Top 30 Melbourne Elopement Photographers – Updated for 2021

List of the Best Melbourne Elopement Photographers – Updated 2021

Are you in Melbourne, VIC and looking for the best Melbourne elopement photographers to photograph your elopement, small wedding or micro wedding? We have done the work for you and put together a list of some of the best elopement photographer in Melbourne.

Selecting the best elopement photographer is one of the biggest choices you would have to make while planning your elopement or small wedding. The only photographic record of your elopement could be your wedding photos. Because many eloping couples use the images to show what the day and elopement was like to family members and friends.

Your elopement or wedding photographer is the one vendor that you really need to choose carefully. Choose a photographer whose work matches your style. A photographer with photos that make your jaw drop to the floor. That’s what you want!

The top Melbourne elopement photographer will generally book out a year and sometimes two years in advance. Particularly for weekends and especially for Saturdays during wedding season. Which in Melbourne is generally Spring and Autumn.

Our advice to eloping couples is to find your ultimate photographer before you set a date. Find out their availability over a couples of months that work for you. Consider a weekday elopement because there are lots of benefits to having one. And book them for the entire day. Not just a couple of hours. You want to capture the entire story of your wedding day.

All these wedding photographers have very different styles, personalities and skill levels. Some are extremely experienced and some have only been in the industry for a couple of years, but they will work their butt off for you. Some will pose more, some will pose less. There is no right or wrong way of photographing an elopement, just different styles. So study their portfolio carefully and contact the photographers who you love the look of.

So in no particular order, here are some of the very best Melbourne elopement photographers who will give you amazing photos and a beautiful elopement experience.

1 –

Melbourne elopement photographers melbadseyco

Melissa Badsey is the amazing Melbourne elopement photographer behind which is all about “Authentic moments for the carefree”.

She is passionate about photographing people and capturing their stories. This includes weddings, elopements and portraits. Melissa believes in the value and power of images and their stories. As they tell us where we have been and get us all excited about where we will go in the future.

She has an innate ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level. She spends time with them, gets to really know their stories. And people let down their walls and showcase their relationship and connection together. Have a close look through her portfolio and I think you will see that there are no average photos or bored couples. All her couples have a real connection and this is what awesome photographers are able to do.

Mel from is one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers and loves an epic adventure. So check out her work and elope somewhere amazing with her.

2 – Tahnee Jade Photography

mount hotham elopement

Tahnee Jade is a Melbourne born and raised elopement and wedding photographer. Tahnee Jade Photography specialises in photographing real love stories of couples in a beautifully natural and candid way.

Her work has been featured in numerous wedding publications and blogs from all over the world. And she is passionate about weddings and telling the real story of your day in a creative way.

Wedding photography was what she decided she wanted to do, the moment she finished shooting a friends huge three hundred plus, Greek-Australian wedding. Since that moment she has photographed hundreds of weddings and has felt so blessed to be able to capture these momentus events and families lives.

She is one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers around and someone whose website you should check out if you are looking for an awesome professional photographer.

3 – My Scandi Style Photography

Kelly Williams is the amazing Melbourne elopement photographer behind My Scandi Style Photography. She is all about capturing rad couples and their unique love story. She loves to photograph all the little in-between moments and the warm connection between couples.

Her style of photography is really fun, candid and totally non-posey. So forget those boring and awkward poses. Those poses are not you. She will give you gentle prompts to get you really comfortable and relaxed at your elopement and capture your real personalities.

She is a wedding and elopement photographer who absolutely loves her job. Kelly really loves that she gets to experience the most important and amazing days in couples lives. Elopements and weddings are what she really loves to do and therefore, to make sure she can give couples one hundred and ten per cent, she only takes on a limited amount of weddings each year.

4 – Eric Ronald

Melbourne elopement photographers

Eric Ronald is without a doubt, one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers, if not one of the best wedding and elopement photographers in Australia. He has won numerous industry awards including the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, album of the year.

Eric is a very passionate wedding photographer who really loves what he does and it has taken him to some amazing locations around the world. His goal with his photography is the tell real stories for real couples.

