12 Amazing Elopement Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

List of 12 Best Elopement Marriage Celebrants in Sydney – 2022

Are you eloping in Sydney and looking for an amazing Marriage Celebrant? Well, you have come to the right place. We have searched hundreds of celebrants and found some of the very best in Sydney marriage celebrants that you should check out.

Choosing a celebrant for your elopement or small wedding is one of the most important decisions you have to make. You need one legally so that your marriage is legal for the government of Australia. But a marriage celebrant for your elopement should be so much more than just the legals.

Eloping is all about getting married and having a day that is all about you. You are making a legal but also spiritual and emotional commitment to each other. It should be intimate and personal and the marriage ceremony should be a reflection of this.

So here is some advice for couples that are looking for a Brisbane marriage celebrant for their elopement…

  • Choose an awesome Sydney marriage celebrant. Don’t get just anyone and don’t just get the cheapest person. Pay for the person really you want. Get a professional with good experience. I have personally seen hundreds of weddings and there is a huge difference in the quality of celebrants and the ceremonies they perform.
  • Make sure your personalities and styles gel. Celebrants have different personalities and different styles of delivering a marriage ceremony. So it is important to choose someone whose vision and style matches with yours. If you want a romantic, intimate ceremony then you shouldn’t be choosing someone who puts on a big show and cracks jokes. And vise versa.
  • Do your research. Carefully look through their website and socials and see who might fit you best. Watch videos of their ceremonies. That is one of the best ways to see what they are like in action. And then have a chat to them.
  • Get referrals. Choosing a celebrant is hard, so getting a referral from someone who has used them or seen them in action is a great place to start. Ask friends and ask your wedding photographer on who they recommend. Your photographer is the only wedding vendor that actually witnesses every wedding ceremony. They know who the awesome celebrants are. And they also know who you should avoid.
  • Personalise your ceremony. Don’t have a “just the legals” ceremony. Those ceremonies can be over in two minutes. You might as well go down to the registry and sign some papers. Write your own vows and make a personal commitment to each other about your future together. And choose a celebrant that will personalise your ceremony. A bad ceremony, in my opinion, is when a celebrant reads a couple of passages about what marriage is and then does the legals. Maybe this is what the couple wants… but this is not personalised. It is boring and lazy. A personalised ceremony is when a celebrant gets some personal information from the two of you and puts it together into a ceremony. They walk you through all the reasons why you love this person, where you have come from and where you are going together. Hearing your story and then making a commitment to each other is one of the most heartfelt ways of starting your lives together.

So hopefully these points can give you an idea on what you should be looking for in a celebrant and give you a starting point. Here are some of our favourites. In no particular order, here is our list of some of the best elopement marriage celebrants in Sydney.

1. Christianne Gilbert – Elope With Us

Christianne Gilbert is a former snowboard instructor, a veterinarian, and now a registered marriage celebrant in Sydney. She loves the outdoors and loves elopements and micro weddings that happen at these gorgeous outdoor locations..

She has also started ‘Elope With Us‘ with her partner, where they provide adventure and sailing elopements for couples. Elope by yourselves or with a bunch of your closest family friends and on a sailing adventure on Sydney Harbour. Access locations around the harbour that you can only get to by boat. Have a beautiful, intimate ceremony with Christianne and then spend the rest of the afternoon or evening sailing, drinking and eating. It doesn’t get any better or more unique than this.

2. Pauline Fawkner

Pauline Fawkner marriage celebrant

Modern, creative and professional is Pauline Faulkner, one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney who is also a member of the AFCC and AMC. She has conducted thousands of weddings and elopements in and around Sydney and across Australia.  

Having won many awards over the years, you can rest assured that you will receive the most personalised and professional service. She has performed ceremonies for all different cultures in and around Sydney and will happily incorporate cultural rituals into these ceremonies.  

Pauline will go out of her way to individualise your ceremony and perform this in just the way you envisaged it to be.  And she is just a really lovely lady who is one of the best and one of the most experienced marriage celebrants in Sydney.

