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Elopement Packages Australia

Are you searching for elopement packages and planners in Australia? Australian wedding vendors, that have all-inclusive packages and prices for your elopement or small wedding? Then you have come to the right place! 

Eloping Australia is all about showing couples how awesome elopements are. Elopements are more personal and intimate and so different from a big wedding and all the traditions associated with it. And Australia is such an amazing and beautiful country. We have a huge variety of landscapes and locations that are amazing for elopements. 

These wonderful professionals provide elopement packages and prices and we have also included elopement planners because often the two jobs are intertwined.

Goosewing Cottage

New South Wales

Country property in the Hunter Valley, offering all-inclusive, all-onsite elopement packages for up to 20 people.

Little Weddings

Australian Capital Territory

Gorgeous one acre property, featuring a number of fully landscaped gardens.

Elope With Us

New South Wales & Queensland

Intimate picnic elopements in nature & sailing elopements.

Elopement Package

Australia Wide

All-inclusive package, celebrant, photographer, video, musician. Dream, Create, Elope!

Elopement Packages Australia

Choosing an elopement package in Australia can be a really affordable and very convenient way of planning and organising your elopement. An elopement package will generally include a lot of things. So if planning an elopement seems like too much hard work, or you simply just want to make it easy for yourself, then an Australian elopement package just might be the perfect option for you.

Eloping, in general, is a far more affordable way of getting married than that of a traditional wedding. Weddings can be an extremely expensive way of getting married, with the average cost of a wedding these day being around $36,000. By eloping, you are immediately saving some money. But there are so many more reasons why you should elope. It’s not just about saving money. It is about the entire experience and making the day more about the two of you and this new and crazy adventure you are about to start together.

What is an Elopement Package?

Elopement packages are a variety of elopement services or products all bundled together under the one package. Which makes having an elopement a really easy and convenient process. Elopement packages normally include a celebrant, photographer and flowers. But any number of other services and products can be added to the package including a location, hair & makeup, music and a videographer.

An elopement package does all the hard work for you. You don’t need to go out and find the vendors for your elopement. You just need to show up and have an awesome time at your elopement.

What is an Elopement?

The word ‘elopement’ has a really old-fashioned meaning that has changed a lot over the years. If you asked your Grandparents or even maybe your parents they might tell you that it is when you run off secretly and get married without anyone knowing. It has a negative association that is often linked to parents not approving of partners.

That is not what it means anymore. Our definition of an elopement is:

“An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you.”

We see an elopement as the two of you with some of your very nearest and dearest friends and family members. Your tribe. The people who are really important in your life. It can be just the two of you, but it doesn’t have to be. How many people can be at your elopement is up for debate, but we see it as up to 20 people.

We see a micro wedding or small wedding as the two of you and up to 40 of your family and friends.

There is no right or wrong. But elopements and small weddings are more about an intimate commitment between the two of you, rather than a big show, with old-fashioned traditions, in front of hundreds of people.

Why Choose an Elopement Package?

There are a couple of main reasons why you might consider an elopement package in Australia. Firstly there is the financial and the second reason is for the convenience.

Financially speaking, elopement packages are far cheaper than a traditional Aussie wedding package. That should be a no brainer. For instance, let’s say you have a smallish size Australian wedding of around 100 people. And you are paying a very reasonable $150 per head. It could easily be more, it might be less. That is $15,000 right away just for a basic dinner and drinks for your wedding guests. With no styling, decorations, flowers, cake etc And half those guests you probably don’t know or don’t know that well. Plus ones, work friends, long lost family relatives.

Now lets imagine you are having a small elopement for 20 people, that included a location for your marriage ceremony and dinner. You pick the most exclusive place and have a five-course degustation menu, fine wine, cocktails and fully styled with flowers and fairy lights. And let’s say you pay $300 per head. That is just $6,000 and that is with you upgrading everything to have the most awesome experience with just your closest family and friends. These numbers are just educated guesses, but you can see what I mean. I know which one I would choose.

The second main reason you might want to choose an elopement package is just for convenience. These awesome professionals who create elopement packages, know how to create a beautiful elopement and they know what couples want. They source all the best vendors for you and bundle them all together in a package for you. It makes it so easy for couples.

Often the only thing a couple really needs to do is tick a few boxes online, pay some money and chat to their celebrant. These elopement packages make is so easy for couples to have an elopement and skip any stress involved in wedding or elopement planning.

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages Australia

Elopement packages in Australia have a bunch of things included or not included. So it is really important that you understand exactly what you are getting. It is also really important to know who the elopement vendors are and products are that they are supplying. As with everything that you buy, do your due diligence and do your research, read reviews and check out their website and social pages so that you are not disappointed on the day.

Elopement packages can include things like:

  • Accommodation
  • Ceremony location
  • Celebrant
  • Hair & makeup
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Wedding planner/coordinator
  • Florals and bouquet
  • Styling
  • Musicians
  • Photo locations
  • Food & drinks
  • Wedding cake
  • Transport
  • Dinner

All-inclusive elopement packages are often organised and run by one wedding & elopement vendor. They may be:

The Elopement Venue

It could be an accommodation venue or a restaurant, dinner or wedding venue. They have the venue and can choose some of their favourite vendors to work with them. Make sure you love the venue and check out their vendors and make sure you love them too. This is often a great way to get an awesome location and have the best of the best included.

