Elopement Music

Elopement Music

Are you looking for elopement music and searching for wonderful musicians to play at your elopement? Eloping Australia is all about providing couples with a list of vendors who will actually cover elopements and small weddings. So here is a list of amazing Australian wedding vendors, that can provide you with will music for your small wedding or elopement.

Musicians may include, classically trained violinists, soloists with an acoustic guitar, singers, duos or trios. All these musicians can help create a wonderfully romantic mood and atmosphere for your elopement or small wedding.

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Ever dreamt of the perfect fairytale ceremony being serenaded by a violin?

A romantically tailored, musical experience for your love story. 

Music at your elopement ceremony

One of the best ways to add emotion, mood, and real atmosphere to your elopement ceremony is to add the element of live music. Music can add that emotional score and another dimension to your elopement ceremony.

Think of every movie that you have watched. Epic moments and scenes in films have music behind them to help build emotion into the scene. The type of music and the mood of the music will affect the mood of the elopement. Music can make you feel every emotion. It can make your mood happy, sad, excited, nervous, calm, etc. Imagine watching Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter without a musical score behind them. It is the same with elopements. Incorporate some beautiful live music to help add atmosphere and emotion to your wedding ceremony.

The style of music can and should reflect your personalities and can be different depending on where whether it’s the beginning or the end of the ceremony.

Why Live music is better than using your phone

Obviously, when you have your phone, you can access any music at the drop of a button but it is never quite as seamless or cohesive as you’d imagine. When you have a professional musician with you at your ceremony, they can watch the action and adjust their music to what is happening in front of them immediately.

When you use your phone for the music at your ceremony, the celebrant or one of your witnesses is normally the person looking after this. It has to be synced to a speaker properly. You may need internet or have remembered to download it if you are somewhere with no reception. Your phone might go to sleep and then you have to get the passcode to open it again. And there are always gaps or overlaps where the music should have started or should have finished. Or the wrong type of music is played at the wrong time.

A professional musician at your wedding can see exactly what is happening and immediately adjust their music to suit the scene.

Type of musician for your elopement

For an elopement or micro wedding, you really only need a small number of musicians. There is no need to get a big band, although having said that, it would be pretty amazing to dancing down the aisle to a big band. But for most couples, a soloist, duo, or trio is enough.

The type of musician could be an awesome violinist, vocalist, soloist with an acoustic guitar, cellist, or a combination of the above. There are no rules, and you should choose whoever suits you both the best.

Where to have music at your ceremony

You may think that you just need music for your entrance and exit but the truth is, at an elopement ceremony it is possible to have music throughout the entire ceremony depending on who you have there. Let me explain,

Before the ceremony

Elopements aren’t necessarily just the two of you. Modern elopements are still small and are generally up to 20 of your closest family and friends. So if you are having guests at your elopement or small wedding, then having live music will certainly add an air of excitement and entertainment.

Your entrance

Your entrance into the ceremony is a typical place where live music will add atmosphere to the moment. And it doesn’t matter if you are walking down together, separately or with a parent or friend. The actual moment of you walking to the place where you will say your vows, set to your favourite song will be really impactful.

During the actual marriage ceremony

Soft music playing during your ceremony is a way to really enhance the mood. I have seen this personally at a few elopements, and the mood it creates is incredible. But it doesn’t work in all cases.

If you are having guests, not just witnesses, then the music can be distracting to them. You will probably find people, especially the oldies, thinking that someone left the music on by mistake. So I think the music should be mainly used when it is just the couple and witnesses.

The music must be really soft. Think of a soft movie score where actors are talking in the scene. The music needs to be soft enough to add mood, but not too loud where it becomes a distraction.

From a legal point of view, the witnesses at the marriage ceremony have to actually hear what is going on. So the music should be soft enough for everyone to hear.

The music should have no words, lyrics or singing in it. Just the music. A gentle soundtrack to your marriage vows. Singing and words is too distracting when are listening and saying your vows.

Signing of the marriage certificate

This is a perfect place to have music. Once you are signing your marriage certificate there is normally a huge relief and joy when you realise that you did it.

I think that music that is a little more upbeat, hopeful, positive, and joyful can add excitement to this part of the ceremony.

Announcement that you are married

This is often the most joyful moment at an elopement. When your elopement celebrant officially announces that you are married!! Music during this part of the ceremony is a must!

Post Ceremony

Music after the marriage ceremony is also a great idea. If you have guests you can hug them and chat to them with live music playing around you.

If it is just the two of you, don’t just run off for photos straight away. I would encourage you to really soak in the moment and the commitment you have just made to each other. Have your musician play a few of your favourite songs and just be with each other and drink in the moment. Sit down and listen to the music and chat with each other, dance with each other, drink champagne with each other. But soak in the moment. And having live music will really add this amazing moment in your lives.

Elopement Dinner

Another great place to have live music is at your elopement dinner. Whether it is just the two of you or twenty of you. Having some live music playing during your dinner will again add a great atmosphere to the surroundings.

You don’t necessarily need live music all night, but having live music, even an hour or two would be lovely.

Live music cost

You may think that you will save money by not having live music at your elopement. And that is technically true, but it really doesn’t cost that much. For instance, to have a fun, vibrant, and professional violinist at your wedding for 2 hours can cost as little as $400. In the scheme of things, it is so inexpensive for the reward you get in return.

This price will obviously differ, depending on how many musicians you want, how far they have to travel and for how long you want them. But overall, it is such a great addition to add to your small wedding, micro wedding or elopement.