Elopement Packages South Australia

South Australia Elopement Packages

Are you searching for elopement packages in South Australia (SA)? South Australia wedding vendors that have all-inclusive packages and prices for your elopement, small wedding or micro wedding? Then you have come to the right place! 

Eloping Australia is all about showing couples how awesome elopements are. Elopements are more personal and intimate and so different from a big wedding and all the traditions associated with it.

Victoria is such an amazing and beautiful state and region. South Australia has a huge variety of landscapes and locations that are amazing for elopements. 

These wonderful professionals in South Australia provide elopement packages and prices and we have also included elopement planners because often the two jobs are often intertwined.

Elopement Package

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All-inclusive package, celebrant, photographer, video, musician. Dream, Create, Elope!

Deciding on an elopement package in South Australia can be quite a really cost-effective and very handy way of planning and organising your elopement. An elopement package will usually consist of several things. Thus if planning an elopement may seem like a lot of effort, or perhaps you simply would like to allow it to be easier for oneself, then an elopement package in South Australia just may be the excellent option for you.

Eloping, generally speaking, is a far more inexpensive way to get married compared to a traditional wedding. Weddings are an extremely expensive way to get committed, with the common cost of a wedding these day time getting around $36,000. By eloping, you might be immediately saving some funds. But there are so many good reasons to elope. It’s not just about saving cash. It’s all about the overall experience and producing a day that is more about the two of you committing your lives to each other.

So what is an Elopement Package?

Elopement packages are a variety of elopement professional services or products all combined collectively under the one package. Helping to make getting married a really simple and convenient way of doing it. Elopement packages normally add a celebrant, photographer. But numerous other services and products could be included such as your hair & makeup, flowers as well as a videographer.

An elopement package does vendor research for you. You don’t need to go out and find the vendors to your elopement. You just need to turn up and have an awesome time at your elopement.

Precisely what is an Elopement?

The term ‘elopement’ has a really old-fashioned meaning that has changed so much in the past five or ten years. If you asked your Grandparents or even maybe your parents they might tell you that it is when you run off secretly and get married without anyone knowing. There is a negative association that is often linked to parents not approving of partners. 

Which is not what it defined as anymore. Our definition of an elopement is:

“An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you.”

We see elopements as the two of you with some of your closest family and friends. Your people. Those who are important in your life. It may be just the two of you, however, it doesn’t need to be. The number of individuals might be on your elopement is up for discussion, but we see it around 20 guests.

We see a micro wedding, tiny wedding or small wedding as the two of you and around 40 guests.

There is not any wrong or right way to do it. But elopements and small weddings tend to be more about the two of you making this beautiful commitment to each other, as opposed to a wedding where it is more of a show and event in front of a couple of hundred people.

Why Should You Choose an Elopement Package?

There are some really significant reasons you might look at an elopement package in South Australia (SA). Firstly you have the potential money saving side and the secondary reason has to do with the convenience.

The potential money you could save with an elopement package can’t be overlooked. It is significantly cheaper to elope than it is to have a large more traditional South Australian wedding. That should go without saying.

As an example, let’s say you do have a relatively small wedding in South Australia for about 100 people. And you also are having to pay a mid-range price of $150 per person. It could easily be much more, or it could be much less. That is $15,000 straight away! And that is just for a standard dinner and drinks for you and your wedding guests. Without having your wedding styled and decorated and excludes things like the wedding cake etc And let’s be honest, half those visitors you don’t really know or don’t know that well. The +1’s, partners and family members you never see.

Not lets image you might be having a little elopement with just 20 guests You get an elopement package that included the location, ceremony, photo locations and a small dinner onsite. Because you have already saved so much money by downsizing your wedding, you decide to upgrade everything to the very best. A seven-course degustation menu, excellent wines, cocktails for everyone and the place is full decked out with floral and other styling. And let us say you pay $300 per head. That is just $6,000 and you have created the most amazing experience and dinner for you and your guests. These dollar amounts are just guesses, but you see what I am getting at. I know which one sounds the best option to me.

The next main reason you might like to opt for an elopement package is merely for convenience. These great professionals who develop elopement packages, know exactly how to produce gorgeous elopements and they really know what couples want. They get all of the greatest vendors in the region and put them all together to create an awesome elopement package. This makes it really easy for couples.

Frequently the one thing several really has to do is tick a form on the internet, pay a deposit and have a talk to their celebrant. These elopement packages make it so simple for couples to have elopement and just throw away any anxiety or stress that often comes with planning a wedding or elopement.

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages South Australia

Elopement packages in South Australia normally include the basics required for an elopement. Some packages can include lots of services and some have just the minimum. So read the packages carefully so you know exactly what you are getting. I also believe that is very important to have a good look at the actual vendors that are using. As with every service you purchase, do a little investigating and find out a little bit more them. Read their online reviews, look through their website and their Instagram page.

Elopement packages SA might include things such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Ceremony
  • Marriage celebrant
  • Hair & make up
  • Photo
  • Video
  • planner/coordinator
  • Florals and bouquet
  • Styling
  • Musicians
  • Locations for photos
  • Food & drinks
  • Wedding cake
  • Transport
  • Dinner

Elopement packages that are all-inclusive are often organised and owned by one wedding & elopement supplier. They could be:


It could be run by the wedding venue or even a restaurant or accommodation venue. They have got the venue and then select a few of their favourite providers to work with them. Ensure you love the venue and check out their vendors and make certain you really like their work as well. This can be the best way to elope at an awesome destination with great inclusions.

