18 Fantastic Adelaide Elopement Photographers

List of the Best Adelaide Elopement Photographers – Updated 2021

Are you looking to elope in Adelaide, South Australia and looking to find one of the best Adelaide elopement photographers for your small wedding? You have come to the right place! We have done all the searching for you and put together a list of some of the very best wedding and elopement photographers in Adelaide.

One of the biggest decisions you can possibly make for your elopement is choosing your perfect elopement photographer. For many couples, photos will be the only record of their special day. And many couples who do elope, want to show their family and friends just how awesome their day and their elopement was.

Professional photography is really the one wedding vendor you don’t want to cut corners with. As the old saying goes… “You get what you pay for.” And that is particularly true for wedding and elopement photographers. Choose a photographer whose work you really love. Photos that make you feel some sort of emotion. Can you feel the love, the passion, the laughter, the emotion.

The very best Adelaide wedding & elopement photographers will book out a long way in advance. It is not usual for them to be booked a year to eighteen months in advance, particularly on weekends. And particular during peak wedding seasons like Spring and Autumn.

Our advice to couples looking for a photographer is to find your dream photographer before you have locked in a date. Once you have found them, find our their availability during the period you are thinking. And also consider a weekday elopement. As more wedding vendors will be available and you will have more choices and options.

As with everything, couples should do their own research on potential vendors. Photography is very artistic in nature and therefore opinions can be very subjective. One person may love a photographers work, while another may not like it at all. So choose a photographer whose work and style appeal to both of you. Look through their portfolio and make sure you are both on the same page as to what you like.

So in no particular order, here is our list of some of the best Adelaide elopement photographers. They all do amazing work and might just be perfect for your elopement, micro or small wedding in Adelaide.

1 – Luke Simon Photography

Luke Simon, the owner of Luke Simon Photography has been a wedding photographer since 2004 and is one of the top Adelaide’s Elopement Photographers. He is also the 2019 AIPP South Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year.

His love for his own family is also what motivates him to capture the love that a couple has for each other, together with the admiration of the parents for the couple’s love. Luke has travelled internationally to some amazing places for Destination Weddings and Elopements. Luke loves the pace of the wedding day, the emotions that run throughout and the immense pleasure that comes from delivering photographs that comes with his heartfelt soul. He has a fresh, candid and relaxed style and knows the right tricks to capture beautiful weddings around Adelaide and internationally.

If you are looking for an awesome Award-winning Elopement photographer, look no further than Luke Simon Photography.

2 – Wilson and Lewis Photography

Tereza & Tony, the owner of Wilson and Lewis Photography is a dedicated duo team of wedding photographers. They have been doing this for over 9 years. Wilson and Lewis Photography are without a doubt one of Adelaide’s Elopement Photographers. Tereza & Tony are a couple that lives on the opposite side of the world and was brought together by their love of photography. They have a romantic and artistic style, timeless and elegant which balances authentic documentation and emotional portraiture in order to create sentimental and honest wedding photography for the emotionally connected couples.
Tereza & Tony are available for engagements, elopements, weddings, both big and small and couple portraits and will travel Australia-wide.

3 – Dan Evans Photography

Dan Evans is an Adelaide based wedding and destination wedding photographer and is also one of the best Adelaide elopement photographers. Dan simply enjoys taking photos and meeting new people and is at the top of his craft.

He works primarily between South Australia & Dorset in the UK. He loves taking the classic aesthetic components of traditional wedding photography and combining it with a contemporary and modern approach. His style is unconventional, fun and mildly inappropriate, but also quite classic. He likes his couples on the unconventional side and loves a good champagne spray or confetti throw.

4 – Johnst Photography

Nathan & Thea, the owners of Johnst Photography are a husband and wife team that is based in Adelaide and is one of Adelaide’s Elopement Photographers. Nathan & Thea are passionate about telling your story through beautiful, authentic and emotional photos capturing moments and telling your story through photos. They love weddings, adventure and celebrating love, the beauty of life; finding excitement in the little things, the huge occasions and everything else in between. They love a genuine smile, laughter that can’t be held back or the look of love in the couple’s eyes. Most of all, they love capturing those special moments and giving the people that cherish them something to remember them by for years to come.

5 – Anke Photography

Anke Bester, the owner of Anke Photography is an excellent Adelaide elopement photographer. Her passion is to tell stories amidst life’s unplanned and spontaneous moments, be it about a gentle touch, a deep laugh, a shared moment, overwhelming joy, passion and celebration, she is there to document it all. Anke has an authentic and documentary style and loves to capture the day as the story unfolds, allowing you to relive every moment over and over again.

