Elopement Packages Australia

Elopement Packages Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and so perfect for an elopement. It is a place with such diverse and amazing locations, destinations and scenery. And I really feel that Australian's haven't taken full advantage of this beautiful country with their weddings and particularly with their elopements.


When you elope, you don't need to go to your local park and get married under a tree... well you absolutely can if that has been your lifelong dream. But you can think bigger!


Think of your favourite place in Australia or some locations in Australia you have always wanted to go to. Your Australian 'bucket list' of must-see Aussie destinations. Well... you could get married there.


The beauty of elopements and eloping is that you can pretty much get married anywhere! They are cheaper, logistically much easier to organise and arrange than a big traditional wedding. They are very low impact on the environment, so you are much more likely to get access to amazing locations. And it can be just the two of you or it can be you with your very closest family and friends. They are also much more intimate and personal than a big wedding. The day is more about the two of you, than you being the centrepiece to a theatrical show.


For a wedding photographers point of view, I really feel that elopements give you the best opportunity of getting some of the most amazing images. I personally love elopements in Australia's big beautiful landscape. And I really love doing an elopement in places where no one has ever had an elopement or wedding before.


Elopement Packages Timeline Examples

The best way to capture an elopement is by spending most of the day with you so that the full story of your day can be told.


Elopements with me all about real genuine moments with real emotions. Nothing is faked and there is no pretending. And Elopements are not a few orchestrated photos at different locations. It should be a whole day experience.


Here are some examples of how 6 & 8 hour elopement coverage work.


If you look at this Wolgan Valley Elopement you will see a great example of how the day works. This was for 6 hours.


The itinerary for the day looked something like:

1.00pm - Preparation photos of them both getting ready together in their villa.

2.00pm - First look

2.30pm - Jump into 4-wheel drive to get to the ceremony location.

3.00pm - Ceremony with personal vows. Then a celebratory Champagne spray.

4.00pm - Slow walk back to the villa while taking photos. Then a drink and quick refresh.

5.00pm - Jump into 4-wheel drive taking photos exploring the area.

7.00pm - Sun has fully set. Say goodbye with hugs and kisses.


Our Uluru Elopement was split over 2 days and was around 8 hours coverage. The itinerary looks something like this:


Day 1

2.00pm - Picked up by the resort and taken to the exclusive property.

2.30pm - Preparation photos with the both of them. They both helped each other get dressed.

4.00pm - A few photos around the property with them and their kids.

5.00pm - Ceremony with personal vows to each other.

5.30pm - Chamapage and canapés to celebrate.

6.00pm - Photos around the property with sunset on a sand dune overlooking Uluru.

7pm - Sun has fully set. Back to the resort to cut a cake and drink more champagne.

7.30pm - Say goodbye as the couple get whisked away for a private dinner.

Elopement photographer at uluru

Elopement Packages New South Wales

Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter Valley Collection



2 HOURS $1,250*

4 HOURS $1,950

6 HOURS $2,650




Photography by Adam Cavanagh.

Private online gallery to view, download and print your photos.

Approximately 80 images per hour, fully edited.

Full set of images in colour and in black & white.

Full resolution & low resolution images.




* Only available midweek (Mon-Thurs) or on a weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) no more than 4 months out.

Australia Collection


up to 8 HOURS $4,450




Coverage can be split over 2 sessions to get the best light and to explore more locations (sunrise/sunset).

Photography by Adam Cavanagh.

Private online gallery to view, download and print your photos.

Approximately 80 images per hour, fully edited.

Full set of images in colour and in black & white.

Full resolution & low resolution images.

Includes travel anywhere in Australia.





We are here to change the way to think of elopements

When you hear the word elopement, what do you immediately think of?

We asked our parents what they thought an elopement was, and you can probably guess what they said. They said two things, running off to get married in secret without telling their parents. And they also thought of a drunk night in Las Vegas and getting married by Elvis.

This is a very old-fashioned view of what an elopement is. That is not what an elopement is anymore.

What is an elopement in Australia?

An elopement is a term that confuses a lot of people, especially parents and grandparents. The older generation see elopements in a very negative way. They think that it is to secretly run off and get married without telling their parents or letting anyone know. That is not what the modern meaning of elopement is.

Our definition of an elopement is:

“An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you.”

How many people can be at your elopement is your personal decision, but we personally believe that it should be will less than 20 guests.

Elopement are not secretive affairs done by people who don’t have the approval of their parents and want to ignore their friends.

Australian Elopement are:

An epic adventure in a beautiful location

Fun and crazy. There are no rules. You can do what you want and be who you are.

eloping australia

Intimate and personal. Elopement are all about you.

How that elopement looks and feels is entirely up to you. There are no rules, do whatever you want.

Your elopement should be a reflection of the two of you. Say your vows in a beautiful location that you love or a place that just makes both of you go wow!

Elopement Packages Australia FAQ’s

Here are some FAQ’s about having an elopement with us.

When is the best time for photos?

The short answer is, the best time for photos of any kind is either at sunrise or sunset.

Are you a full-time photographer

Yes, we have been doing wedding photography, professionally for around ten years.

Will you scout locations and help us decide on where to have our ceremony?

For elopements that require a lot of travel, I will arrive there the day before the elopement. That way I can say hi to you guys and check out the location beforehand. And absolutely, I can give you advice on where the ceremony should be 🙂

For elopements a couple of hours away from me, I will arrive early and scout out the place. It’s nice to have an idea of the land and where some nice locations could be. But photography is all about light as well. So where the sunlight is on the day, and what the light is like on the day, will also dictate where we shoot.

Can you be our witness for the marriage ceremony?

Absolutely! I have witnessed and signed many marriage certificates.

How much time do we need for location photography after the ceremony?

It really all depends on how much travel is involved, how many locations you want to explore and what you want to do.

Every couple is different. Some want hours and hours of photos and some want a few nice ones and then they are happy. It is your day not mine, so I will go with whatever you want.

But… I think at least an hour is a good amount of time at one location. That gives me enough time for a good variety of photos of you guys. And we are not rushed.

If you are in a totally epic location with many places to shoot, we could explore the area over a few hours, taking photos as we go. At my Uluru elopement, we did this at sunset and then at sunrise. And I would have gone to a couple more locations, but the couple had to go to the airport to catch a plane back home 🙂

Ultimate Guide on how to elope in Australia

This guide will give you all the information you need on how to elope in Australia and also how to have an amazing elopement in Australia. Eloping is so much more than just listening to someone talk about marriage and signing some papers. We want you to have the best elopement experience possible. This guide will help you work out where you want to elope to, how to plan it, how to organise it, and also how to have an amazing experience that most people would never even have thought of.

Discover the best small wedding venues in Australia

Our Definition of Elopements

“An elopement is to get married with a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony and the day is all about the two of you." -