Please note that venue run elopement packages often only offer weekday elopements. This is because their main work happen on weekends and then need to keep those days free so that they remain in business and keep being profitable. Weekday elopements are awesome and there are a lot of reasons why you should consider one.


Celebrants frequently run elopement collectives and may have elopement packages and micro wedding packages designed for their couples. A celebrant is the only vendor you really need, so it makes a lot of sense that you choose a package run by a celebrant.

Good marriage celebrants have also officiated hundreds of weddings and elopements and know a lot of people from the industry that is weddings. They also have extensively travelled around their city or state and are know many stunning and sometimes totally free locations where you may get married. Many can organise a photographer, flowers and a good location for your ceremony. As usual, make sure you are like the vendors that are being used.


There are numerous photographers who run elopement collectives or that offer elopement packages. They do not have the venue and can’t legally marry you, but are possibly one of the most significant elopement suppliers that you can choose.

They are the one provider that sees all the other vendors in action. They have photographed hundreds of weddings so they know the best people in the industry. So choosing a photographer based elopement package is a great idea. Particualrly if you love and appreciate great photography. Take their advice and use their experience to get beautiful elopment photos.


Stylist & decorator manage elopement companies often have elopement packages simply because they can create probably the most visually spectacular elopements conceivable. Additionally, they can really show couples what is possible, even if its just the two of you eloping.

They have a creative and visual eye for detail, so they know who the good photographer are and they have many connections in the industry. They are a fantastic option for elopement packages in Victoria.

Inexpensive Elopement Packages South Australia

Elopement packages in Australia can be a really affordable way of getting married. By bundling services all into the one package, it will save you yourself time and lots of cash.

We all know that traditional weddings in South Australia are damn expensive. They can be stressful to plan and can take years to organise. By eloping and selecting an elopement package, you may plan and organise your elopement faster and save yourself financially.

By saving yourself some funds with elopement packages, you give yourself options to put that cash in other areas. Sometimes on your own elopement or somewhere else in your life. It could be by purchasing the most amazing wedding dress, adding on extra nights at your luxury accommodation, getting a bigger diamond, fully styling your elopement to make it a fairytale. Or you could put that money towards a Paris honeymoon or deposit for a home. By saving some money with elopement packages vic you give yoruself more options in life generally.

How to Choose an Elopement Package

Selecting the best elopement package can be a difficult project. For those eloping then this might be one of the greatest decisions you must make. It will influence your whole elopement experience. Many people just elope down at the local marriage registry office, but there are so many better options available to you and elopement packages in South Australia make the whole process really easy. So where do you start…

Talk about your elopement ideas

The initial thing you need to do is just imagine what you would like your elopement to look like. It’s not great if someone if one of you was thinking of eloping in your backyard, while the other wanted to fly off to another state and elope.

So have a ‘date night’ and and talk about your ideas together. Get on the same page for your elopement and share the same vision. You have to plan it together. Don’t just say “Yes dear… whatever you want dear…” You are starting you life together, so start it in the right way.

What are your hobbies and passions in life? Can you incorporate these into you elopement? Are there places or locations that have a deep personal meaning to either of you? Think about the type of climate that you both love. Do you have an unofficial ‘bucket list’? Can you combine your honeymoon destination with your elopement?

Elopement Scenery

What sort of scenery and location do you both want for your elopement? Think about what you both love.

Do you love the city? A rooftop elopement looking over a cityscape backdrop. Combined with a walk throughout the city streets and ending the night with a gorgeous evening meal overlooking the harbour.

Do you love the country? Eloping with rolling green hills in the background. Cows, sheep and long grass all around you. Have your photos exploring old barns and rivers. Finishing the day next to a roaring fire with a private chief cook preparing delicious food for you.

Do you love the beach? Get hitched inside a private oceanside villa with modern facilities along with your personal heated pool. Photos around the beach and on the nearby clifftops. Ending the day with your family and friends having dinner out around the poolside deck.

Let your creative imagination go wild.

Look for elopement packages at these locations

When you have decided upon the scene that you might want, begin looking online for packages and the people who supply these elopement packages at these locations.

Hopefully you have an idea of the state and regions you need to explore for these elopement packages.

Do your online research. Look at their sites, see how they operate, read through reviews and check out their social media profiles.

Get prices and research the vendors used

When you have narrowed down your choices, speak to them and get their elopement package prices. Find out the exact price and work out what is included.

In addition, I believe that it is important to consider who their elopement vendors are. Particularly the venue, celebrant and photographer. These three key suppliers that can majorly affect your elopement experence.

You’ve probably heard stories from your family or friends who have eloped to some far-flung destination. Only to find that nothing was how they thought it was going to be. The celebrant was terrible, the photographer was terrible and the venue was terrible. So do you research and if prices are too good to be true, there is probably a good reason.


I truly wish that this has opened your eyes to the benefits of elopement packages in South Australia. Eloping definitely one of the best ways a couple can get married. It is far more personal and the whole day become more about the two of you having an amazing expereince together.

Elopement packages in South Australia get some of the main elopement vendors all in the one and affordable package. It makes it so easy for you as a couple. So check out our elopement packages and planners that we have here and have fun planning.