Filmmaking and cinematography are what Eric Ronald originally studied and where he first started his career. This is where he learnt the technical aspects of visual storytelling. And often, when you look at his work, his weddings have a very cinematic and dramatic feel to them. From a film making point of view, you could say he shoots weddings like it is a storyboard for a movie. Dramatic low key and directional light is used to create mood and atmosphere. And each photo flows from one to the next, and to the next scene, to create a really engaging story. With highs and lows, emotions and feelings.

If you are looking for a true artist to capture your elopement, then Eric Ronald would have to be high up on your list of the best Melbourne elopement photographers to check out.

5 – Erin and Tara

Melbourne elopement photographers

Erin and Tara are one of the leading wedding & elopement photography studios in Melbourne. They cater to the modern couple looking for soulful photography with stunning heirloom products.

Founded in 2012, their photography is timeless and has emotion, love and energy. They are amazing unobtrusive visual storytellers that aim to give couples a raw, honest and elegant style to their wedding photos. When you look at their work you can see a really stylish, elegant sophistication to their images. Black and white images dominate their portfolio and really give their images a timeless and classic quality. This b&w imagery has almost become a signature look for them and their clients love this look and feel.

Their work has been published all over the world, including Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and the New York Times. So if you are looking for one of the best wedding & elopement photographers in Melbourne, then you should definitely check out more of their stunning work on their website.

6 – Emotions and Math

Melbourne elopement photographers

Isla & Brendan are the awesome people behind Emotions and Math. These two self-confessed nerds are some of the best Melbourne elopement photographers around.

Emotions and Math are all about couples being themselves and showing real organic emotions. They want to capture the intimacy and to tell the story of your day in a really unobtrusive way. No cheesy poses or forced smiles here.

So if you are looking for photographers who capture the day candidly and artistically, who photograph the feelings and the details, then you should get in contact with these guys. You won’t be disappointed.

7 – Millgrove Photography

Melbourne elopement photographers

Millgrove Photography are one of Melbourne’s most experienced and awarded wedding and elopement photographers.

The studio was founded in 2010 and is run by Jon Tinkler, who has won numerous wedding and photography awards including the Brides Choice awards and is also an ABIA finalist. He is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and offers a range of packages to suit different budgets and needs.

Millgrove Photography’s style is relaxed, natural and candid. This relaxed style means you will get professional and beautiful photos that look really natural. Jon has photographed over three-hundred weddings all over Melbourne and is a great choice for your wedding or elopement photography needs.

8 – Theodore & Co

Theodore & Co are Melbourne based wedding & elopement photographers who believe that all couples should have their wedding day documented with great care, professionalism and skill.

The team is headed up by Theodore Halacas who is a lover of life, photography and his family. He has over fifteen years of experience and comes from Greek heritage. Theodore regularly photographs weddings in Greece as well as Melbourne. And he feels totally honoured every time they get to photograph a couples wedding day.

They capture the day naturally and let every wedding day and couples story, naturally unfold before their eyes. If you are looking for timeless photos with a high-end feel then you should visit their website and view more of their work.

9 – Iconic Wedding Photography

Iconic Wedding Photography is considered by many to be one of the best wedding photography studios in Melbourne.

They are dedicated to bringing couples iconic, stunning and amazing photos that they will cherish for years to come. The team will go out of their way to make sure the day is really fun and relaxed for their couples. Their goal is create beautiful images they you and your family will be proud of and photos that your friends may be slightly jealous of.

10 – Carley Payne

Beautiful, love-filled and unscripted weddings is what Carley Payne is all about. Wedding and elopement photography with her is just fun and natural with no awkward posing.

She is considered a candid wedding photographer and works really hard all day to ensure every key moment is captured. She loves to photograph these amazing moments with photos that families will cherish forever.

Have a look through her website and you will see the joy and love that every couple has in their wedding photos.

11 – Emotion Wedding Photography

Emotions wedding photography believe that no two weddings or couples are alike. And that each wedding is totally unique and different. They don’t cut corners and have high standards of professionalism and quality.

They cater to both small intimate wedding and elopements and well as huge weddings with hundreds of guests.

12 – Darin Collison Photography

Darin Collison is a Melbourne elopement and wedding photography who specialises in documentary and fine art photography.

He will document the whole wedding or elopement day and look for those small intimate moments. He won’t just wait around for the main events of the day to happen, but instead, he will look for those in-between moments and unexpected encounters that make up a wedding day and a complete story.

