20 Best Perth Elopement Photographers

List of the Best Perth Elopement Photographers

Are you in Perth, WA and looking for the best Perth elopement photographers to photograph your elopement, small wedding or micro wedding? We have done the work for you and put together a list of some of the best elopement photographers in Perth.

Choosing the perfect elopement photographer for your small wedding is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make when planning your elopement. Your photographer may be the only photographic record of your small wedding. And many couples who elope use the photos to show family and friends what their day and elopement was like. 

This is the one vendor you don’t want to cut corners with. Choose a professional and choose someone whose work speaks to you. Someone whose photos make you laugh, cry and just go wow! 

These top Perth elopement photographers will often book out a year or two in advance. Especially on weekends and especially during the peak wedding season. Which in Perth is generally around Spring and Autumn. So don’t contact them four months out and ask for a Saturday in Spring and expect them to be available. And don’t expect them to book your elopement a year out on a Saturday if you are only wanting a couple of hours. They can’t afford to give up a full paying wedding.

So our advice is to find your dream photographer first before you set a date. And find out their availability first. Consider a weekday elopement because there are so many good reasons to have one. And consider booking your photographer for a full day so that they can document the entire day for you. Not just a couple of hours.

All these photographers have very different styles and will capture the day in very different ways. Some are candid and photojournalistic in style and will photograph your day with a hands-off approach. Some will prompt you or direct you so that they can capture stunning images. And some will use flash, drones and creative angles to create some of the most spectacular images. So have a good look at their work and look for the style that appeals to you. 

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best Perth elopement photographers that will capture every beautiful moment at your elopement, micro wedding or small wedding.

1 – Dennis Tan Creative

Perth Elopement Photographers

Dennis is an artistic Perth Elopement Photographer who also covers the South West and beyond. They say, ‘Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.’ Dennis probably has by hearted this quote! His pictures have emotions drooling all over! The best part about Dennis is that he believes in #loveislove and proudly supports the LGBT community.

He also believes in his unique ability to tell stories through his pictures. And loves capturing little mysteries and let the people fill it with their beautiful imagination! Of Course, your wedding pictures should speak about the beautiful moments that you have had, and so if you want those fairy tales captured, Denis is the one! Engagements, elopements, or weddings, he is believed to bring life to all! Keeping it contemporary and unfeigned is his working style, and his portfolio speaks volumes about his passion and sincere efforts.

2 – Kevin McGinn

Perth Elopement Photographers

With over 15 years of photography experience, Kevin Mcginn is a passionate and award-winning wedding & elopement photographer based in Perth. As he puts it, he is a documentary and a storyteller, and his wedding picture portfolio gives you a real adrenaline rush. Every picture communicates emotion and leaves you awestruck. Just like you pick your wedding photographer with care, he picks his moments with caution and knows precisely which chord to hit! Portraits, Still-life, pre-weddings, events, and beautiful candids, he covers everything you need. 

He is fun and easy to work with and an organised professional at the same time, not compromising on this quality of work. He knows what he is doing, and his eye for detail is unparalleled. He takes some detailed notes, and his experience knows the perfect locations and positions for you. And that is why we consider him one of the best elopement photographers in Perth.

3 – Wild Feathers Creative

Perth Elopement Photographers

Wild feathers creative is run by the duo Alex and Sophie, where Alex is the lead wedding & elopement photographer and videographer, and Sophie is the second shooter. The duo is based in Perth and Margaret River but is always willing to cover weddings all over Australia. They have fantastic teamwork and coordination and ace it whether it is film making, highlight videos, or wedding photography as per your requirement. Believing in the vibrance and energy of weddings, their pictures are beautiful enough to communicate those vibes and look no less than a dream. They like to keep it mostly ‘natural and non-intrusive,’ meaning you have to enjoy your big day and leave the rest on them!

Although Alex is a big-time fan of analogue cameras and old records, the duo uses state-of-the-art techniques to make their photographs look like a breath of fresh air and rightly call their signature work the latest and greatest!

4 – The Milestone Studio 

Perth Elopement Photographers

Tammie Miles and Emma Baker, the neighboring sister-in-law duo, runs the Milestone studio. As they put it, they want their clients to feel taken care of before, on, and after the big day. They also have other professionals in their team for creative direction, videography, etc.

Tammie is the main photographer. Her love for planning events eventually transformed into a love for photography when she realized the importance of preserving moments. She has ten years of experience in Human Resource and can handle all kinds of clients and situations well.

Emma is not only a photographer but a designer as well. Bachelor of Visual Arts is her background, and she puts all her creative touch in her work.

These two amazing women make sure they understand what the couple is hoping to get and then add their magic touch to deliver authentic photographs. Also, they make sure the whole process is fun!

5 – Zilia Creative

Perth Elopement Photographers

Zilia from Perth is another passion-driven wedding & elopement photographer who is always ready to capture love anywhere in Western Australia! She can be not only your wedding photographer but also a maternity and family picture photographer as things grow! Emotions have always inspired her pictures. The real moment is what she believes in. Her photography depicts a love affair with life!

