Best Places to Elope Central Coast

Searching for an awesome location on the Central Coast for an intimate elopement? These are some of the best places to elope on the Central Coast, NSW.

The Central Coast region of New South Wales stretches all the way from Sydney up to Newcastle. The entire area is filled with National Parks and the whole coastline is full of beaches, bays and secluded cliff tops.

Elopements in the Central Coast will ensure you have an elopement that shows off the beauty of Australia. And the Central Coast is still so close to the major cities, like Sydney and Newcastle. The Central Coast is one of the best places to elope in New South Wales.

The highlights for me are threefold. The long stretches of beaches with barely anyone on them. The National Park with such a variety of scenery, from the thick Australian bushland, plunging waterfalls and rocky mountain lookouts. There is a huge variety of beautiful landscapes that are perfect for elopements and small intimate weddings.

Here is our list of the best places to elope on the Central Coast.

1. Bouddi National Park 

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Bouddi National Park is a beautiful coastal National Park, located towards the southern end of the Central Coast, near Killcare. with secluded beaches, epic coastal cliffs and a really scenic bush setting with lots of lookouts with amazing views.

It occupies a fairly large section of the hilly coastline. And the beauty of this is that there is some really scenic locations up and down the Bouddi National Park coastline. There is also a coastal walkway which leads to some secluded bays and beaches.

As with all elopements in National Parks, make sure you get a permit and leave no trace of your elopement on the environment. Some areas in Bouddi National Park that could be amazing for elopements include:

  • Putty Beach
  • The cliffs on the northern end of Putty Beach
  • Box Head
  • Tallow Beach
  • Clifftops between Tallow Beach and Little Tallow Beach
  • One of the hill tops along Hawke Head Drive
  • Maitland Bay
  • Bullimah Outlook

2. Somersby Falls 

Located less than an hour from Sydney, near Gosford is Somersby Falls. They are the best set of waterfalls on the Central Coast and one of the best in NSW.

Somersby Falls are part of the Brisbane Waters National Park and the waterfalls are really easy to access. It consists of two main sections of waterfalls. The top section closest to the carpark is the most impressive and has large rocky areas where you could have an elopement. But it is also the most popular.

The bottom waterfall is a little harder to get to. It is a pretty easy walk down some stairs, but the last section is steep and a little slippery. So it would not be suitable for little kids or the elderly. But the lower waterfall is lovely and the whole area at the bottom of the falls is very picturesque and great for photography.

As with all elopements in National Parks, make sure you get a permit and leave no trace of your elopement on the environment.

Our advice with this location is to choose an off-peak time for your elopement. Weekends, public holidays and school holidays are extremely busy at Somersby Falls. Try for an early morning or a weekday.

Our other tip is that the falls look best after some rainfall. During periods of drought, they can look less than impressive.

3. Lake Munmorah Conservation Area 

Lake Munmorah Conservation Area is part of National Parks NSW and is a pretty epic location for an elopement. This place has some of the most amazing clifftops on the east coast of Australia. There are also forests, woodlands, wetlands and rainforest and amazing beaches with barely anyone on them. And it is definitely one of the best places to elope on the Central Coast.

This place is a bit of a hidden gem, but it is becoming increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike. If you are thinking of eloping here, try for off-peak times and weekdays. I would avoid peak times during weekends or school holidays.

As with all elopements in National Parks, make sure you get a permit and leave no trace of your elopement on the environment. Some areas in Lake Monmorah Conservation Area that could be amazing for elopements include:

  • Snapper Point – A number of beautiful areas for a cliff top elopement.
  • Bongon Beach – Little bay type beach, that would be lovely for an elopement.
  • Frazer Beach – Beautiful beach, popular with families and surfers.
  • Wybung Head – Probably my personal favourite because of the epic cliffs and coastline.
  • Birdie Beach – Amazing stretch of beach that looks amazing towards sunset. There is a nudist section to the northern end of the beach, but the southern part is a normal clothed beach.

As with all elopements in National Parks, make sure you get a permit and leave no trace of your elopement on the environment.

4. Long Jetty

Long Jetty wedding

Imagine eloping at the very end of the longest jetty in New South Wales. At 351 metre long and, it is a pretty impressive sight. A Long Jetty elopement would be absolutely stunning, particularly if done at sunset, as the sun would set over the water.

This really, really long jetty is located in the aptly named Central Coast suburb of Long Jetty. Which is a suburb located just south of The Entrance. The beauty of this location is that there are a number of wonderful dining option, both at Long Jetty and The Entrance. And there is lots of local accommodation available as well.

5 – Avoca Beach

Avoca Beach elopement

Avoca Beach is a lovely, sleepy seaside town situated about ninety minutes from Sydney on the Central Coast of New South Wales. For couples who are after a scenic beachside elopement location that is away from the busy city beaches, it is the ideal elopement spot. There are plenty of wonderful luxury and affordable accommodation options and some excellent dining options.

The beach itself can be fairly busy but I really nice location for the ceremony is at “The Pine” Avoca Beach. Which is located just above the beach area near pine trees. The advantage here is that you will be in some shade, it is easier to stand on grass than it is on the sand and there will be fewer people.

You can also view a recent ‘real elopement’ feature of this beautiful Avoca beach elopement for more inspiration.

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