30 Best Sydney Elopement Photographers – Updated for 2021

List of the Best Sydney Elopement Photographers – Updated for 2021

Are you located in Sydney, NSW and looking for the best Sydney elopement photographers to capture your small wedding, micro wedding or elopement? Well, you don’t need to look any further. We have done the research for you and put together a list of some of the best wedding and elopement photographers in Sydney.

Choosing the perfect elopement photographer for your small wedding is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make when planning your elopement. Your photographer may be the only photographic record of your small wedding. And many couples who elope use the photos to show family and friends what their day and elopement was like.

This is the one vendor you don’t want to cut corners with. Choose a professional and choose someone whose work speaks to you. Someone whose photos make you laugh, cry and just go wow!

These top Sydney elopement photographers will often book out a year or two in advance. Especially on weekends and especially during the peak wedding season. Which in Sydney is generally around Spring and Autumn. So don’t contact them four months out and ask for a Saturday in Spring and expect them to be available. And don’t expect them to book your elopement a year out on a Saturday if you are only wanting a few hours. They can’t afford to give up a full paying wedding.

So our advice is to find your dream photographer first, before you set a date. And find out their availability first. Consider a weekday elopement because there are so many good reasons to have one. And consider booking your photographer for a full day so that they can document the entire day for you. Not just a couple of hours.

All these photographers have very different styles and will capture the day in very different ways. Some are candid and photojournalistic in style and will photograph your day with a hands-off approach. Some will prompt you or direct you so that they can capture stunning images. And some will use flash, drones and creative angles to create some of the most spectacular images. So have a good look at their work and look for the style that appeals to you.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best Sydney elopement photographers that will capture every detail and moment at your elopement or small wedding.

1. The Runaway Hearts

Whimsical, colourful, nostalgic and just gorgeous!!! Is how I would describe the artistic talents of Kara Riley from The Runaway Hearts. A Sydney based wedding and elopement photographer & videographer.

The Runaway Hearts was started by Kara after years of working as a fashion photographer. She loved capturing people and particularly loved to capture couples on one of the happiest days of their lives. And if you look through her work you will see that she photographs weddings in a very non-traditional and organic way. The photos she takes really tells the story of how the wedding actually felt. They are totally in the moment and you can feel the emotion, the laughter, the tears, the tension and the love in her images! There is also a real ‘art’ aspect to her photos. Many of her images are like works of art, which I think comes from her fashion and film background. Her ‘double exposures’ like the photo above, are stunning pieces of art.

She is also one of the few wedding & elopement photographers that uses a combination of film and digital photography. She actually specialises in analogue film photography. The photos are taken with a film camera and then scanned digitally, so you still get a high-resolution image. But with the unique feel and look of film. Kara also offers vintage style Super 8mm video at weddings and elopements.

So if you are looking for a fun elopement photographer who does dreamy, colourful and artistic photos without posing you, then you should check out The Runaway Hearts.

2. Jack Chauvel Photography

Jack Chauvel is one of the best wedding and elopement photographers in Sydney. He has a passion for landscapes, travel and tell the true story of a couples wedding day.

He grew up in a house full of art and photographs. It will not be an overstatement to say that the desire to getting into photography was instilled by his father right at his young age. His parents have a great interest in travelling. So, they explored places as a family, where his father captured many family moments. His favourite thing about photography is his ability to create something from nothing.

Many couples expressed that he never fails to capture moments and light in a unique way and perspective. He specialises in capturing natural environment and landscapes. He documents weddings bringing techniques and styles that he loves the most in photography. Not just local weddings, this Sydney photographer travels around Australia and has handled destinations weddings in Fiji, Italy, Iceland, England, Scotland, Italy, Bali and Hong Kong as well. 

3. Alice Mahran

Alice Mahran has been capturing weddings for nearly a decade now and has a classic editorial feel to her images. Her images tell the story of the day, capturing the beauty of the location and the couple with her sensitive and classic style.

