13 Amazing Elopement Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane

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List of 13 Best Elopement Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane – 2021

Are you eloping in Brisbane and looking for an amazing Marriage Celebrant? Well, you have come to the right place. We have searched hundreds of celebrants and found some of the very best in Brisbane for you to check out.

Choosing a celebrant for your elopement or small wedding is one of the most important decisions you have to make. You need one legally so that your marriage is legal for the government of Australia. But a marriage celebrant for your elopement should be so much more than just the legals.

Eloping is all about getting married and having a day that is all about you. You are making a legal but also spiritual and emotional commitment to each other. It should be intimate and personal and the marriage ceremony should be a reflection of this.

So here is some advice for couples that are looking for a Brisbane marriage celebrant for their elopement…

  • Choose an awesome celebrant. Don’t get just anyone and don’t just get the cheapest person. Pay for the person really you want. Get a professional with good experience. I have personally seen hundreds of weddings and there is a huge difference in the quality of celebrants and the ceremonies they perform.
  • Make sure your personalities and styles gel. Celebrants have different personalities and different styles of delivering a marriage ceremony. So it is important to choose someone whose vision and style matches with yours. If you want a romantic, intimate ceremony then you shouldn’t be choosing someone who puts on a big show and cracks jokes. And vise versa.
  • Do your research. Carefully look through their website and socials and see who might fit you best. Watch videos of their ceremonies. That is one of the best ways to see what they are like in action. And then have a chat to them.
  • Get referrals. Choosing a celebrant is hard, so getting a referral from someone who has used them or seen them in action is a great place to start. Ask your photographer on who they recommend. Your photographer is the only wedding vendor that actually witnesses every wedding ceremony. They know who the awesome celebrants are. And they also know who you should avoid.
  • Personalise your ceremony. Don’t have a “just the legals” ceremony. Those ceremonies can be over in two minutes. You might as well go down to the registry and sign some papers. Write your own vows and make a personal commitment to each other about your future together. And choose a celebrant that will personalise your ceremony. A bad ceremony, in my opinion, is when a celebrant reads a couple of passages about what marriage is and then does the legals. This is not personalised. It is boring and lazy. A personalised ceremony is when a celebrant gets some personal information from the two of you and puts it together into a ceremony. They walk you through all the reasons why you love this person, where you have come from and where you are going together. Hearing your story and then making a commitment to each other is one of the most heartfelt ways of starting your lives together.

So hopefully these points can give you an idea on what you should be looking for in a celebrant and give you a starting point. Here are some of our favourites. In no particular order, here is our list of some of the best elopement marriage celebrants in Brisbane.

1 – Your Story Celebrant

Danielle Wildermuth is the young, modern and bubbly marriage celebrant behind Your Story Celebrant. She is all about creating totally personal, fun and really meaningful ceremonies for her couples. Danielle is an adventurous celebrant for the wild at heart. And she is absolutely perfect for your elopement or small wedding.

Based in North Brisbane, but moving soon to the Sunshine Coast, she covers both regions. And her love of travel means that she will travel anywhere and everywhere for weddings and elopements.

One of the most important reasons to choose Your Story Celebrant is that Danielle will create the most beautiful marriage ceremony for you. She will bring her energy and passion for elopements, and deliver them with a sense of humour and just the right amount of emotion to create something memorable and meaningful for you.

Danielle is so passionate about elopements that she has teamed up with another amazing elopement vendor, Jekka from Naturally Jek Photography to create an “Adventure Elopement Package”.

So elope to a beautiful location and get one of the best Brisbane marriage celebrants around to do a beautiful and meaningful marriage ceremony for you.

2 – Celebrated Moments

If you are looking for a marriage celebrant in Brisbane who will create a fun, stress-free and totally personal elopement marriage ceremony, then you should check out Celebrated Moments.

Krista Webb is the amazing marriage celebrant behind Celebrated Moments. Krista is a Brisbane based, full-time marriage celebrant and she prides herself on delivering beautiful, original and very meaningful ceremonies for her couples. As a former drama teacher and event manager, you can be assured that she is professional, organised, confident and will create something memorable for you.

Because elopements are so small and intimate, it is so important to choose an amazing celebrant that will learn about your story, embrace your individuality and conduct a unique and personalised ceremony that totally reflects you. And that is what you will get with Krista, no cookie cutter boring ceremonies here.

She is fun and relaxed and will walk you through the whole process and give you valuable tips along the way. And if you are like most couples and most guests at her wedding ceremonies, you will be will probably walk away saying… “that was the best wedding ceremony I have ever been to!”