With 8 years’ experience and over 100 weddings under her belt, Anke is honoured to experience vulnerable and priceless moments in people’s lives. Nothing excites her more than being able to share in a beautiful love story. Anke is energised by people whilst being fascinated by their stories. Witnessing real love and curating their story with her camera is one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs Anke can think of. Her style is relaxed and documentary, followed only by a nudge here and there to allow her to capture all the unplanned and spontaneous moments.

6 – Gainsborough Studio

Gainsborough Studio is a wedding and elopement photography studio that is made up of 3 photographers. The Studio was started over 40 years ago with one simple vision in mind – to create beautiful and timeless images for their clients. Gainsborough will go above and beyond their duty to capture every precious moment of your special day and make an artwork out of it for you to cherish forever. Their style is candid, relaxed and romantic with exceptional attention to details. They love to portray the inner beauty of the individual and to capture moments with their stunning night photography for that something extra special.

7 – TZ Photography

Taaz and wife, Rai, owners of TZ Photography specialises in photojournalistic photography based on natural light. Taaz has been in this profession for the last 6 years but has been a photographer all his life. He does not just take photos. What he loved to do is actually to study people; he likes to know the story behind each laughter, each tear and all the natural expressions in ‘those special moments’. He loves to capture them wholly for the couple to relive each moment whenever they wish to reminisce.

8 – Blush Wedding Photography

Blush Wedding Photography is a boutique studio that loves capturing cool and awesome weddings throughout South Australia. And because of the stunning work they do, they are one of the tops elopement and wedding photographers in Adelaide.

Vanessa Burton of Blush Wedding Photography is a seasoned photographer living in the Adelaide Hills. She was raised through the fashion and magazine industry for the past 10 years and was an experienced creative director.

Blush Wedding Photography is her creative extension since 2017, a passion project that has stolen her heart. She loves meeting new people and making new friends along the way. Her style is a natural & earthy, honing in on honesty and confidence, which she documents through her photography. She loves to encapsulate heart, soul, love and connection – and of course, lean in on a fashion editorial flavour wherever the opportunity presents itself.

9 – Andrea Laube

Andrea Laube is a Multi-award Winning Adelaide wedding and elopement photographer. Her photography is recognised for its candid and fine art qualities – gorgeous, beautiful and classic.

Andrea holds both a Bachelor of Photography and a Diploma of Commercial Photography. And Andrea has worked professionally in Australia and internationally for over ten years.

She is regularly published in local, national and international newspapers and publications. With a well-developed photojournalistic style, commercial training and a flair for the fine arts, Andrea is apt across the board to capture your wedding in a style that you will cherish forever.

10 – Oak and Capture

Oak & Capture is an Adelaide service-based business that supplies Film Production and Photography. Their specialty, however, is capturing authentic love stories for weddings and elopements around Adelaide.

Over the past 4 years, they have produced a collective of features that includes over 150 wedding films and still concepts. They have a candid and natural style, producing post-modern contemporary style edits. Oak & Capture love making memories with you and will capture your wedding from start to finish without you even knowing that they were there. They are easy to work with and will ensure that you have a stress free day. They own the latest creative media to capture your fairy-tale story from beginning to end. Their videography is of the highest excellence and is something to treasure for years to come.

11 – Jessica Lemon Photography

Jessica Lemon, a professional photographer has been working with clients in Adelaide for over ten years and is one of Adelaide’s top elopement photographers.

Her love of photography started when she was in art school and saw a print emerging from the chemicals in the darkroom. It was ‘magic’ and she has not put down her camera since then.

Jessica loves shooting weddings, portraits and events of all kinds. She loves to help you capture the important moments of your wedding from start to finish. She has an Honours Degree in Photography and is an experienced photographer with knowledge and skills acquired over many years of study and hands-on experience. You cannot fault her work. Her style is creative, beautiful and full of emotions and she promises quality and dedication in all that she does.

12 – Simon Wicks Photography

Simon of Simon Wicks Photography is a professional wedding & elopement photographer. He has an easy-going style, creative and natural with lots of emotions. Simon usually gets to know you before the wedding day so that you can just relax and have fun on the day itself and leave the rest up to him as he will capture you an untold story that even you will be amazed at.

He loves to operate quietly in the background capturing your wedding with all its precious moments, the laughter, the tears, the untold moment that even you did not realise existed. He will take some awesome photos in such a passionate way that you know you are the only one that really matters in your wedding group without the others feeling left out.

