Freycinet Lodge Elopement Tasmania

Freycinet Lodge Elopement Tasmania

Have your elopement at Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania, overlooking the beautiful waters and mountain ranges of Freycinet National Park. That is what Ashleigh & Nick did for their simply epic Freycinet Lodge Elopement.

The amazing photography featured in this elopement was taken by Meghann Maguire Photography.

The reason Ashleigh & Nick decided to elope was pretty simple for them. And it is a reason we hear a lot from couples. Weddings can become more about the event and the hosting of the event than the actual relationship.

This is why Ashleigh & Nick decided to elope:

“Weddings can have a lot of unnecessary stress and drama, and we wanted the day to be about our love, relationship and coming together. I guess you can say we’re romantics that way.” 

Freycinet Lodge Elopement Tasmania
Freycinet Lodge Elopement Tasmania

This is how their love story first began…

“Nick and I met when we were 16 at the Sydney Royal Easter Show through mutual friends…seems like a lifetime ago!”

Elopement Location

Deciding on an elopement location is one of the hardest decisions any couple can make. The location will dictate everything about your elopement. Here is how Ashleigh & Nick decided…

“Haha it’s actually kind of funny. We were sitting on the couch together stressing about wedding locations in Sydney (where we’re from), guest lists, food and beverage packages, logistics and how expensive it was all going to be, and because Nick’s Grandmother was going to be in town from overseas we had 5 months to get it all sorted. I turned to Nick and said “Fuck it, do you want to just elope in Tasmania?”, half joking but also half serious and he looked at me smiling and said “Yep!”. We had never been to Tasmania before.” 

About Freycinet Lodge

Freycinet Lodge was the stunning location for this elopement. It is located on the Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. And it is actually located within the Freycinet National Park. It is the only accommodation and dining available in the National Park which makes it even more special.

Being located right in the National Park means that the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness is right on your doorstep. You don’t need to travel on your wedding day to various locations because beautiful locations are all within walking distance.

Freycinet Lodge overlooks the beautiful blue waters if Great Oyster Bay and the Hazards mountain range acts as your dramatic backdrop. If you love the wilderness and spectacular landscapes, then this might be the perfect location for your elopement.

Telling their family and friends that they were going to elope was pretty easy for these guys. They told everyone pretty casually.

“I think everyone was understanding that the day was about us as a couple and nothing else.” 

The Elopement Ceremony

Their marriage ceremony took place on the rocky shorelines of Honeymoon Bay, which is just a short walk from Freycinet Lodge. The location is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places for a ceremony in Australia

When asked about their ceremony, they said it was short, simple and romantic…with lots of happy tears of course. 

There were also a couple of funny moments during the ceremony itself…

“Where to start! Walking down the “aisle” (it was really a bush track) with my Mum and a breeze off the ocean blew my veil into the air, which I’m sure sounds majestic and breathtaking, but not when it got caught in a tree and we had to scramble to untangle it. 
My Mum in all her excitement also invited a whole bunch of tourists to our ceremony on her way down to the spot at Honeymoon Bay where it was happening, so our intimate 12 people we knew turned into about 40 strangers with cameras.”

Freycinet Lodge Elopement

Elopement Photos at Frecinet Lodge

After the ceremony, Meghann Loft took the couple around the property for some relaxed and fun photos. Elopement photos here really show off the landscape and the natural beauty of Tasmania and of Freycinet National Park.

Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement Tasmania
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement
Freycinet Lodge Elopement

Freycinet Lodge Elopement Reception

They had drinks and nibbles on the balcony of their room to start with, before heading to the main complex at Freycinet Lodge. At the lodge, a beautiful intimate table had been set up outside overlooking the water and the mountains. An elopement dinner doesn’t get much better than this.

They also started the reception dinner before sunset, so they had time to enjoy the views with their family and friends. Ashleigh & Nick also had time to run down to the water for a few photos at sunset.

The best thing about eloping for Ashleigh & Nick was…

“Being able to pare back our wedding to truly just be about a romantic and intimate celebration of us.” 

Freycinet Lodge Elopement

Freycinet Lodge Elopement Advice

When we asked Ashleigh & Nick if they had any advice for future couples planning to elope, they said…

“Don’t underestimate how quickly the day goes and remember to take a moment to be present.”

Some of the best advice you can get about an elopement location is from the photograph that has actual shot weddings there. Here is some advice for future couples thinking of having an elopement at Freycinet Lodge from Meghann Loft…

“I want you to know even if eloping seems less than a traditional wedding, this is still no ordinary day!”

“I always love a fall or spring wedding, something about that golden light. Less people around. – Having your ceremony later in the afternoon when the sun is lower is best and gives you the options to have some beautiful sunset photos. – I love that the options are endless to get married at Freycinet lodge, from a range of ocean landscape to picturesque mountains or snuggled in an intimate bush location or even on the balcony of your lodge. – My experience the staff are so welcoming and helpful you almost have your own personal butler.”

Here is a list of the amazing vendors that were involved in this beautiful Tasmanian elopement.

Photographer: Meghann Loft

Venue: Freycinet Lodge at Honeymoon Bay

Dress: Christina Rossi

Hair: Entice Hair Studio

Makeup: Ashleigh, the bride.

Flowers: Silvertree Botanics

Celebrant: Caroline Bentley

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