50 Incredible Elopement & Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne Elopement & Small Wedding Venues

Are you looking for the best elopement & small wedding venues in Melbourne? We have put together a list of the best venues that actually cater to smaller weddings and elopement.

Melbourne is a dynamic city with beautiful elopement and wedding venues to suit every style and budget. There is a huge variety of venues with totally different styles and looks. From historic mansions to country properties and even the most luxurious inner-city mansions to choose from.

Our advice for couples looking to book a small wedding or elopement venue is also to consider having it at an off-peak time. Fridays and Saturdays are considered the peak time for wedding venues. So to book them you will probably have to meet a minimum spend.

Sundays to Thursdays are more off-peak times for weddings, so venues may be more flexible with numbers and minimum spends. Winter is also considered an off-peak time for Melbourne weddings. So again you might be worth considering.

There is a huge variety of properties listed here that all cater to elopements in Melbourne. So here is our list of incredible Elopement & Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne.

Stone Keepers Run

Stone Keepers Run


A secluded riverside country homestead for your elopement for just the two of you or for your family and friends.

1. Stone Keepers Run

Stone Keepers Run, set on Kirrea Whurrung country near Warrnambool Victoria, is the ultimate destination for your intimate wedding or elopement. At the end of the iconic Great Ocean Road, this extensive country homestead caters to a relaxed, intimate ceremony tailored just for you and your partner, with accommodation for up to 14 guests. The property, dating back to the 1840s, will be exclusively yours during your stay, immersing you in the rich history of the region.

The township of Allansford, where Stone Keepers Run resides, is named after the Allan family who founded the property. The homestead boasts a converted bluestone dairy, originally the area’s cheese factory, now transformed into four charming bedrooms. The early 1900s homestead, despite its size, exudes a warm and intimate atmosphere, making it a perfect setting to begin your journey into married life.

Stone Keepers Run offers a stay imbued with history and charm. The Edwardian homestead features seven unique bedrooms capable of accommodating up to 14 guests, providing an intimate setting for your small wedding or elopement. The homestead houses three bedrooms, with four additional rooms located in the original bluestone dairy. Each room is brimming with character and charm, reflecting the rich history and beautiful craftsmanship of the property.

Address: 200 Tooram Rd. Allansford  VIC. 3277

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How to Choose a Small Wedding Venue for Your Elopement or Small Wedding in Melbourne

Hey there, lovestruck wanderers! You’ve found yourself here because you’ve taken the road less travelled and have chosen the intimate, heart-melting path of elopements and small weddings. Bravo! The world is definitely catching up on this growing trend.

This path leads you to the vibrant city of Melbourne, known for its thriving arts scene, coffee culture, and hidden laneway treasures. A Melbourne elopement venue or a small wedding venue could be just what you need to make your day extra special.

The choice of your venue plays a crucial part in this affair. It’s not just a location; it’s a character in your love story. It’s where you’ll soak in the first moments of your new life together. The mood, the photos, and your guests’ experience – they all hinge upon the setting you choose. It’s a decision as important as saying “I do”!

So, where do you start in a city that’s overflowing with character and charm? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into the process of selecting the best Melbourne small wedding venues or elopement spots to match your style and personality. Let’s begin this exciting journey!

The Charm of Melbourne for Elopements and Small Weddings

Let’s have a chat about the heart-stealing charm of Melbourne, shall we? Melbourne, the coastal capital of Victoria, is a city that expertly mixes the old and the new, the natural and the manmade, the grand and the intimate. It’s a city that boasts a vibrant arts scene, multicultural flavours, quaint laneways, lush parks, and a skyline that never fails to impress. With its mix of modern architecture and Victorian-era buildings, it’s as if the city is telling you a story—a story that you and your partner can become a part of on your special day.

Melbourne’s unique character extends to its array of elopement and small wedding venues. Just like its culture and its people, Melbourne’s venues are diverse, charming, and each carries its own special vibe. From cosy restaurants in the heart of the city to picturesque gardens on the outskirts, from rooftop spaces that offer panoramic views to heritage buildings oozing old-world charm, Melbourne has an abundance of beautiful venues that cater to every couple’s style, personality, and vision.