She has one of the most stunning wedding portfolios in the industry and has captured weddings in the most beautiful places on earth. Alice is often commissioned by big brands to photograph their products and events and her work has been featured and published by Vogue, Bazaar, ELLE and Sony Music. Alice is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s top elopement photographers.

4. Zoe Morley Photography

Zoe Morley is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Sydney. She has been a photographer for fifteen years and a full-time wedding photographer for eight years.

Her photography style focuses on her ability to capture the smallest moment and the most intimate interactions with her documentary and creative skills. Her goal is to tell the story of the day as unobtrusively as possible but still give couples some really creative photography.

Zoe has always been drawn to the process of telling stories with her camera. Her passion for documentary photography started during her teen years when she was just 15 years old with an old Minolta film camera. Now, more than 17 years later, she has photographed hundreds of weddings and also raised more than 100K through her photography and exhibitions for HIV/AIDS orphans in South Africa.

She is an amazing photographer who would be perfect for you elopement or small wedding in Sydney.

5. Two Peaches Photography

Among the elopement photographers in Sydney, this studio offers wedding photography and cinematography coverage not just in Sydney, but also in Melbourne and other areas of Australia. The team even specialises in handling destination weddings.

Two Peaches Photography holds the pride of being an industry-recognised team of cinematographers and wedding photographers in Sydney. In many wedding blogs and even many industry experts have identified this studio in Sydney as one of the top 10 wedding studios in Sydney. This team encompasses dedicated professionals, who are passionate about weddings to bring the best moments for couples.

6. Rachel Gutierrez Photography

Rachel Gutierrez Photography is a wedding and elopement photographer, located in Sydney that thoughtfully curates personalised love stories for her couples.

She captures beautiful moments at weddings for couples and she believes that every wedding and every couple has a different story to tell. Rachel has spent the last fifteen year developing and fine-tuning her photography skills and has captured these wonderful memories for over a thousand couples.

As one of Sydney’s best wedding and elopement photographers, Rachel loves the fast pace, the beautiful details and the raw emotions that you get from weddings and elopements and is a wonderful choice for your small wedding or elopement. Rachel’s beautiful work, Avoca Beach Elopement, has also been featured on our website.

7. Dan Luke Photography

Dan Luke is a husband and wife, multi-award-winning wedding portrait and elopement photography team, based in Sydney. He is a proud member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the World Elite Photographers (WEP) so you know you are getting a true professional photographer.

If you are looking for the best elopement photographers in Sydney, Dan and his team can help. His goal is to capture the love and the emotion of your wedding day. He shoots from the heart and absolutely loves what he does.

Dan Luke Photography aims to make the day fun and relaxed and just a really happy experience for everyone. He will create lasting memories and tell the love story of your wedding or elopement.

8. Clover Image

Clover Image holds the pride of being one among the top Sydney wedding and elopement photographers. This studio is led by Aries Tao, a creative director and an executive photographer. Renowned for its fine art style wedding capturing, Clover Image is a photographic leader in Sydney wedding photography after having been established in 2012. The team has won more than 160 awards in many international photography competitions. And they aim to capture the memorable moments in a well-managed posing, attractive lighting and perfect structure. The team always aims at adding something different to make the wedding day so special. In addition to competing with wedding photographers in Sydney, the team also handles destination weddings and pre-wedding shoots.

9. de lumière Photography

De lumière always believes in capturing candid natural wedding moments that the couple can cherish forever. The studio is lead by Sarah who has over twenty years in the photographic and graphic arts industries. So you know your wedding is in great hands. Even though this studio is based in Sydney, the team loves destination weddings too.

The team follows the practice of blending into the wedding crowd of couples. In turn, they want the couple to feel at ease and they can pay attention to every precious moment in their big day as against posing for photos. With expertise in capturing moments as they happen at the wedding, this studio has won the hearts of many wedding couples and is one of the top wedding and elopement photographers in Sydney.

10. Rolling Canvas

Rolling Canvas believes in bringing timeless wedding cinematography and photography with a team of professional wedding photographers.