She has completed her Diploma in Photo Media, Bachelor’s in Communication and has further honed her fine art skills in Budapest. She has been a recipient of a number of awards like the 2015 Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards, 2013 Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards, 2012 Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards in the Wedding Category. Moreover, she has also been featured in the Conde Nast’s Brides Magazines. So she is that award-winning and featured photographer you have been looking for! Her accomplishments and portfolio both speak about her professionalism, dedication, and distinctiveness.

6 – Amy Skinner Photography

Perth Elopement Photographers

Amy Skinner is fun to work with and a creative photographer who has her unique style of working. She will not capture those formal and boring group shots or just basics. She will instead keep the vibe of every moment alive in her pictures and tell you the story of your big day in her appealing way. She proudly calls her style Editorial-style wedding photography and Fine-art photojournalism. Vintage style photography also happens to be her favorite. Her sense of detail is impressive, and that has always kept her clients happy. You’ll feel that when you have a look at the client reviews.

Her portfolio looks dreamy and assures you that she is a wonderful storyteller. It’s your big day, and the story has to be worth the hype! So for all the couples in Perth, Amy is an awesome choice and one of the best elopement photographers in Perth.

7 – Carving A Giant

Carving A Giant Photography

Emanuel, aka Manny, has been covering weddings & elopements for five years. However, he has been a photographer for ten years. Since he wanted to be a rockstar and loves playing the guitar, he is always a ‘high-on-life’ type of person to be around. He wants his couples to look legendary, his parties to look savage, and he likes it raw! His pictures will never lose the essence of reality, and you’ll love how effortless and natural those look.

He calls himself the photographer for ‘rad to the bone lovers’ since he and his style is just too cool! He’s not the regular traditional photographer asking you to give some cliché poses. Candids and innate feelings are his styles, and his pictures give the young, wild, and free vibe. His typical couple are people who want to forget the rules and have their wedding or elopement their way.

8 – Mandy Bowler Photographer

Perth Elopement Photographers

Many of you like close intimate weddings, micro weddings, outdoor weddings, and of course elopements. Mandy specialises in such full of love weddings near Perth and South West and has been in this business for 13 years. So if the place is your backyard, winery, Lamonts Bishop house, some restaurant, Perth farm, etc., you know whom to contact. Mandy will make sure you get drop-dead gorgeous pictures! Also, she’s studying psychology. She has that poise, and her photography work feels relaxed. She is a proud supporter of same-sex and LGBQTI weddings. Usually, she takes only one wedding every weekend and focuses only on that.

Beautiful wedding portraits are her thing, and anyone in love can get portraits from her! She also has some digital packages for portraits. Simple, unadulterated beauty is what her pictures look like, and you crush over them in no time!

9 – Paul Winzar Photography

Paul Winzar is a man with an artistic background! He puts his artistic soul in his photographs and weaves magic unparalleled. He is an AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) Accredited Professional photographer delivering nothing but quality. 

Quality seems to be his only business plan, and he uses the best of equipment and materials not to miss any natural light pictures. Depth is what he seeks, and depth is what his pictures reflect.

He can be booked from Perth to Mandurah and the Dunsborough, Yallingup, and Margaret River areas and statewide. You can also get magazine style wedding albums from him without these being heavy on your pockets. He is fun to work with and has an informal approach, but he will make sure he captures those delicate moments with utmost perfection. He is the one if you are looking for a creative and artistic flavor in your pictures.

10 – Deray and Simcoe Photographers 

Diana DeRay and Amber Simcoe, two best friends turned professional wedding & elopement photography partners, have been making people nostalgic with their timeless pictures for more than 12 years. The purpose of their photography is to stir that emotion in your heart so that you relive the beautiful memory and do not stop smiling when you see those pictures! Whether you decide to celebrate your big day with a closed group or have a big fat wedding, the duo is flexible to cover them both! Because of their friendship and common interests, they make a strong team for delivering you nothing but the best.

That minimum brightness of the sky just before the night sets in, that is Diana and Amber’s favorite time and light to get some natural photos, and the pair is too patient to get it right. Relaxed and natural wedding & elopement photography is their specialty, and are one of the best Perth photographers around.

11 – Jason Soon

Perth Elopement Photographers

Jason Soon photography service in Perth is a great portrait and wedding photographer who has many years of experience in this field. He is running a boutique photography studio and is specialise in taking a photo of candid moments of everyone. Besides photography, he loves eating, travelling and playing golf game. He always aims to capture the enjoyment of loved ones, emotion and also unfold love. He has won a lot of wedding photography awards and one look at his portfolio will show you just how good his work is. At every wedding & elopement in Perth, he is capturing breathtaking, unique images that are creative and beautiful.

12 – IZO Photography

IZO Photography are wedding & elopement photographers in Perth who are also one of the most highly awarded photographers.