3 – Brisbane City Celebrants

Jamie + Cara from Brisbane City Celebrants LOVE to celebrate LOVE, LOVE elopements and LOVE each other. This husband and wife team has over 10 years of experience making them some of Brisbane’s most sought-after elopement celebrants. Among their many accolades, they are Australia’s most recommended marriage celebrants on Google. They have had over 200 happy couples sharing 5-star reviews which is seriously impressive.

Whether your ideal elopement is a secret ceremony just the two of you, or a short legals only ceremony, then these guys are perfect for you. They can do simple and intimate wedding ceremonies to a luxe elopement in the company of your nearest and dearest. Brisbane City celebrants are committed to taking the time to understand what it is you want from your ceremony and create exactly that.

Brisbane City Celebrants celebrate love, not religion. They believe in equality and are LBGTQI friendly and have been honoured to be a part of many same-sex elopements and small weddings around Brisbane. If you are looking for a celebrant that does modern, happy and upbeat ceremonies, then it is hard to go past Jamie + Cara from Brisbane City Celebrants.

4 – Ketrina Coffey

Ketrina Coffey is a committed Brisbane civil marriage celebrant with over ten years of wedding celebrations’ expertise. Her career was born out of an accidental invitation to organize a family wedding that turned her career on a completely different path. At present, she successfully marries people, provides counselling, creates personalized wedding ceremonies, and ensures that every couple she works with is happy at the end of the day.

What sets Coffey apart is her friendliness and professionalism to handle different types of clients with particular needs. She’s committed to taking the time to understand and relate with the couples to create a wedding that not only satisfies but enchants both couples and guests. Other than weddings, she also offers Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, and Life Celebrations. Coffey is a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. and won a number of industry awards.

5 – Renee Wilkins

Renee Wilkins is a certified Brisbane marriage celebrant since 2008, with over 1000 successful weddings & elopements conducted under her belt. Her services have satisfied couples around Brisbane with their dream celebration wedding. Her warm, positive, and kind approach will make every client feel comfortable when it comes to sharing ideas on their dream wedding. She ensures that special events have to be memorable and stress-free as possible.

Wilkins also has specialized other services such as Naming Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, Reaffirmation of Vows, Transitions, and Life Cycles (Coming of Age, Milestone Birthdays, Retirement and Citizenship Ceremony). Rest assured that her 15 years of in-depth experience in customer service and special events planning will make every client feel at ease working with her team. All services are included in the fees: the initial meeting with the clients, before wedding day rehearsals, ceremony, and necessary paperwork for births, deaths, and marriages.

6 – Natasha Lewis

Natasha Lewis is a passionate Brisbane wedding & elopement celebrant who aims to join every couple’s journey by helping them realize their dream wedding ceremony. The professional work offered to clients doesn’t stop by planning and organizing. But she also ensures to know every client and offers utmost friendliness, making them feel valued. Her profound experience, great attention to detail, passion, and care for driving the best results, sets her apart from the rest of the wedding celebrants in Brisbane.

Lewis generously offers a free initial meeting to her clients, showing transparency on how she handles professionalism on planning weddings and making it unique for every couple. She believes that no two couples are the same. This also motivates her to incorporate both ideas into one exciting and memorable wedding event. As a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants and the Professional Celebrants Association, clients are sure to be in good hands.

7 – Gwen Inglis

Gwen Inglis is a seasoned marriage celebrant in Brisbane since 2005, with stellar experience in organising marriage ceremonies under the Commonwealth of Australia’s laws. Her career skyrocketed in 2005, aiming to deliver dream weddings to every couple with a customized touch, careful planning, and execution. Inglis has covered and officiated over 700 successful and memorable weddings to date.

Through her dedication, hard work, and passion for making weddings unique to each couple, she became a finalist on 2008’s Australian Bridal Industry Academy, which won her the Queensland Marriage Celebrant of the Year for 2014-2015. Her efforts were once again acknowledged on 2017’s top marriage celebrants of Australia as the third-place winner. At present, she’s the 2019’s Queensland’s No. 1 Marriage Celebrant. Isn’t that a record-breaking moment as a marriage celebrant? Inglis’ award-winning services are sure to impress and satisfy clients with the wedding of their dreams.

8 – Carly Slade

Carly Slade is a perfectionist Brisbane marriage celebrant that offers a modern touch to intimate and grand celebrations. Her love for weddings was born out of past frustrations from her own wedding planning, struggling to find that perfect marriage celebrant that she and her husband can work in unison. From then on, she vowed to be a trusted marriage celebrant to guide every couple to make their wedding ceremony perfect and magical.