Rolling Canvas has a small team of creative photographers and filmmakers, who ensure the best wedding photography and videography in Sydney and beyond naturally for couples. They are a boutique studio with a commitment to taking a restricted number of weddings every season. In turn, the team wishes to ensure that couples can be provided with an experience that they can remember for a lifetime. Rolling Canvas also specialise in cultural weddings, especially Indian weddings.

11. Pepper Image

As one of the top Sydney elopement & wedding photographers in Sydney, Pepper Image has more than 15 years of experience. The team is lead by principal photographer Robert Wen who knows very well what couples look for from a wedding photographer.

This is why many renowned magazines have featured Pepper Image. The affordability in pricing is another major thing that makes Pepper Image stand out. The creative and innovative team from Pepper Image works alongside the couple to capture the natural and precious moments at the wedding. Be it a loving glance, a gentle touch, a teardrop or a laugh every precious moment counts and is professionally captured.

12. DC Images

Established in 1996, DC Images is run by Dale Casey, a multi-award-winning wedding photography studio in Sydney. He has photographed over seven hundred and fifty weddings and has won numerous wedding and photography awards for his work.

Dale is an extremely experienced photographer who will ensure you get the best photos possible for your elopement or small wedding. He will capture the stories of loved-up couples and happy families in naturally-snapped, honest and creative film clips and photographs. With over twenty years of experience, you can almost guarantee wedding couples the best photos and the best wedding day ever.

13. The Mood Lab Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Mood Lab Fine Art Wedding Photography Studio is run by a team of a passionate and fun team of wedding & elopement photographers Sydney. The team has been documenting engagements and weddings all across Australia.

The elopement and wedding photographers in this team love incredible scenery and natural lighting to capture the best moments of couples. The approach of this team brings together fine-art and documentary styles.  In turn, they are able to create images that tell the story of couples with deeper meanings. The team creates artistic heirlooms and timeless pictures for couples and their loved ones. They capture natural and candid moments in the wedding that the couples can cherish forever.

14. Fame Park Studios

sydney elopement photographers

Fame Park Studios blends the most familiar candid and natural wedding photography style. Along with these two, the team also blends them with traditionally posed shots.

The team uses videography and photography as a channel of storytelling for capturing the epic moments at any wedding or elopement. In turn, couples can expect a generous selection of stunning footages and photos that covers their special day with a combination of vibrant colours. Fame Park Studios covers both in Victoria and New South Wales and is influenced by a unique combination of elegant documentary and fine art portraiture to create the best wedding and elopement photos for couples.

15. Across the Forest

sydney elopement photographers

Across the Forest are a husband and wife duo with a wedding photography style that focusses on real moments. They want to photograph the story and the magic that every couple has, without interruption. They are award-winning Sydney elopement photographers who capture amazing moments without any fake smiles and poses. The team has been capturing wedding for more than a decade now. Anton Kross is a professional wedding photographer, who captures candid and beautiful pictures of amazing couples. Raya, the second shooter in this team is a watercolour artist creating one-of-a-kind illustrations. They are originally from Russia but have escaped their cold winters and traded them for the warmer and sunnier Australian climate.

16. Photographer Pete

sydney elopement photographers

Pete is the founder and the wedding photographer at Photographer Pete Studio that operates from Beacon Hill on Northern Beaches of Sydney. He is a candid wedding and elopement photographer, who can capture any wedding organically and naturally.

He believes that couples will feel ease when they are captured by a photographer, who is easy to get along. Pete is a really friendly and easy-going guy who loves a laugh and who you will have a great time on your wedding day.

His life in photography started when he was 18. He was a nightclub photographer, music festival photographer and then a professional wedding photographer.