If you’re seeking a Melbourne elopement venue, imagine saying “I do” in a quiet corner of the Royal Botanic Gardens, with nothing but nature as your witness, or exchanging vows on a sunlit rooftop, overlooking the city that has come to play a part in your love story. For those planning a small wedding, venues in Melbourne are aplenty. You might opt for a charming heritage house in Carlton or a chic industrial space in Fitzroy, each offering a unique atmosphere and charm that will undoubtedly add a special touch to your celebration.

Whether your dream is to get married amidst the bustle of the city or in a more serene, intimate setting, Melbourne’s small wedding venues are versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide range of themes and preferences. So, with all these choices, where do you begin? The next step is to consider some factors that can help you narrow down your options and find the venue that best aligns with your vision. And that’s exactly what we’re diving into next!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Wedding Venue in Melbourne

Alrighty, now that we’ve touched on the charm of Melbourne and the diverse range of venues it offers, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of picking the right spot for your special day. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect Melbourne elopement venue or scouting small wedding venues in Melbourne, keep the following factors in mind to ensure your choice aligns with your dream celebration.

1. Size of the Venue and the Number of Guests

Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing your venue. Consider your guest list: Is it just the two of you and a celebrant for a sweet elopement? Or perhaps you’ve got a small crowd of your closest friends and family? Ensuring your venue can comfortably accommodate your guests is crucial. But remember, a small wedding doesn’t mean the venue has to feel cramped, and an elopement doesn’t need to be in a vast space where you’d feel lost. It’s all about finding a balance!

2. The Ambience and Decor

Think about the vibe you want your special day to exude. Are you looking for a laid-back, rustic feel or more of a chic, modern atmosphere? The existing decor and architecture of a venue will contribute significantly to the overall ambience. Remember, while certain elements can be customised with decorations and lighting, the venue’s basic style and structure will set the tone for your event.

3. The Location’s Significance to the Couple

This is YOUR day, and your venue should resonate with you and your love story. Perhaps you and your partner have a specific spot in Melbourne that holds special memories, or maybe there’s a venue that just ‘feels right’. Trust your instincts. If a place holds a special meaning or sparks joy for you both, it’s worth considering!

4. Accessibility and Convenience for Guests

While your small wedding or elopement is undoubtedly about you and your partner, considering the comfort and convenience of your guests is essential too. Is the venue easily accessible? Is there ample parking, or is it near public transport links? If you have guests with specific needs, is the venue wheelchair friendly? These may seem like small details, but they can greatly impact the overall guest experience.

These factors will help you whittle down your options and find the Melbourne elopement venue or small wedding venue that’s a match made in heaven for your unique celebration.

My Scandi Style photography
Photo by My Scandi Style Photography

Types of Melbourne Elopement Venues

Choosing the perfect venue for your elopement can be a delightful adventure, especially in a city like Melbourne that offers a myriad of possibilities. From charming gardens to exclusive rooftops, cosy restaurants to historic buildings, let’s delve into some of the venue types you’ll find around the city, along with their key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

1. Garden Venues

Melbourne, known as the ‘city within a garden,’ is home to numerous beautiful parks and gardens that provide perfect spots for a tranquil, nature-filled elopement. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, and Carlton Gardens, to name a few, offer lush settings with stunning floral backdrops.

Key Features: These venues boast natural beauty, tranquillity, and ample open space.

Benefits: Gorgeous landscapes make for beautiful wedding photos. You also have the flexibility to choose your specific location within the garden for the ceremony.

Drawbacks: Weather can be unpredictable, and some gardens may require permits for elopements. Also, privacy might be limited, especially on busy days.

2. Rooftop Spaces

For couples who dream of a sky-high elopement with breathtaking city views, rooftop venues across Melbourne, such as Rooftop at QT, The Emerson Rooftop, and Luminare, are ideal choices.

Key Features: These venues offer panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline.

Benefits: A unique, memorable setting that provides a spectacular backdrop for your ceremony and photos.

Drawbacks: Similar to gardens, weather can be a factor. Also, accessibility might be an issue for some guests, and these venues can sometimes be on the pricier side.

3. Restaurants

Cosy, charming, and often providing excellent food and drink, restaurants can make fantastic elopement venues. Options like The French Saloon, Tipo 00, or even The Boatbuilders Yard could be just what you’re looking for.