Jimmy and Shona are a husband and wife team that run IZO Photography. They love travel, their baby girl and weddings… but not necessarily in that order. And they love providing their couples with amazing images from their special day.

They have won numerous awards from the Australian Institite of Professional photography including silver and gold awards in the wedding photography category.

13 – David Biesse Photography

David Biesse is a Perth based professional wedding & elopement photographer who has more than 20 years of experience. In Western Australia, he is one of the top-rated wedding photographers and he provides services such as ad campaigns for magazines, editorial services for billboards & magazines, and also photographing weddings & elopements.

He is also a specialist in family sessions and lifestyle couple sessions photography. His focus is to capture the connection between couples which will keep the photos authentic and real. David is relaxed and really friendly and his goal is to capture the connection between a couple in a real and authentic way.

14 – Sebastian Merle Photography

For beautiful, creative, and natural documentary wedding & elopement photography, Sebastian Merle in Perth is a great choice. He takes brilliant wedding photos on every couple’s wedding and captures the memories of their lifetime. He is a specialist in taking unexpected and rawness of the heart soul photographs in the different moments of a wedding. Even though he is located in Perth, he is providing a wide range of wedding photography service not only in Perth but in different parts of Western Australia such as Margaret River, South West, and Busselton etc. He is also a great destination marriage photographer who has travelled a lot and documented several weddings. 

15 – Kirsty Russell Photography

When it comes to the fine art photography for your elopement or small wedding, then Kirsty Russell in Perth should be high up on your list if photographers to check out.

Kirsty Russell’s photographic style is completely unique, classic, authentic. Her fine art approach to wedding photography will give your images a timeless feel, while also capturing authentic moments. As a professional, she will capture the tiny little details of your day as well as the bigger picture.

She approaches the day with a fine art perspective, but also with a photojournalistic perspective. So you will get beautiful fine art style images that also have real moments and emotions in them. But hiring Kirsty, you will get beautifully documented works of art that will become a family treasure.

16 – Photography by Emma Pointon

Photography by Emma Pointon is one of the best wedding and elopement photographers in Perth with a style that is unique, quirky and fun.

Her candid wedding photography style ensures her couples have a really fun and happy day that is all about their wedding. Not all about doing a photo shoot. Her goal is to capture the connection of the couple and tell the story of the day with lots of fun and laughter. So if you are after a fun day, without all the posing, then Emma Pointon just might be the elopement photographer for you.

17 – Peter Edwards Photography

If you are searching for one of the most experienced wedding and elopement photographers, then Peter Edwards photography might be the photographer for you.

Peter is a professional wedding photographer with over twenty years of experience photographing weddings. He ensures each and every customer remembers a special wedding day for years to years. He combines specialised design and style in his photography in order to make the memorable images lasting for your lifetime. He has a team of wedding photographers to provide service in Perth and all other Western Australian areas to offer stunning wedding images.

18. Ingrid Kjelling Photography

Ingrid from Ingrid Kjelling photography is one of the top wedding and elopement photographer in Perth. She is all about natural, intimate and relaxed wedding photography. But photos that are also really fun and energetic and full of life and love.

Originally from Norway, Ingrid is a down to earth photographer who is adventurous and easy to get along with. She really cares about her couples and her goal is to exceed her couples expectations with her wonderful service and her amazing wedding photography skills. This is probably why couples who are also laidback and adventurous and drawn to Ingrid stunning wedding photography.

19. Adam Levi Browne Photography

Adam Levi Browne is a leading wedding & elopement photographer in Perth. He has a passion for wedding photography ever since he photographed his very first wedding.

He won a bunch of awards for emerging documentary photography and emerging wedding photography in the Capture Magazines. Adam also won a second-place award in the same magazine as the top emerging photographer of 2017.

Adam photographs elopements and weddings in a really relaxed and fun way. Which allows the day to run smoothly and naturally. He also loves to photograph couples in beautiful light so that you look your best. And he tried to capture these moments in a candid, journalistic approach.

20. Sarah Tonkin

Sarah Tonkin is a wedding & elopement photographer in Perth and she loves capturing photographs of the people who are crazy in love and aren’t afraid to show it.

She is an artist, a dreamer and a watcher. She feels emotions deeply and cries frequently, particlularly at weddings and elopements. Which is actually awesome if you are someone who is after real, authentic photos. Because you will get genuine moments, interactions and feelings. You won’t get poses that are not you and photos that don’t reflect you. You will get photos that will be you and your unique personalities.

Apart from authentic photos, you will get absolutely stunning images of art from Sarah that will be treasured for generations to come.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your perfect Perth elopement photographer is a huge step in your elopement journey. Other than the beautiful memories, the elopement photos may be the only things you have to remember your special day in years to come. 

So it is really important to choose a photographer whose work you really really love. Get the best photographer you can afford. And a photographer who would be fun to have around for the day.

So, make your elopement really special with one of the best Perth elopement photographers and have an amazing elopement!

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