17. Kevin Lue Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Kevin Lue in addition to being a camera nerd is also a photojournalist, graphic designer and an artist. He took up photography as a profession in 2009. He is a person, who can quickly get along with anyone and shows utmost interest in capturing real people and real stories. Kevin loves capturing stories that truly reflect the nature of the couple without anything posed or fake. At the end of every wedding for which he is hired as a wedding and elopement photographer, he delivers a real and beautiful storyboard that the couples can cherish forever. 

18. Yamina Nadine Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Yasmine Nadine believes in reportage wedding photography. It means that she always wishes to follow an unobtrusive and relaxed style without any awkward posing of couples. She always makes sure that the photos that she captures deliver the real and authentic wedding story.

Yasmine photographs intimate elopements and small weddings, to traditionally large weddings and she has the experience of capturing different weddings from all over the world. She has also captured many different religious weddings like Chinese, Islamic, Jewish and Hindu celebrations. Apart from wedding photography, she specialises in capturing the most precious moments of births as well.

19. Deb Boots Love Stories

sydney elopement photographers

Deb Boots is a Sydney-based wedding and elopement photographer who photographs meaningful, relaxed and modern wedding photography. She loves to tell the story of the day and gives couples gentle direction when needed.

She is a self-taught wedding photographer who has learnt everything she needs through workshops, seminars, conferences and online. Creative industries is what Deb has always been involved in, but capturing couples is where her heart lies. Deb has beeen a full-time professional wedding photographer since 2009 and is a perfect choice for your wedding or elopement.

20. Elias Pap Photography

Elias Pap and team believe that wedding photography should not just capture the beauty, but also should create images that perfectly showcase the love story. So, the team breathes and lives photography and is proud to offer the service of the best wedding and elopement photographers in Sydney.

The unique style of photojournalism that this team follows, captures nothing but honest, raw and pure emotions. In turn, couples can expect sophisticated, fresh and modern images that they can treasure for their entire life. This is why this team holds the pride of being the home for award-winning wedding photographers. 

21. Samantha Ohlsen Photography

Samantha Ohlsen Sydney wedding and elopement photographer who is committed to capturing real photos that showcase the way couples feel on their wedding day. She captures the romantic story of a couple and also records the emotion and fun of the day. She also captures engagements and family pictures to help clients cherish the moments for several decades to come and even to the next generations.

22 – Oliversmithphoto

sydney elopement photographers

Oliver Smith Photo is all about elegant and relaxed wedding and elopement photography.

Oliver started photography when he was just 13. He did it using an old rangefinder camera that he got as a gift from his father. Right on his first days into photography at 13, he went to Tasmania and exhausted all the film rolls on a single day. His love of photography has grown since then as he went on to study at a university, he spent most of his spare time filming commercial work and photography.

He specialises in following a photo-journalist, documentary and elegant approach to wedding photography. Among the other wedding & elopement photographers in Sydney, he believes that true beauty lies in capturing the meaningful and honest moments in a wedding. He always follows an all-natural approach without requesting any poses from the couples. He also believes that there should not be any intrusion in the intimacy in the joy of a wedding day.

23. Sonja Cenic Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Sonja is a Sydney wedding & elopment photographer with a documentary and emotive style.

In addition to being a photographer, she is a traveller, dreamer, a night owl and an animal lover. Before she decided to follow her dream as a full-time photographer, she was a lawyer. Apart from wedding photography, she shoots travel and her work was once featured in a couple of international magazines as well. In 2019, she was named by the Capture Magazine as one of the top 20 emerging wedding photographers in Australia.

She believes in classic, timeless and romantic approach in wedding photography. So, these elements will be present in the photos she captures. She focuses on unscripted, fleeting moments and on all the details that create the whole story of a wedding day.

24. Gold Hat Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Gold Hat Photography has the expertise in natural wedding photography with attention to capturing raw emotions and real moments not just artistically but also candidly.

Gold Hat Photography photographs elopements and weddings in Sydney but also in Byron Bay, Gold Coast and beyond. Mark, the photographer in Gold Hat Photography is not interested in staging anything for the photos and will not interfere in the flow of the day. He specialises in candid wedding photography as this style of photography is the best way to capture real genuine moments on your wedding day.

