40 Amazing Elopement & Small Wedding Venues in Perth

Are you looking for wonderful elopement and small wedding venues in Perth? A venue in Perth that actually cater to elopements and micro weddings? Well, we have found some amazing venues that you have to check out.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is the fourth most populated state in Australia. Perth is a city with some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful scenic parks and a busy metropolis of bars, restaurants and an arts scene.

From our experience, we have found that couples that are having a small intimate wedding aren’t necessarily doing this because they to save money. They are doing it because they genuinely don’t like or want a large traditional wedding and all the traditions associated with it.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t want a beautiful wedding and that they aren’t prepared to spend money on it. Instead of spending $12,000 on a three-course alternate drop dinner and drinks for eighty people, they would rather spend that money on the most beautiful venue, with the best food and all the cocktails and fine wine they can drink. They will spend money on things that matter to them. And that means a small intimate and beautiful wedding.

So here is some advice for couples that are looking for their perfect elopement or small wedding venue. If you do find a venue that would be perfect for you and your vision but the venue thinks your numbers are too small…

  • Ask the venue what their minimum spend would be to have your wedding there. The minimum spend is the amount of money you need to spend with them in food, wine, decorations etc to make it profitable enough for them. It might not be as much as you think.
  • Consider having a weekday wedding. Venues would consider a weekday wedding a Monday to Thursday. As Friday weddings are getting to be just as popular as Saturdays. Venues may be more open to small weddings and elopements on a weekday as it is extra revenue and it still leaves their weekend open to a big large wedding that will probably spend more money with them.

Perth is a stunning place for an elopement and there are some awesome venues that will cater to small weddings. From 5-star resorts to trendy beach venues. The venue will set the mood and vibe for your whole wedding day. So we know what a huge decision it is for you.

Here is a list of some wonderful elopement and small wedding venues in Perth that will actually cater to a small wedding and give you the most perfect day.

 1. Cottesloe Beach Hotel

Address: 104 Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA

Photo courtesy of Cottesloe Beach Hotel

The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is a ideal venue to have a beautiful small wedding or elopement at. They can cater to huge events of up to 800 guests, but they do have smaller spaces which will give you the intimacy that a micro wedding may need.

They are in the perfect location on the beach and have stunning westerly views over the ocean where you and your guests can watch sunset. It is stylish, modern and sophisticated.

Within the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, they also have thirteen hotel rooms with panoramic views over Cottesloe Beach and Rotttnest Island. Some of the rooms also have their own private balconies.

There are a variety of spaces to choose from for your elopement or small wedding. The Deck & Whalebone rooms would be perfect for these smaller events.

2. Tsunami Mosman Park

Address: 18 Glyde St, Mosman Park WA 

Photo courtesy of Tsunami Mosman Park

You can have a fairytale wedding with lush green surroundings, under a roof full of twinkling fairy lights at Tsunami Mosman Park. This wedding venue is tucked away on the corner of Glyde and Ecclesborn Streets in Mosman Park and is a little Japanese oasis with everything you need for an intimate elopement or small wedding.

Drink sake and eat exceptional Japanese cuisine at the highly acclaimed venue and restaurant.

3. Kidogo Arthouse 

Address: Bathers Beach, Fremantle WA

Photo courtesy of Kidogo Arthouse

Located on the coast at Fremantle, in a stunning beachfront location on Bathers Beach, is Kingo Arthouse. It’s located in an 1884 heritage-listed building, the Old Kerosene Store and it is a unique space that hosts exhibitions, corporate functions, weddings and events.

4. Perth City Farm

Address: 1 City Farm Pl, East Perth WA

Photo courtesy of Perth City Farm

Perth City Farm is a magical, farm and historic barn venue that is located in Perth.

The beautiful property consists of a modern warehouse-style barn with whitewashed walls, terracotta-coloured flooring and high ceilings with exposed metal beams. This is the ultimate blank canvas for you to create an exquisitely styled wedding.

5. The Flour Factory 

Address: 16 Queen St, Perth WA

Photo courtesy of The Flour Factory

The Flour Factory is a three-story totally renovated mill with a rooftop bar. Located on Queen Street this historic venue is steeped in history dating back to the early 19th century where it started life as a flourmill.