Key Features: They provide an intimate setting, usually with in-house food and beverage services.

Benefits: Convenient, as they often have existing decor, tables, chairs, and dining services in place.

Drawbacks: Space might be limited, and the venue may require a full buy-out for your event, which could be costlier.

4. Heritage Buildings

Melbourne is brimming with historic venues that add a dash of vintage charm to your elopement. Venues like The Old Treasury Building or Rippon Lea Estate can transport you to another era.

Key Features: They offer historical significance and charm, often with stunning architectural details.

Benefits: These venues provide a unique, timeless atmosphere and beautiful backdrops for your photos.

Drawbacks: There may be certain restrictions in place due to the historical nature of the venue. It’s also important to consider the possible need for additional decor to enhance the venue according to your taste.

Remember, the best Melbourne elopement venue for you is the one that feels right and resonates with your shared vision. Keep an open mind, trust your instincts, and enjoy the process of discovering your perfect match!

Consider Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Now, if your heart is set on a slightly larger gathering for your big day, Melbourne has no shortage of exceptional small wedding venues that can beautifully cater to your celebration. Let’s dive into the variety of options you have and what you might expect in terms of unique features, costs, and capacity.

1. Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are a popular choice for small weddings in Melbourne. They often offer unique, stylish spaces, with the convenience of accommodation for you and your guests.

Unique Features: Boutique hotels usually have beautiful interior designs and can offer both indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception. Many have in-house wedding coordinators to help with planning.

Costs: Costs can vary widely based on the hotel’s location, reputation, and the specific services you require.

Capacity: These venues usually cater well to small weddings, with flexible spaces that can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 100 guests.

2. Vineyard Estates

Vineyard weddings are synonymous with romance and elegance. The outskirts of Melbourne are sprinkled with beautiful vineyards that can make the perfect setting for your small wedding.

Unique Features: Vineyard estates offer stunning views, beautiful landscapes for photos, and of course, fantastic wines for your reception.

Costs: Vineyard weddings can be more on the expensive side due to the unique location and experience they offer.

Capacity: Many vineyard estates are well suited for small to medium-sized weddings, often able to host between 50 and 150 guests comfortably.

3. Art Galleries and Museums

For the art-loving couple, consider hosting your small wedding at one of Melbourne’s many galleries or museums.

Unique Features: These spaces offer a unique, creative atmosphere and make for some truly memorable photos.

Costs: Costs can vary, but these types of venues are typically moderate to high-priced, considering the unique setting and experience.

Capacity: Galleries and museums often have multiple spaces available, making them versatile for small to medium weddings, usually accommodating 20 to 100 guests.

4. Waterfront Venues

Melbourne’s stunning coastlines and rivers provide an opportunity for beautiful waterfront weddings.

Unique Features: Spectacular views and the option for beach or riverside ceremonies are key highlights.

Costs: Waterfront venues are typically more expensive due to their coveted locations.

Capacity: Depending on the specific venue, waterfront locations can cater to a wide range of wedding sizes, with many being perfect for smaller guest lists of 30 to 100 people.

While we haven’t named any specific venues, this rundown should give you a fair idea of the range of small wedding venues Melbourne has to offer. Just remember, every venue is unique, so costs, features, and capacities can vary. Always reach out directly to the venue for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How to Secure Your Preferred Melbourne Elopement Venue

So, you’ve considered all your options, and you’ve finally found a venue that just feels ‘right’ for your small wedding or elopement. Now, how do you go about securing it? Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking your preferred Melbourne elopement venue or small wedding venue, along with some savvy tips to help you get the best deals.

1. Contact the Venue

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice to one or two venues, the first step is to get in touch with them. Most venues have a dedicated events team or manager who can guide you through the process. During your initial contact, express your interest in the venue, the type of event you’re planning (elopement or small wedding), and your preferred date(s).

2. Check Availability

If the venue is available for your chosen date(s), great! If not, you’ll either need to consider other dates or look into other venues. It’s always a good idea to have a few potential dates in mind when you start the booking process, to allow for flexibility.