Mark captures the best wedding moments not just in Australia, but also across the world. He believes that no other day is filled with so much love, tears and laughter than the wedding day on the life of any couple. And he has been published in many wedding blogs and publications.

25. Front Row Photo

sydney elopement photographers

Front Row Photography is proud to call themselves as storytellers. The reason is that the team of wedding & elopement photographers here create videos and images that are not just attractive to look but also tell a story.

The team follows a personal approach to wedding photography. The team stays with the couple from moment to moment on the wedding day capturing the story as it unfolds. The photos captured by this team tells the story through those fleeting details, tears, smiles and looks on the life’s special day for any couple. The photographers at Front Row have mastered the art of bringing together special moments so that the pictures are captured naturally and not forced.

26. Images by Kevin

sydney elopement photographers

Capturing weddings & elopements honestly and beautifully is what Images by Kevin is all about. Kevin is not interested in telling couples how their wedding should look at. But, he believes in hearing from the couples how they want it to feel. Once this communication is passed on to Kevin, the couples can stay relaxed about capturing the great moments on the wedding day.

He promises the couples that he will be present on the wedding day to capture every candid moment with exquisite detail right from the first teardrop at the wedding to the final howl of joy on the day. He has been capturing all the crazy, beautiful and brilliant moments that make up any wedding for many years now and is a great choice for a Sydney elopement photographer.

27. We Are Origami

sydney elopement photographers

David Duong, the photographer and the founder of We are Origami believes that each story in a wedding is unique and comes in different shapes and sizes. This is where the name and the concept of Origami originated.

Another aspect of David’s photography is the fact that he captures the day in a combination of digital and film photography. When you look at his photos you can actually see the colour, grain and unique look that film photos give you. Many photographers try to emulate it, but it never looks the same.

David also believes that it is not just about his talent when capturing the moments, but it is about trust. He has close to ten years experience and a professional photographer and his friendly style, fun and easygoing nature make it easy for him to fit into any wedding or elopement celebration.

28. Love is Light

sydney elopement photographers

Love is Light was established by Brendan, a Sydney-based wedding photographer. For nearly three decades, he has been practising as a professional photographer. Also, he had been an artist for his entire life. This means that curiosity and creativity run in his blood and come through his photography.

He believes that photography is the best way to meet new people and explore the world. Over these years, he has developed a varied skill set to adapt to any wedding scene. In addition to being a creative problem-solver, many of his clients feel that he maintains his calmness under pressure. He enjoys capturing authentic emotions during weddings.

29. At Dusk Photography

sydney elopement photographers

At Dusk wedding photography is run by one of Sydney’s best wedding and elopement photographers, Chris Prestidge. They offer candid, natural and beautiful wedding photography all over Sydney and are based in Bondi Beach.

They are a creative studio that has been in the wedding industry for over ten years. And they love photographing all kinds of weddings, from the big to the small and from all different cultures and backgrounds.

They want to tell the story of your elopement or wedding day, make you feel comfortable and have an amazing time!

30. Gemma Clarke Photography

sydney elopement photographers

Gemma Clarke is one of the few professional wedding photographers who specialise in only small weddings and elopements. She only takes on weddings that are less than 75 guests.

She has a passion to capture the unique connection couples have. And prides herself in documenting those in-between moments… the tears, the hugs and the gentle signs of affection. Gemma has been a professional wedding photographer for over ten years and has photographed over three hundred weddings and this includes over twenty-five international weddings. She is a highly awarded AIPP photographer and without a doubt, one of the best elopement photographers in Sydney.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your perfect Sydney elopement photographer is a huge step in your elopement journey. Other than the beautiful memories, the elopement photos may be the only things you have to remember your special day in years to come.

So it is really important to choose a photographer whose work you really really love. Get the best photographer you can afford. And a photographer who would be fun to have around for the day.

So, make your elopement really special with one of the best Sydney elopement photographers and have an amazing elopement!

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