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Moreton Bay, Queensland


Individually priced according to your requirements, my professional fees start at $350 for a “Just do it” miminum legal. A typical elopement ceremony is around $550.

Mid-week Elopements

Anywhere, anytime, kind of. I need at least 60 days notice for anywhere outside of South East Qld.

Weekend Elopements

I love a weekend away. If I choose to stay nearby the night before that’s at my expense. There is no extra for getting hitched outside of business hours.


There are fees for extra travel anywhere more than
80km from postcode 4022.

About Moreton Bay Celebrancy

Unique and Personal Sallybrations.

How do I tell you about Moreton Bay Celebrancy? I want to serve my community. I love writing stuff and love saying it out loud even more. Lets see……
Based near the shores of Moreton Bay, I’ll celebrate your special day.
Whether you be near or far, the party comes to where you are.
Were you born or did you die or is it for the knot to tie?
Celebrate the day in style with Sally and her famous smile.

Nah… that’s too much like Dr Seuss…..What about Banjo Patterson?

A lady came from Brisbane with a microphone in tow
To celebrate the wedding of the farm girl and her beau 
A few years later back again to bless a newborn babe
Then speak kind words in memory of grandpa by his grave.

Yeah, that last rhyme is a bit dodgy…. Perhaps a Shakespearean Sonnet?

Does’t thou a promise to thy true love make?
With ring exchange and making solemn vows?
To pledge in sickness or in health to take
For all thy days until the lifeblood goes?

Whence comes a child to bless this happy two
Or life extinct in someone else who’s dear
The lady speaketh kindly to the new
And helps thee face the sadness without fear. 

Ok so now I’m just showing off ….maybe, simply, 

Let me tell your story. 
Let me get to know the secrets of your hearts and minds; 
what made your true love grow?
I’ll weave my wordsmith magic around your special day 
and craft, with you, a love poem that says what you want to say.

Unique and Personal Sallybrations

About Moreton Bay Celebrancy

Don’t let the silver hair fool you, I’m no-one’s nanna (that I know about). Is woke still a thing or is that term already passe? I care very much about people both today and in the future, so I try to minimize my impact on our precious earth as much as possible. Follow my Instagram or blog for tips on woking up your own wedding and the odd history lesson.

I have enjoyed creative writing and public speaking since I was a schoolgirl and as well as “proper jobs” I’ve worked as a tour guide, sewing tutor and craft show presenter. For the last twenty years the universe has been pushing for me to become a celebrant as more than one funeral director gave me their card after I spoke at the funeral of a loved one. In the end, resistance was futile.

During a global pandemic was perhaps not the best time for a startup in the wedding industry but in times of crisis my patience, resilience and flexibility are given the chance to shine; and it is the BEST time in history to plan an elopement instead of a big-fat-wedding.

Celebrant Sally-Ann Thomas

Fun Facts

• I have taught dressmaking and quilting

• I also make hats which I wear to the races

• Most Sundays you’ll find me in the kitchen making everything from scratch

• Addicted to murder mysteries… I blame Scooby Doo.

Approach to Elopements

Intimate, simple and unplugged is my first love. For a small gathering you don’t need a huge PA system and your wedding will be a shared experience rather than a grand arena spectacular. A wedding should be remembered for how you felt, not how stressful it was or how long it took you to pay back the loan (imho).

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Photography credits: Bhavesh Bilakhia (Videonalbums) & Amber Pace (Social Media Photographers)


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