3. Secure the Date

To secure the date, you’ll generally be asked to sign a contract and pay a deposit. Make sure you read the contract thoroughly and understand the terms, including cancellation policies, what’s included in the package, and any additional costs.

Tips on Getting the Best Deals and Packages

a. Consider Off-Peak Times: You can often get better deals if you’re flexible with your date and time. Weekdays, off-peak seasons, and morning or afternoon weddings might be less costly than a Saturday evening during the peak wedding season.

b. Ask for a Custom Package: Don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask for a custom package that suits your needs. Some venues may be willing to tailor a package to meet your specific requirements.

c. Check What’s Included: Look out for packages that include additional services like catering, decor, or a day-of coordinator. These can sometimes offer better value for your money.

d. Book Early: Some venues may offer early bird discounts if you book well in advance.

Remember, planning your elopement or small wedding in Melbourne should be as joy-filled as the day itself. Take your time, ask questions, and choose a venue that feels right for you. Happy planning!

Permits and Legal Requirements

So, you’re on your way to securing your dream venue for your small wedding or elopement in Melbourne. But before we pop the champagne, let’s address a vital aspect of the planning process – permits and legalities. This might not be the most exciting part of your wedding planning journey, but it’s undeniably important.

1. General Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Melbourne

Firstly, you’ll need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with your chosen celebrant at least one month before your wedding. This notice lasts for up to 18 months. You’ll also need two witnesses over the age of 18 present at your ceremony.

2. Permits for Public Spaces

If you’re eyeing a public space like a garden, park, or beach for your small wedding or elopement, you’ll likely need a permit from the local council. This usually involves a simple application process and a nominal fee. Keep in mind that public spaces often have rules about noise, decor, and the use of equipment, so be sure to ask about these details.

3. Heritage Building Permits

If you’ve chosen a heritage building for your venue, there might be specific rules or permits required, due to the historical significance of the site. Check with the venue manager to ensure you understand any restrictions or requirements.

4. Liquor Licenses

If you’re planning to serve alcohol at your wedding, make sure your venue has a valid liquor license. If it doesn’t, or if you want to bring your own alcohol, you may need to apply for a temporary liquor license.

5. Insurance

While not always a legal requirement, wedding insurance can provide peace of mind. Some venues may even require you to have a certain level of liability insurance. Be sure to check what’s covered under your venue’s insurance and what might require additional coverage.

Navigating the legalities of your wedding might seem daunting, but remember, your venue and celebrant are there to help guide you through the process. Stay organised, ask lots of questions, and before you know it, you’ll be saying ‘I do’ in your dream Melbourne elopement venue or small wedding venue!

Final Thoughts on Melbourne Small Wedding Venues

And there you have it – your guide to choosing the perfect small wedding venue or elopement venue in Melbourne. From lush gardens to chic rooftops, cosy restaurants to historic buildings, and everything in between, Melbourne has a wealth of venues to make your special day truly memorable.

As we’ve seen, Melbourne’s diverse and vibrant landscape offers an amazing variety of settings for your intimate celebration. The city blends modern chic with historic charm, cosmopolitan vibrancy with natural beauty, making it an excellent choice for elopements and small weddings.

Selecting your wedding venue isn’t just about finding a place to say ‘I do.’ It’s about finding a location that resonates with your shared story, your passions, and your vision for the future. It’s about finding a backdrop that will frame one of the most special days of your life and serve as a starting point for your journey as a married couple.

From considering different types of venues to understanding the booking process, legal requirements, and even some savvy tips on securing the best deals, we hope this guide has been helpful. The most important thing to remember is that this day is all about you and your love for one another. So take your time, do your research, and choose a venue that makes your heart sing.

And remember – whether it’s an elopement with just the two of you or a small wedding surrounded by your nearest and dearest, your celebration will be beautiful because it’s a reflection of your love. So here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after in the wonderful city of Melbourne!

Stone Keepers Run

Best Time of Year for a Melbourne Elopement

Anyone who lives or has been to Melbourne before knows changeable Melbourne weather can be. The saying of ‘four seasons in one day’ really apply to Melbourne. And this is due mainly to its geographical location in Australia. Spring and Summer are the seasons where the weather can change the most. With cold fronts and storm cells often developing.