13 – Rexvil Photography

Kieren of Rexvil Photography is a very passionate wedding & elopement photographer based in Adelaide. He has a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography and absolutely loves capturing all the candid moments that often gets forgotten, the laughter, the tears, the speechless moments that speak a thousand words and all the memories that you will treasure forever.

Kieren understands that some couples have a yearning for a quiet and intimate elopement and he never fails to deliver. His professionalism and communication is of the highest level and his skills and abilities to capture all the details and precious moments are beyond exception. His photos will blow you away whilst his warmth, quirkiness and energy will make you feel incredibly at ease at all times. He has heart, attitude and passion and will ensure that he blends into the background and not get in your way throughout your wedding celebrations.

Kieren loves weddings as they bring so much joy and happiness that all the negativity in our days gets lost for a moment in time and everyone can laugh and leave their worries behind. He then captures the essence of the day beautifully and presents them back to you in an untold fairy-tale album.

14 – John Adams Photography

John of John Adams Photography has been a wedding & elopement photographer for over 10 years. He is passionate about capturing the moments that capture your heart and who you are as a couple. John is not only friendly but he is really fun to be around. He has an impeccable eye for creativity in his photography and has a warm presence to keep the atmosphere natural with a willingness to please your innermost wishes. Give him two people in love and he will give you some breathtaking photos that tell the story of you and your special day in such an awesome way that you will want to treasure forever.

15 – Bentinmarcs

Mark of Bentinmarcs Photography is an Adelaide based wedding & elopement photographer who also photographs destination weddings throughout Australia. He is also one of the most sought after professional wedding photographers in Adelaide at some of the most beautiful Adelaide wedding venues.

Mark loves to photograph real emotions in a candid, natural and no-posey way. And he strives to capture each Bride and Groom in the best, unobtrusive, documentary fashion. He has worked in the film and television industry for a long time but it lacked real emotions that make a wedding so amazing, hence he has devoted the last 11 years of his life to wedding photography. And has an eye for genuine moments and all the beauty that they bring and uses a range of film cameras to document your story in an artful, timeless and elegant style. He also has a passion for the craft of fine art film photography.

16 – Travis & Benny

Travis and Benny is a duo team of wedding & elopement photographers in Adelaide, South Australia. Their storytelling style of photography makes everything flow so nicely with all the amazing candid moments of your wedding day.

Travis & Benny are always prompt and punctual with virtually instant responses. They will assist you in styling everything, even your stationery. Benny is ridiculously fun, always omnipresent but never in the way. He is never rattled, always chilled and his photography is amazing. Travis is a wonderfully bright and enthusiastic and will make you feel at ease and he is also an amazing photographer as well as the bridesmaid you didn’t know you needed. These guys are amazingly creative photographers. This amazing duo team will adapt to all lighting and weather conditions that are thrown at them and will do an awesome job at your elopement or small wedding.

17 – Meridee Groves Photography

Meridee of Meridee Groves Photography has 10 years experience in wedding & elopement photography. She is very adaptable when last-minute changes are needed and she makes suggestions to ensure everything goes smoothly whilst capturing those special moments of your weddings for you to cherish forever.

Meridee has the latest technology available and you can be assured your photos are going to be captured with the best available equipment and techniques. Plus you will be provided with high-resolution images and they will be yours to print.

She will travel throughout Adelaide and the Northern areas of South Australia and will shoot in whatever style you prefer, whether it is candid, abstract or more posed.

18 – Mark Simmonds Photography

Mark of Mark Simmonds Photography is a passionate and artistic South Australian born wedding photographer. With close to 20 years in experience, he is also one of the best Adelaide wedding and elopement photographers.

He offers a unique experience with a super relaxed vibe so you can focus on enjoying your elopement and leave the rest up to him. He is absolutely fantastic, professional and very observant that he does not miss any outstanding unique moments and is easy to work. His style is natural and relaxed with tons of creativity. His photos are just absolutely stunning and it tells your story from start to finish just like a fairy-tale wedding.

Mark does not pressure you into posey situations but takes natural images and then works his magic into them resulting in the most awesome photos. His knowledge and passion for his craft are second to none.


So there you have it. A list of some of the best Adelaide elopement photographers. Choosing a photographer for your elopement is a huge decision. They are one of your key vendors may be the only tangible memory from your elopement or small wedding. So please make sure you choose someone who will create the style and type of imagery that you love.

Hire a true professional and don’t just get the cheapest photographer you can find. Because you will most probably be disappointed. Find someone awesome, whose work speaks to you and makes you go wow! And have fun planning your elopement.

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