It worth noting that often the venue run elopement packages will only offer weekday elopements. Why? Because weekends are their bread and butter and they need to reserve weekends to keep their businesses profitable and successful. There are a lot of benefits to a weekday elopement so don’t let that put you off. You will get an awesome location and great vendors and a very reasonable price.

The Celebrant

Marriage celebrants often run elopement businesses and have elopement packages available for their couples. And it makes total sense because the only thing you actually need for an elopement and a legal marriage ceremony is an authorised Australian marriage celebrant.

Good professional celebrants will have done hundreds of weddings and elopements and know a lot of people in the wedding industry. They have also extensively travelled around their city or state and know of beautiful and often free locations where you can get married. And many can organise a location, flowers, photographer and more. As always, make sure you are happy with the vendors they are using.


There are many photographers who run elopement businesses or offer elopement packages. They don’t have the venue and can’t legally marry you, but they are arguably one of the most important elopement vendors out there. They know locations and have witnessed hundreds of weddings, so they know the awesome vendors. So if you are choosing a photographer based elopement package, it means that you must value beautiful photography and wedding photos. So choose a photographer whose work you absolutely love. Then take their advice and trust what they say and you will definitely get stunning images from your elopement.

Styling & Decorator

Stylist & decorator run elopement businesses often have elopement packages because they can create the most visually stunning elopements imaginable. They also show people what is possible and that you can still have an absolutely stunning elopement even if it is just the two of you. They will also know the great photographers as they will have a good creative eye for it. So they are also an excellent option for elopement packages in Australia.

Inexpensive Elopement Packages Australia

Elopement packages in Australia are a really inexpensive way of getting married. By bundling services all in the one price you can save yourself time and a lot of money.

Everyone knows that traditional weddings in Australia are really expensive. They are stressful and can take years to plan. By eloping and choosing an elopement package, you can plan and organise your elopement much quicker and save yourself a tonne of money.

By saving yourself some money with an elopement package, you give yourself options to spend that money in other areas. Either on your elopement or somewhere else in your life. It could be by buying your dream wedding dress, staying in luxury accommodation, upgrade your wedding rings, fully styling your elopement to make it absolutely perfect. Or you could spend it on your honeymoon or put it towards a home deposit. You give yourself more options but saving some money with a package.

How to Choose an Elopement Package

Choosing the perfect elopement package can be a challenging task. If you are eloping then this is probably one of the biggest decisions you have to make. It will dictate your whole experience. You could just elope down at the local registry office, but I wouldn’t have started this site if that’s what I wanted you to do. There are a lot of options so where do you start.

Discuss Elopement Ideas

The first thing you have to have a clear vision of what you want your elopement to look like. It is no good if one of you is dreaming of an elopement in the mountains while the other wants a tropical beach.

So sit down together and discuss ideas together. Get on the same page and have the same shared vision. Do it together! Don’t just go along with whatever your partner says. You are starting a new life together. So plan your elopement together and start your journey the right way.

Discuss ideas that may include your hobbies or passions in your lives. Places that have a personal meaning to you. Discuss the climate that you would like. Talk about places that are on your ‘bucket list’. Discuss locations where you can combine your elopement and honeymoon.

Elopement Scenery

Talk about the location and scenery that you want. What do you both love?

Do you love urban environments? A rooftop elopement overlooking a cityscape backdrop. Followed by a walk through the city streets and back alleys. Finishing with a beautiful dinner overlooking the harbour.

Do you love the mountains? Eloping on a mountaintop, the wind blowing in your hair, with valleys and chasms around you. Followed by photos at epic clifftops. And then ending at a roaring fire with a private chef cooking an amazing dinner for you.

Do you love the ocean? Get married in a private oceanside villa with modern facilities and your own plunge pool. Photos on the beach and in the water. Ending with dinner on your large private deck surrounded by fairy lights, good food and your very closest family and friends around you.

Let your imagination run wild.

Look for Elopement Packages at these Locations

Once you have decided on the scenery that you want, start looking for vendors who offer elopement packages at these sort of locations.

You might be able to narrow down your search to states and even regions that offer the type of scenery that you love.

Do your online research. Look at their websites, view their work, read reviews and check out their social media profiles.

Get Quotes and check the vendors

Once you have narrowed down your choices, contact them and get their elopement packages and pricing. So get a quote and find out how much money it is and also what is actually included in the price.

I also think it is really important to check out who their elopement vendors are. Especially the venue, celebrant and photographer. These three major vendors can make or break and elopement.

You have probably heard of the horror stories from friends who had a small wedding or elopement in a Thailand, Bali or Fiji. I know I have. The celebrant could barely speak English, the photographer’s photos were terrible and the venue was full of bugs. This is an extreme example and it’s probably not going to be that bad with professional Australian elopement packages. But you get my point. You have to do your research to avoid any disappointment.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this has helped you realise of benefits of elopement packages in Australia. Eloping, in general, is an awesome experience. It is more personal and intimate and the day is more about the two of you. Elopement packages bundle some key elopement services and quality vendors to make an affordable and easy package for you. So check out our elopement planners and packages here on our website and happy planning.