Ceremonies By Mitch

Wollongong Based Marriage Celebrant

Ceremonies By Mitch

Based in Wollongong, New South Wales


I pretty much price on a case-by-case basis. But as a guide, elopements are around the $1,000 mark (excluding travel expenses).

Mid-week Elopements

I am available for elopements 7-days a week, and take bookings for the next full calendar year.

Weekend Elopements

I am available for elopements 7-days a week, and take bookings for the next full calendar year.


I’ll go anywhere if you cover my travel!

About Ceremonies By Mitch

Relaxed, fun and intimate elopements done by a reasonably fun and normal dude.

I think weddings should be a celebration of your love and your relationship. So, I work with couples to develop and deliver a personalised ceremony that is what you guys want, without any of the BS you don’t. That’s my thing.

And, oh yeah, I froth the heck out of elopements. Whether that’s on a mountain top, in your back yard, on a plane, on a boat… you get my drift. 

And according to the Brides Choice Awards, I must be pretty ok at it, because I took out the 2019 AND 2020 Best Male Marriage Celebrant award for the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highland regions. Yeeeehaaa! Back-to-back babbbeeeyy!!! (As you can tell, I’m v humble)

I love to travel, and am open to all sorts of ideas that you and your partner want to make your big day that extra little bit personal.

Relaxed, fun and intimate elopements done by a reasonably fun and normal dude.

About Mitch

My name is Mitch and I’m a twenty-something Marriage Celebrant who just gosh dang loves love – and a good party.

I’m also a Civil Engineer in my spare time.

There’s a fun back story into why I took up celebrancy (not celibacy) and why I keep doing it, but the short version is that weddings are fun for me. I don’t do this full time, so I’m in a unique position to properly get to know a couple, and be able to deliver a personalised and fun ceremony, that I am hella excited (and nervous) to be a part of.

My ceremonies aim to be centred entirely around the couple getting married – their story, their struggles and aspirations, what memes they find funny, their pet peeves and what their future together looks like. I work with each couple to make sure the ceremony contains all the trimmings they want to include, and cut out all the BS that they’re not interested in.

Sometimes I wear a cowboy hat.

Ceremonies by Mitch was once a side hustle, but is now a self-funded hobby, so I’m not interested in pumping out generic ceremonies seven days a week. I want to get to know each of the couples I work with. That way, I’m just a cool friend that’s up there with them, and they get to be nice and relaxed and enjoy their wedding day. 

Celebrant Mitch Bell

Fun Facts

– I am young and enthusiastic

– I have a current passport, drivers licence, hiking boots and an open water scuba ticket (should these need to come in handy…)

– I can be flexible to suit your needs

– I am physically flexible, and have placed in several limbo tournaments

– I am reliable and I always turn up unfashionably early

– I like lists

– I am upfront and I don’t panic

– I’ll deliver the service you and your partner are looking for on your special day.

Approach to Elopements

My approach to elopements is pretty much the same approach I have to weddings – it’s all about the couple.I guess the only difference is that the ceremony speech is written in a way so I’m talking directly to you – not to your guests (and by this point, I’d know you pretty well). I find this makes the elopement so much more personal and relaxed. It’s a subtle change which means it’s not this big pressure-filled day – we’re just three friends up there having a chat.

Photo Gallery

Photography credits: Kate Roberge, Red Berry Photography, Cloudface Photography, Waymark Productions, Barefoot and Bearded, Mitch Pohl, Better Together Photo, The Evoke Company, Petal Photography, Scott Surplice, Same Venn, Tom Coburn, Louise Gillick.


We honestly could not have dreamed of anyone better to have by our side.
“Mitch, not only were you absolutely brilliant and witty, but you managed to make it intimate and personal as well as filled with humour, which represents us to our core. We honestly could not have dreamed of anyone better to have by our side.

Not only do we feel closer to you as our celebrant, but more importantly, we feel as though we have made a really good friend, and that is even more special to us. We feel immensely lucky to have met you and humbled you would choose to be a part of our special day.”
Funny. Personable. Charming. Warm. Calming.
“From the second we met Mitch, we knew that he was the right man for the job. We had intended to meet with a number of celebrants to get a feel for styles and personalities, as the importance of the role is massive. However, from word one, we knew Mitch was going to be everything we could ever want.
Funny. Personable. Charming. Warm. Calming. Wears a cowboy hat well. But above all he was invested in us and who we are. You can see just how much he loves the idea of celebrating love.”
Mitch was very professional in his manner.
“The lead up to our special day was difficult to plan in many ways because we were planning from abroad, but Mitch really eased our worries. We communicated via Skype and email, and he was always more than happy to have a chat. He is so easy to talk to, so the whole process was really comfortable and relaxed. The genuine interest he showed in hearing all about our story, our lives, and our wedding made it feel like we were talking to an old friend. Mitch was very professional in his manner, and completely supported the ideas that we had for our ceremony. We really appreciated his attention to detail, and how he checked in with us along the way to make sure that we were completely happy with everything that was being planned.”

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Contact Ceremonies by Mitch

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