down potential Melbourne elopement photographers based on their portfolios, it’s can be a good idea to reach out to each photographer to get in touch with them. This step allows you to get to know the photographer better and ask any questions you might have.

Through a consultation or chat, you can get a sense of the photographer’s personality and determine whether you feel comfortable working with them. Additionally, you can discuss your vision for your elopement and determine if the photographer is the right fit for you. Although you may be able to gather some information from their website and social media, having a conversation with them can provide you with valuable insights. You can also ask questions about their packages, pricing, and experience to help you make an informed decision when selecting a Melbourne elopement photographer.

Questions You Can Ask Your Melbourne Elopement Photographer

During the consultation, you can also inquire about the photographer’s packages, pricing, and experience. This will help you to make an informed decision about which photographer to hire for your Melbourne elopement. Some photographers may have already addressed these queries on their website, but if you still have questions or doubts, here are a few questions to consider:

Availability: Confirm the photographer’s availability on your elopement date.

Packages: Inquire about the photographer’s packages and what each one includes. Do they offer different levels of coverage or add-ons such as albums or prints?

Pricing: Understand the photographer’s pricing and what is covered. Are there any extra fees that you should be aware of?

Experience: Ask about the photographer’s experience in shooting elopements and weddings. Have they photographed elopements before? Do they have experience in the locations that you are considering for your elopement?

Style: Discuss the photographer’s style and whether it aligns with your vision for your elopement.

Elopement Photography Styles

When choosing a Melbourne elopement photographer, their style is a crucial factor to consider. It’s important to have a detailed discussion about it because each photographer has their unique way of shooting and editing to produce the final photo, which can significantly affect the look and feel of your photos. Elopement photography offers various styles, and the photographer’s approach will have a significant impact on your elopement day experience.

If you prefer candid and natural moments captured, it’s essential to choose a photographer who specializes in candid photography. Conversely, if you desire posed and glamorous shots, a candid photographer may not meet your expectations. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a photographer whose work and style align with your vision.

Choose an elopement photographer whose style you LOVE!!”

To understand a photographer’s style, it’s categorised into two aspects. The first is their shooting style, which describes how the photographer approaches the day. The second is their editing style, which refers to how the photographer edits the wedding photos.

Elopement Photography Shooting Styles

Wedding photography has various shooting styles that Melbourne elopement photographers use to create their unique images. These styles include:

  1. Traditional Style – This style originated from the traditional film era where each shot was crucial. Photographers in this style will pose each photo meticulously, except for the ceremony shots. They manufacture moments and capture spontaneous shots. The outcome is consistent, and the work is beautiful.
  2. Candid Style – Also referred to as the documentary or photojournalistic style, this style captures the day as it unfolds naturally. The photographer acts like a fly on the wall and takes candid shots without any interference. Candid photographers take many pictures to capture the decisive moment, but unflattering pictures are likely to appear. However, if you want to capture candid moments and natural expressions, this style is perfect for you.
  3. Commercial Style – Commercial, fashion or editorial-style wedding photography is focused on perfect lighting. These photographers create stunning images using various lighting equipment, making their images look like billboards or magazine covers. The style is more posed, and it takes longer to achieve the perfect lighting and image.
  4. Combo – A Sydney elopement photographer has to be versatile and use a combination of shooting styles throughout the day. They have to be a family photographer, product photographer, fashion photographer, and more. The photographer will likely use one style more than the others, but it’s common to see a mix of styles in their work.

It is important to ask questions to your potential wedding photographer to ensure their shooting style matches your personality and preferences. You can ask about their preferred approach to managing the day and how they handle the location portraits segment of the wedding. By getting a sense of their work style and approach, you will have a clearer idea of their shooting style and how they work on the day of the wedding. Asking the right questions and getting to know your photographer will help you make an informed decision and choose the best photographer to fit your preferences.

Real Elopement feature of a Dandenong Ranges Elopement

Elopement Photography Editing Styles

Choosing a wedding photographer based on their editing style is equally important as their shooting style. Editing is a form of art that can significantly alter the appearance and mood of a photo. Photographers often capture their shots while keeping their editing style in mind. Editing styles vary greatly, and there is no one right way to do it since it is a subjective art form. However, it is useful for engaged couples to be familiar with the various editing styles to select a photographer whose style aligns with their preferences.

Some of the main editing styles include:

  • Classic, clean and modern, which involves clean edits and natural colours
  • Light and airy, which gives images a brighter and slightly desaturated look, and 
  • Dark and moody, which creates more dramatic and darker images. 
  • Trends. There are editing trends that come and go, such as the current trend of making photos more orange and desaturating greens. While trendy editing styles may be popular now, they can quickly become outdated and can date the photos.