The wedding day as he sees it, should show real images of beauty and joy that reflect the elopement or small wedding. It shouldn’t be staged or managed in any way. So he documents the day very unobtrusively and believes the best moments are the unexpected ones.

13 – Phenomena

Phenomena wedding photography is a boutique studio located in Melbourne with over ten years of experience in wedding photography and the wedding industry.

They have a team of professional wedding photographers and cinematographers and have a highly stylised approach to wedding and elopement photography. They use state of the art equipment and create some stunning imagery.

14 – Ivanhoe Photography

Ivanhoe Photography believes that your wedding or elopement day is one of the most important days of your life and therefore should be professionally photographed with skill and care.

They provide Melbourne couples with an affordable option that will suit most budgets and cover Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. With a focus on genuine emotion and candid moments you are sure to get timeless and natural images from your wedding day.

15 – Peter Ingamells Photography

Peter Ingamells is a wedding & elopement photographer based in Melbourne who creates some of the best and most artistic images for couples on their wedding day.

He believes that wedding photography is about the total experience. Not just beautiful photography. And that is so true. It is no good to get beautiful photos if the whole experience of getting those photos was a bad one. Peter creates an awesome experience for his couples. He makes the day fun and relaxed and this really shows through in his gorgeous photos.

Photography has always been a passion in his life and in his family and he loves to tell the story of peoples lives through his stunning photography.

16 – Rosa Photo

Rosa Photo is one of Melbourne’s busiest and most award winning wedding and elopement studios around. The team at Rosa Photo have photographed over a thousand weddings in eight years. That is over 125 weddings each year. Which means multiple weddings every weekend. They are popular and it is easy to see why.

Rosa Photo was founded by Melbourne wedding photographer Ivan Liang who is a professionally trained visual artist with his masters in art and design with honours. Ivan and his team will ensure your wedding day is beautiful with memories to last a lifetime.

17 – LJM Photography

LJM Photography is one of Melbourne’s best wedding, elopement and family photographers and masters at documentary photography.

Lauren Marshall is the amazing photographer behind the name. She is super organised, decisive and driven. And she is so passionate about documentary wedding photography as this is what makes photography and photos so special for her.

If you take a look through her website and portfolio, you will see images with heart and soul. Snapshots in time with amazing moments, captured very creatively and artistically.

18 – Dansk Photography

Dansk Photography are an award winning and industry accredited photographer who provides couples with a stress free experience and beautiful photos.

Your wedding day only happens once, so it is important to choose a professional who will capture your day perfectly and make you look your best. They photograph the day in a discreet and candid way, while still capturing lovely photos.

19 – Sarah Matler Weddings

Sarah Matler is a Melbourne wedding & elopement photographer who is always close to a river or a moody landscape.

She has a passion for adventure and loves to have emotion in her wedding photography and this shows prominently in her unique style. Sarah keeps the day real and relaxed. Photographing weddings with a documentary-style approach with some creative portraits thrown in.

20 – Joseph Koprek

Joseph Koprek is one of the most experienced wedding photographers in Melbourne. He has been in the wedding industry for over twenty years and has a portfolio of work that most photographers would envy.

His philosophy when shooting weddings is to make sure his couples enjoy the experience. He does this by making the day really relaxed and natural and just capturing the wedding day as it unfolds. He photographs all the little details and the big moments. But he also concentrates on your loved ones.

Joseph has photographed weddings and elopements all over the world and is one of the best Melbourne wedding photographers.

21 – Tegan Louise

Tegan Louise is a Melbourne based wedding and portrait photographer. She photographs weddings & elopements with a photojournalistic style approach and loves using the beauty of natural light.

Before wedding photography she worked as an exhibiting artist and also as a music photographer. Shooting musicians all over the USA and Australia.

22 – Alan Moyle

Alan Moyle is one of the most experienced photographer in Melbourne. He has been photographing weddings and elopements since the year 2000.

In that time he has discovered that to get good photographs, there must be a connection between the couple and the photographer. When there is a connection then it changes from a photographer taking photos at your wedding, to a friend who gets a greater connection and better photos between you.