Slade’s services focused on bringing more fresh ideas and a natural feel to weddings with a hassle-free approach where each client can focus on their “I do’s.” She turns your wedding experiences more exciting and even personalizes relaxed ceremonies to every couple’s needs. This way, she offers an experience of a lifetime that they will always remember, a future that awaits that fairy-tale ending. Slade is also a professional Occupational Therapist with a background in project management, training, and a proud mom of two.

9 – Married By Jake

Jake Smith urges clients to get married with him not legally, but to make him the couple’s all-around marriage celebrant. He aims to deliver wedding ceremonies that are captivating, tear-jerker, emotional, and will bring a happy smile to the couple’s faces and the guests. Since 2007, Smith has helped and empowered couples to welcome the next chapter of their lives with pure excitement and enjoyment.

Smith is not only a master of ceremonies, but he’s also an ordained pastor trusted to officiate Brisbane civil wedding ceremonies. Being married by Jake is a one-stop-shop approach where every couple’s needs are catered with utmost priority and care. His services strive to provide a ceremony that is purely personal, meaningful, less cheesy or boring but enjoyable for both the couples and guests. The positive feedback he earned through the years is a true testimony assuring service that won’t disappoint.

10 – Roxy Hotten

Roxy is a proud dog mum and a wedding enthusiast. She is an expert elopement marriage celebrant in Brisbane, authorised to cater to clients all over south-east Queensland and even New South Wales. Since her breakout moment in 2011, there were over 400 intimate and grand weddings & elopements that she was able to pull off. Her professionalism, attention to detail, creative approach, and care to deliver unforgettable moments such as weddings made her an in-demand marriage celebrant.

Her primary purpose in delivering wedding ceremonies is to be as authentic as possible. She creates unassuming, less drama, zero hassle, and mainly focused celebration for the union of two hearts as one. Previous couples highly commend her services for her engaging and fun vibe that helped them feel less overwhelmed and stressed out on their special day. She also specialises in destination weddings outside Brisbane to feature a more personalized location fit for the couple’s unique personality.

11 – Ceremonies By Sabina

Sabina O’Donoghue is an elopement marriage celebrant in Brisbane known for her simple and classy take on organizing special wedding ceremonies. Each wedding ceremony is special and personal for her, which ultimately strives to go beyond her job role to provide a celebration like no other. Her services include consultations, counselling, officiating, support, and personalizing every couple’s anticipated wedding event.

Sabrina’s top-notch services set her on top of the game as the consistent awardee many industry awards. Her ground-breaking record of conducting a diverse range of marriage ceremonies in Australia has helped her keep up in the wedding industry and attract more clients to get her services. She is currently one of the most sought after marriage celebrants in Australia for her unique approach, stellar background, friendly and professional working ethics that most couples commend.

12 – Fusion Elements

Fusion Elements is run by one of the most anticipated marriage celebrants in Brisbane, Felicity Mcshane. She is also an authorised civil celebrant. Mcshane is inspired to bring out celebrations that highlight the past, the present, and the future. She believes that celebrations are meant to share with loved ones and friends to create more memories and cherish with one another no matter what milestone it is.

Fusion Elements offers a full commitment to clients to provide outstanding celebrations such as Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Days, and Funerals. Her team carefully listens to each client’s instructions, helping them create a well-tailored fit, powerful, and personal ceremony that will be forever remembered. McShane is a member of the Funeral Celebrants Association, Australian Celebration of Civil Celebrants, and ABIA. She was won numerous industry awards, proving that her expertise is something to look forward to work with.

13 – Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson is a full-time accountant on weekdays and turns into a certified Brisbane marriage celebrant on weekends. The tight schedule and responsibilities as both wife and a mum did not stop her from pursuing her love for wedding celebrations. For over nine years, she has designed personalized weddings which include traditional, DIY, modern, classy, and even funky themed celebrations. Whatever idea the client has in mind, she effortlessly makes it happen.

Robertson’s services highlight a no-obligation fee consultation meeting to every client providing expectations and process run-through. Once the deal is locked in, she ensures a sweat-free and smooth wedding planning. Apart from her expertise as a marriage celebrant, Robertson has in-depth knowledge of processing legal documents most especially, Spouse Visa processing and approval. From start to finish, Robertson guarantees a memorable celebration filled with happy tears, satisfied couples and guests, and a relaxed wedding atmosphere.


Choose an amazing marriage celebrant for your elopement or small wedding. Get a professional who is really good at their job. A good celebrant is so important.

Marriage celebrants vary greatly in the quality of their ceremonies. I have personally witnessed a few hundred celebrants in action… so trust me when I say the quality varies greatly. Choose someone who you connect to in some way. Someone that shares the same vision as you. And choose someone who will personalise the ceremony for you.

So have fun planning your Brisbane elopement and we hope this article has helps you choose an amazing elopement marriage celebrant in Brisbane.

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