Having a clear understanding of the various shooting and editing styles can help engaged couples make an educated decision when choosing a Melbourne elopement photographer. It’s essential to dedicate time to reviewing a photographer’s portfolio and determining which styles you admire and which ones you don’t. Ultimately, selecting a photographer whose work and style resonate with you is critical to capturing stunning memories of your wedding day.

When selecting a photography style for your elopement, it’s crucial to take into account your personal preferences and the kind of atmosphere you wish to create. Consider the emotions and ambiance you want to express in your pictures, and decide on a style that best captures that mood.

Additionally, keep in mind the location and setting of your elopement. Certain styles might work better in specific locations, so make sure to select a style that complements your chosen venue.

By taking into account the photographer’s style and selecting a style that matches your elopement’s vision, you can ensure that you’ll have beautiful, classic photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Determine Your Melbourne Elopement Photography Budget

When preparing for your Melbourne elopement, it’s essential to consider your budget for photography services. Here are some factors to consider when setting a budget:

Setting a budget for photography services allows you to narrow down your options and find a photographer that fits your budget. This ensures that you won’t overspend on photography and can allocate your funds to other important aspects of your elopement.

Several factors may influence the cost of photography services, including the location of your elopement, the length of time you require the photographer, and the number of photos you want. Additional services, such as editing or album creation, may also come with an extra cost.

When deciding on your budget, take into account the overall budget for your elopement and allocate a portion of it towards photography. Research the average cost of photography services in Melbourne and set a realistic budget based on your preferences and the level of quality you expect.

Keep in mind that choosing a photographer solely based on price may not be the best option. It’s crucial to select a photographer who meets your quality and style preferences while staying within your budget. With careful planning and research, you can find a skilled photographer who captures the cherished moments of your Melbourne elopement. However, as the old saying goes, “cheap photographers aren’t good, and good photographers aren’t cheap.” Exceptions to this rule exist, but the principle remains the same.

Read Reviews

It’s important to also take note of any recurring themes in the reviews. If multiple reviews mention the same positive or negative aspects of the photographer’s work, it’s likely that those aspects are a consistent part of their service. Additionally, pay attention to how the photographer responds to any negative reviews. A professional and thoughtful response can show that the photographer values their clients and is committed to providing a high level of service.

Keep in mind that reviews should not be the only factor in your decision-making process. It’s important to also review the photographer’s portfolio and have a conversation with them to ensure that their style and approach align with your vision for your elopement.

Photo by My Scandi Style Photography

Finalise the Contract

After selecting a Melbourne elopement photographer, it is crucial to iron out all the necessary details to guarantee a seamless execution of your elopement. Here are some important considerations to take note of when finalising the details.

Agreeing on the details with your chosen Melbourne elopement photographer is crucial to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience on your special day. This process not only ensures that everyone is aware of the expectations, but also gives you peace of mind that everything has been clearly stated in writing.

When finalising the details, it is important to have a contract that clearly outlines the services the photographer will provide, the timeline of the day, and the payment schedule. It is recommended that you read the contract carefully and ask any necessary questions before signing.

It is also essential to communicate any special requests or details that are important to you with your photographer. A final consultation with your photographer a few days prior to the elopement can help to go over any last-minute details.

On the day of your elopement, it is advisable to arrive on time and be prepared for any weather conditions. You can trust your photographer to capture the special moments of your day, and relish the experience of having chosen a professional to document your unforgettable day.

“Book the photographer you trust and trust the photographer you book.”

coast & pines
Photo by Coast & Pines

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Melbourne Elopement Photographer

Choosing your ideal Melbourne elopement photographer is a massive step when planning your elopement. Your wedding photos may be the only thing you have to remember your special day and show your future family.

So it is really important to choose a photographer whose work you really really love. Get the best photographer you can afford. And a photographer who would be fun to have around for the day.

When planning your Melbourneelopement, it is crucial to find the best photographer who can capture your special day in a professional manner. To do so, you need to dedicate time and effort to research potential photographers, assess their portfolios, schedule consultations, consider their style, determine your budget, read reviews, and finalize all details in writing.

Finding the right elopement photographer is a significant step in your journey as it will preserve the beautiful memories of your special day for years to come. Therefore, it is important to choose a photographer whose work you truly admire, and who you feel comfortable and confident with, capturing your love story.

Take your time and invest in the best photographer you can afford, someone who can add joy and excitement to your day. Rushing this process may lead to disappointment, so take your time and make a wise decision. With the best Melbourne elopement photographer, you can create beautiful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

So, make your elopement really special with one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers and have an amazing elopement!

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