This unique venue is perfect for a small wedding and there three different spaces to choose from.

6. Rambla on Swan

Address: Shop 39, 85 South Perth Esplanade, South Perth, WA

Website: ramblaonswan.com.au

The Rambla on Swan is a modern and funky restaurant and wedding venue that can host large wedding events but also some smaller elopements and weddings. There is a private dining room which gives you the privacy and intimacy that a smaller wedding needs. This award winning wedding venues has amazing views over the Swan River and the Perth Skyline and is the perfect location for a sophisticated and elegant small wedding.

7. The Raffles Hotel

Address: 70-72 Canning Beach Rd, Applecross WA 6153

Website: www.rafflesperth.com.au

The Raffles Hotel is a modern and scenic wedding venue, restaurant and bar, located on the banks of the stunning Swan River at Applecross in Perth. It features stunning function spaces over two levels and can cater to large and smaller weddings and elopements. The Kitson Room is an ideal space for an intimate wedding or elopement. It features a modern art deco interior, stunning views and amazing service. And a perfect small wedding venue in Perth.

8. Acqua Viva on the Swan 

Address: Broadway, Nedlands WA 6009

Website: www.acquaviva.com.au

Located on the jetty at the river end of Broadway in Nedlands is Acqua Viva on the Swan. This is a beautiful and elegant waterfront wedding venue that can accommodate large and small weddings. They have a lovely private dining room which is perfect for smaller more intimate wedding and elopements. The natural tones mixed with elegant Italian furnishings mean that you can style the space to suit your needs. And the amazing food and service will ensure a perfect experience for your event.

9. Coast Port Beach

Address: 42 Port Beach Rd, North Fremantle WA 6159

Website: coastportbeach.com

Located in North Fremantle, Coast Port Beach has some of the best panoramic views over the Indian Ocean of any small wedding venue in Perth. It is located right on the beachfront so you can easily have your marriage ceremony on the sandy beach then go into your reception for your dinner and party.

10. Belvoir Homestead

Address: 1177 Great Northern Hwy, Upper Swan WA 6069

Website: www.belvoir.net.au

Located in the Swan Valley, just half and hour from the Perth CBD is this gorgeous and historic Australian Federation homestead. Belvoir Homestead. It sits just at the base of the Darling Ranges and the property has stunning manicured gardens, tiered gardens, shady locations and a majestic tree lined road. Belvoir Homestead has so many beautiful photo locations and opportunities and this is a stunning place for a small wedding or elopement.

11. Rustique Swan Valley

12. The Vines Resort & Country Club

13. Hillarys Yacht Club

14. Caversham House

15. Crown Perth

16. Bib & Tucker

17. Lamonts Bishops House

18. Moore & Moore Cafe

19. The Bell Tower

20. The Guilford Hotel

21. The Breakwater Akoya Suite

22. Distribution Lane

23. Rottnest Island 

24. Ascot Racecourse 

25. Ambrose Estate

26. Oyster Bar 

27. City Beach

28. May Street Larder

29. Print Hall

30. Hadiqa

31. The Standard

32. Mister Walker

33. The George

34. Metro Bar & Bistro 

35. The Left Bank 

36. Core Cider House 

37. Matilda Bay Restaurant

38. Pagoda Resort & Spa

39. Darlington Estate Winery

40. Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough

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Best Time of Year for a Perth Elopement

Perth has one of the best climates in all Australia, especially for those people that love the outdoors. It is classed as a Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers and rainy and cold winters.

Summer (December to February) – Summers in Perth are hot but the heat is a dry heat with low humidity. Summer temperatures average around the 30°C but as it doesn’t have the humidity of states like Queenslands and NSW it is quite bearable for elopements if you just avoid the midday heat and sun. Afternoons have the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ which is an afternoon sea breeze that cool temperatures down.

Autumn (March to May) – Autumn is a lovely time for an elopement. Days are sunny and warm and evenings are cooler. They may be more rain and increased humidity.

Winter (June to August) – Unless you are planning an indoor elopement, it is best to avoid a winter elopement in Perth. It is much cooler and there is a lot more rain and storms. There is an average rainfall of 142mm in July, compared to just 10mm in December.