3. Amanda Proulx – Graced Moments

Amanda from Graced Moments is a Sydney based marriage celebrant who is all about wedding ceremonies that are full of joy and warmth.

As a Sydney marriage celebrant, she feels totally privileged to be such an important part of couples lives. Amanda values inclusion and always strives to learn and grow as a celebrant and a person. She can conduct ceremonies that are short and sweet legals only. As well as creating a personalised ceremony that will tell your unique love story.

Her professional and grounded presence combined with her awesome organisational skills and eye for detail will ensure that you have the perfect marriage ceremony for your elopement or small wedding in Sydney.

4. Robyn Pattison

Robyn Pattison marriage celebrant

Robyn Pattison is an award-winning marriage celebrant and MC and she is without a doubt, one of the best wedding celebrants in Sydney. She is so experienced, super organised, extremely busy and very popular with Sydney couples. And when you actually see her in action, you will see why she is in such high demand.

She is known to some people as The Wedding Pixie and I think that is because of the joyful energy she brings to the day. Robyn has been a Sydney marriage celebrant for over ten years and is super experienced and her ceremonies are epically good.

Her marriage ceremonies are 100% personalised and she will listen to you to understand how you would like your ceremony to be and will go out of her way to ensure that your inner most wishes are fulfilled in the best way possible.  

I have seen her conduct ceremonies in front of over two hundred guests and I have seen her do ceremonies for just the couple themselves who are eloping. And each ceremony is perfectly unique and simply beautiful. I firmly believe Robyn is one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney and you can’t go wrong by choosing her for your elopement or small wedding.

5. Married By Adam

If you want your love story told in a light-hearted, humorous and touching way, then Adam is the man you want to be your Sydney marriage celebrant. He is such a funny and charismatic guy and his ceremonies are just awesome!

Adam has a background in performance art and when you see him in action, you can tell he is comfortable in front of people. He is so funny, humorous and energised. He really gets everyone laughing and totally relaxed which helps calm any nerves. While being extremely funny, Adam can also be totally genuine and will help couples just be themselves and open up at their elopement or small wedding.

I truly believe that he is one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney because I have seen him in action and have actually seen how good he is. So if you are eloping in Sydney and looking for an awesome marriage celebrant, then you should definitely check out and get in contact with Married By Adam.

6. Marry Us Gary

Marry Us Gary Marriage celebrant

Gary Clementson is the man behind Marry us Gary and is without a doubt, one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney.  Originally from WA, Gary is a full-time celebrant and MC in Sydney and lives with his lovely wife Georgie on the beautiful Northern Beaches.  

His style is relaxed and laid back and still captures the emotion of the day.  He will ensure that there are lots of tears of joy, laughter and fun at your small wedding or elopement. His ceremonies are totally personalised and no two ceremonies are the same. He is extremely friendly, laid back and his ceremonies are simply awesome. Believe me, Gary is a legend at what he does and there will be no regrets in engaging him as your celebrant as he is one of the best wedding & elopement celebrants in Sydney.

7. Lillian Lyon

Lillian Lyon Marriage celebrant

Not only has Lillian Lyons been an authorised marriage celebrant for more than 13 years and she is also a trainer of marriage celebrants. She is highly respected in the wedding industry and you would be hard-pressed to find a more professional or experienced celebrant for your elopement or small wedding.

She has won an accolade for being the best wedding celebrant in numerous industry organisations and her role has taken her all around NSW and interstate.  She loves the diversity of this job and celebrates it with love humour, romance and laughter.  She will ensure that your wedding ceremony goes without a hitch and that it is celebrated in a meaningful and memorable way to reflect who you are as a couple.  With an open mind and a big heart, she will listen to you and carry out all your wishes to make your special day just magical for everyone in attendance. We love her work and her passion for what she does.

8. Marry Me Nicky

Marry Me Nicky Marriage celebrant

Nicky Surnicky is the owner of Marry Me Nicky as is without a doubt one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney.