Melbourne is the cloudiest capital city in Australia with 48.6 days with clear blue skies.

Summer (December to February) – Summer in Melbourne is dry and hot with an average day time temperature of around 27°C. It does sometimes get days of extreme heat of 40°C+.

Autumn (March to May) – Melbourne starts to cool down with temperates around 20°C making it a lovely temperature for an elopement. A garden elopement in Autumn is always a great idea as the trees in Melbourne start to change colour.

Winter (June to August) – Winters in Melbourne are cool with moderate rainfall. This is the off-peak time for weddings, so a great time for an elopement as there will be more availablity and better value for money.

Spring (September to November) – Starts to warm up again and this tends to be the peak season for weddings.

Why you should Elope to Melbourne

As an engaged couple, there are so many awesome reasons to elope. Eloping is simply amazing! Eloping is an awesome experience, and a perfect way to begin your wedding life together. It is also a lot more personal and intimate than a more traditional larger wedding.

Making the decision to elope is a personal decision and couples do it for a variety of reasons. If you are not quite sure about eloping, here are a few reasons why you should elope in Melbourne.

  • You can get married now – You don’t need to wait one or two years to get married. It can legally be done in as little as thirty days. And start your new life together sooner rather than later.
  • Melbourne is beautiful – The city of Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia. It has some of the top venues with the best food, wine and service. And there is such a wide variety of venues and locations to choose from. Hire an awesome professional photographer and you will get some absolutely stunning images.
  • No Stress – By simply eloping in Melbourne you will escape all the stress of wedding planning. There are a million things to organise when you are trying to have a wedding reception for two hundred people or more. Fewer people equals less stress.
  • More Personal – Elopements in Melbourne are more intimate and personal. The day become more about the two of you and less about you hosting a massive party.
  • Save Money – You will save money but eloping in Melbourne. Do you really need to pay for a three-course meal for 200 people? Put that money towards having your ultimate dream elopement or small wedding. Have a small intimate elopement and have the best food and wine and fill the room with candles, flowers and fairy lights. You can still have an amazing elopement with 20 people and you may even have money left over for a honeymoon.

Melbourne Small Wedding Venues

When you have a big traditional wedding, you have to wait between 12 to 18 months to book your wedding venue. This is because the big wedding venues on a Saturday book out a long time in advance. Many couples wait even two years to get married.

By eloping, you can get married in just over 30 days! Yes you can get married that quickly. Legal paperwork is required at least thirty days prior to your marriage.

And it is so much easier to elope and find a beautiful Melbourne small wedding venue. Organising a venue for 20 or 30 people is much easier than it is for 200 as there are much less logistics involved.

Intimate Wedding venues Melbourne

Some couples really don’t like a big traditional wedding. The very word “wedding” fills them with dread and makes them feel anxious. Having your wedding in an intimate wedding venue in Melbourne is much more low-key and a much better fit for many couples.

Get married, but do it your way. Make the day about the two of you, not about you trying to host an enormous party, doing strange traditions that no one really knows why they are doing them.

Planning a small wedding is far less stressful overall. It is much easier to organise an elopement at an intimate Melbourne wedding venue than it is to organise a large wedding.

And you are immediately going to save money. You no longer need to buy a three-course dinner and unlimited drinks for 150 people. You can host a more intimate wedding reception. And by having only your closest people there with you, you can use that saved money to have the best wine and champagne at your dinner. You can even have a ten-cause degustation menu with matching wines if you choose.

You get to choose to spend the money you saved on the things that are important to you.

Elopement Venues Melbourne

What I really love about Elopements in Melbourne is that the whole event is so much more intimate and personal. You are not on stage performing a ceremony to hundreds of people. You are saying your personal vows to each other, with only your very closest people around you. And you get to really engage and talk to the people that are there with you.

I have been to hundreds of weddings, and I can tell you that at big traditional weddings, the couple is lucky if they get to chat to everyone at the wedding. And if they do chat, it is only for a minute or two. If you want a more personal and intimate even, then eloping or having a small wedding is the way to go.

If you are planning an elopement in Melbourne, we really hope this article Incredible Elopement & Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne has helped you choose your venue.

If you haven’t yet decided on if you will elope or not, then I am here to tell you that elopements are awesome!

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