Spring (September to November) – Spring in Perth is considered Peak wedding and elopement season. And for very good reason. The days are beautiful and sunny but not too hot. With average day time temperatures of around 23°C. There is also very little rainfall.

As you can see, just from a climate point of view, the best time to have an elopement in Perth is in Spring. And the worst time to have an elopement in Perth is in Winter.

Just be aware that in Spring you will find that venues and locations book out a long way in advance. The top venues can book out 18 months to 2 years ahead of time. Which means that the top wedding and elopement vendors, including photographers, celebrates and stylists will also book out at least 12 months in advance. You will also be paying top price for everything.

So consider having your elopement during other seasons and just consider the weather for you and your guests. With Summer elopements you should provide some shade and drinks for you and your guests. And Winter, you should definitely have a wet-weather backup planned.

Why you should Elope to Perth

You don’t just have to have a large traditional wedding. You can have a small intimate elopement with just you and your very closest family and friends. Elopements are awesome! It is an amazing experience and a beautiful way to start your new life together.

Couples elope to Perth for a variety of reasons. Some people just hate weddings and some people simply can’t afford a big wedding. But there are so many better reasons why you should elope to Perth, and here are a few of them.

  • Get Married Sooner – You don’t have to wait a year or more to get married. You can get married in around 30 days legally. There is no good reason why you can’t start your new life together now.
  • Perth is Stunning – The city of Perth is an amazing place to have an elopement in. There is a large variety of small wedding venues and other outdoor locations where you can have your elopement at. Hire an awesome professional elopement photographer and you will get some timeless images of your day.
  • Escape the Stress – When you elope to Perth you give yourself the opportunity to escape all the stress that comes with organising a large traditional wedding. You have less people, less opinions, less logistics to manage and less food allergies to cater for. But eloping, you can also escape any family politics that every family has.
  • Intimate and Personal – Elopements are 100% more intimate and personal. Weddings can be a large staged event where you are the centre of attention and the stars of the show. It can be more of a show and less of an intimate and personal vow and commitment to each other.
  • Affordable – Elopements in Perth are definitely more affordable. Immediately but cutting your guest list down you save money. Which means you can put that money towards the best food, wine, cocktails, styling etc for your elopement. You can still have a fairytale elopement event and you will probably have money left over for a honeymoon as well.

Perth Small Wedding Venues

The top wedding venues in Perth can easily book out a year or more in advance. The fact is, you can legally get married in just over thirty days. And couples are routinely planning a wedding two years out so that they can get the wedding venue that they want. This is crazy!

By eloping, and in particular, if you elope on a weekday, it is so much easier to find a beautiful smaller more intimate wedding venue in Perth. It is definitely easier to organise and book a wedding for twenty people than is to do one for two hundred.

Intimate Wedding Venues Perth

There are so many couples that really don’t like weddings and they really don’t like the big traditional weddings. They are full of strange customs and traditions, and the truth is, most people really don’t know why they are doing them anyway.

Get married, but do it in a more intimate environment and do it your own way. Don’t do traditions that you don’t understand, in fact it is better if you start your own tradition.

One of the major reasons why I think you should choose an intimate wedding venue in Perth is so that you can really spend quality time with those people that are closest to you.

When you have a big traditional wedding, you will see the wedding couple trying their best to talk to everyone at the wedding. As a wedding couple, at a large wedding, you would be lucky to get five minutes of quality time with each guest at your own wedding. For example, if you had 120 guests at your wedding and you wanted to talk to each of them for just five minutes, you would need 10 hours to talk to everyone.

By eloping, and having just a small number of guests, you will be spending better quality time with these important people in your lives.

Elopement Venues Perth

If you love the outdoor lifestyle and venues in beautiful locations and surroundings, then Perth is a perfect location for your elopement or small wedding. There is a large variety of choice and styles to suit everyones taste.

If you are a wedding venue reading this and you think that small weddings aren’t profitable enough… well they can be. Couples will spend money on quality venues that look stunning, have world-class food and wine and that can give them an amazing experience. Can your larger space be transformed into a more intimate setting? Consider mid-week elopement and small wedding packages. And give smaller weddings the option if they can do a minimum spend.

Featured Elopement Vendors in Perth