She is usually booked out 12 to 18 months in advance and that is because her ceremonies are simply flawless. Nicky is young, vibrant, full of fun and personality and she conducts her ceremony in a similar way.

Nicky operates from the Sutherland Shire but travels throughout Sydney, the South Coast, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, the Hunter Valley and regional NSW, including Mudgee and Bathurst.  She is someone who will actually go out of her way to co-ordinate her outfit with your wedding party so that your photo sessions are all in sync.  

She is a proud supporter of Marriage Equality and the LGBTQ+ community and loves to celebrate gender diverse relationships in a unique way.  Nicky loves ceremonies that come from the heart and will therefore meet with you to get to know you better, so that she can conduct your ceremony in a way that it is not only memorable but also meaningful to you.  

We highly recommend Nicky and have seen her amazing ceremonies in person.

9. Elizabeth Trevan

Elizabeth Trevan is a Sydney marriage celebrant and we have seen her wonderful wedding ceremonies in person and we highly recommend her to couples.

She is one of the most experienced celebrants and has conducted hundreds of wedding ceremonies throughout Sydney. Elizabeth is one of the best marriage celebrants in Sydney and just loves celebrating life, love and marriages. She is passionate about her work and thoroughly enjoys skillfully creating unique and creative ceremonies to share your love story with those around you.  

She is vibrant, fun and easy to work with.  With an acting and TV background, she is at ease in speaking in front of crowds and inter-mingling with them.  She gets along well with everyone and will bring people together to celebrate with laughter, tears and joy.  Above all, she is very professional and will ensure that your wedding ceremony goes off as planned and you will have a day and a ceremony that everyone will love.

10. Coral Kortlepel

Coral Kortlepel marriage celebrant

Multi-award winning Korel Kortlepel, owner of Get Married, is one of the best and one of the most experienced marriage celebrants in Sydney.

She became a civil marriage celebrant back in 1994 and she conducts a lot of weddings every year. I worked with her years ago and remember she had three weddings in Sydney on the same day. And that was pretty normal for her.

She is the most celebrated and awarded celebrant, having won accolades from most industry organisations and has been featured everywhere. She is fun, efficient and very professional. She knows her stuff and how to get you married in a personal and relaxed way.

Every review about her is excellent and every client thinks she is amazing and that there is nothing that they would change in their wedding ceremony. She is an amazing Sydney marriage celebrant and you can’t go wrong by choosing her.

11. Rita O’Reilly – Divine Celebrancy

Rita O'Reilly - Divine Celebrancy

Rita O’Reilly with the help of her husband, Terry, are the owners of Devine Celibrancy. And Rita is one of the most respected marriage celebrants in Sydney and someone we recommend.

She has conducted over 600 weddings for couples and is a full-time marriage celebrant. Rita truly cares about couples having their dream wedding and Terry is the man who makes sure everything runs smoothly.  

Rita has a great personality and is very passionate about her work.  She pays great attention to details and has the ability to make everyone feel welcomed.  She takes the time to get to know her couples so that she can personalise everything and create a beautiful ceremony.

12. Sue Jackman

sue jackman marriage celebrant

Sue Jackman brings with her a fun and fresh approach to your wedding ceremony.  She understands that your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day and will go out of her way to ensure that your ceremony reflects who you are and what you want as your dream wedding.  

Sue is fun, organised, warm and caring and she will ensure that your wedding ceremony goes according to plan and is not stressful for the two of you.  She is one of the top wedding celebrants in Sydney and does a lot of her weddings in the southern regions of Sydney.


Choose an amazing marriage celebrant for your elopement or small wedding. Get a professional who is really good at their job. An amazing Sydney marriage celebrant is so important for your small wedding or elopement.

Marriage celebrants in Sydney vary greatly in the quality of their ceremonies. I have personally witnessed a few hundred celebrants in action… so trust me when I say the quality varies greatly. Choose someone who you connect to in some way. Someone that shares the same vision as you. And choose someone who will personalise the ceremony for you.

So have fun planning your Sydney elopement and we hope this article has helped you choose an amazing elopement marriage celebrant in Sydney.

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