For Alan, wedding and elopement photography is a mixture of documentary style photography and stylised portraits. But the day is more about the wedding and less about the photoshoot.

23 – JP Evermore Photography

JP Evermore Photography believes that the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is to understand the people you are photographing. To tell their story. Therefore they don’t set anything in stone and instead prefer to let the day naturally unfold.

Jason Plevras runs JP Evermore Photography and has been taking photographs for as long as he can remember.

24 – I Got You Babe

Lili from I Got You Babe, is one of the top wedding & elopement photographers in Melbourne.

She has been a photographer for over eight years in and that time has been lucky enough to document hundreds of weddings all around Melbourne and also around the world.

Her wedding photography work would best be described as a documentary style with a hint of elegant and moodiness thrown in. She looks for those little unseen moments of intimacy and loves to capture emotion. Hopefully in years to come, when you look back at your wedding photos, you will be able to fully relive the day. With all the emotions, mood and magic that made up the day.

25 – Long Way Home

Steph Tout is the owner of Long Way Home. She is a Melbourne wedding and elopement photographer who documents weddings with a photojournalistic approach. Her photography style is also creative, genuine, natural and down to earth.

Steph will work unobtrusively throughout the wedding and believes that photography should be about the wedding, not the wedding being about the photography. So when she photographs your wedding or elopement, you can expect to her capture the emotion, atmosphere and all the moments in between. Without all the over the top posing that some photographers do.

26 – Sapphire & Stone Photography

Sapphire and Stone Photography are heartfelt Melbourne wedding and elopement photographers who specialise in photographing beautiful moments of couples in love.

Their photography style is candid and relaxed with an aim to provide couples with memories of your wedding in a natural and timeless manner. They choose not to do any staged or posed photos as this is less authentic.

With over ten years of experience as professional photographers, you can rest assured that your wedding or elopement will be captured artistically and naturally.

27 – Jave Lee

Melbourne elopement photographers

Jave from Jave Lee is a Melbourne wedding & elopement photographer whose lifelong ambition is to photograph really natural and candid moments with his camera.

Originally from Korea, Jave has worked as a lead photographer for other studios in both Seoul and in Melbourne for over eight years. Now he has his own business in Melbourne and is so excited to share his experience and knowledge with couples.

As a photographer he is inspired by light and colour and takes a authentic and natural approach to photographing weddings and elopements. The goal to to tell the story of the day with a beautiful and intimate collection of images and details.

28 – Warren Photography

Melbourne elopement photographers

John Warren from Warren Photography will always be part of the action in his wedding photography. And believes in finding the moments in the mayhem.

He is one of the most experienced and sought after wedding & elopement photographers in Melbourne and have photographed over nine hundred weddings over a fifteen year period! Yes 900!!

He is an expert in his craft and if you study his portfolio of images, you will see a masterclass in what wedding photography should look like. He has amazing imagery that is the envy of many a photographer. If you are looking for an awesome, experienced photographer… it is hard to go past Warren Photography.

29 – Victor Yang Photography

Melbourne elopement photographers

Victor Yang is a multi award winning wedding photographer who tell the story of the day through a mix of epic imagery, dramatic lighting and intimate moments.

His portfolio of images is incredible and really show how good a photographer and artist he is. There is so much life and spirit to them and he is a true master of his craft. He is without a doubt, one of the top Melbourne elopement photographers and if you are looking for a creative photographer then he could be an amazing choice.

30 – Paper Bear

Melbourne elopement photographers

Paper Bear is a Melbourne elopement photographer for the adventurous, the rockers and for the lovers. Their weddings and elopements are fill of rock, lots of fun and heaps of love.

Christian is the man behind Paper Bear. He is a family man with three kids a wife and he really loves coffee. He also likes to break the rules. And breaking the rules in photography is an awesome thing. It challenges you to be better, to set yourself apart and it opens yourself up artistically.

He is very passionate about photography and will do anything for an awesome photo.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your ideal Melbourne elopement photographer is a massive step when planning your elopement. Your wedding photos may be the only thing you have to remember your special day and show your future family.

So it is really important to choose a photographer whose work you really really love. Get the best photographer you can afford. And a photographer who would be fun to have around for the day.

So, make your elopement really special with one of the best Melbourne elopement photographers and have an amazing elopement!

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