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Over a 100 designs to choose from, created using a unique range of materials to suit your lifestyle with prices starting as low as $29

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We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible that is why all orders placed before 12 pm Monday – Thursday will be dispatched on the same day from our warehouse in Melbourne Victoria (excluding public holidays)


All our orders are shipped through Australia Post, who continues to deliver Australia-wide and follows stringent safe delivery practices.

About ETRNL Rings

Here at ETRNL Rings, we have this crazy idea that your everyday ring should fit into your everyday life. It shouldn’t be stored in a glass case, or kept away from anything that might damage it: it should be worn proudly wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing. 

ETRNL is perfect for the gym junkie, tradesperson, doctor or bartender. For the adrenalin seeker, labourer, athlete and chef. We’re made for active people, by active people. 

We work with a range of materials carefully picked for their own distinct benefits, having introduced over 100 unique and modern designs each delivering comfort, style and durability. Whether you prefer a casual feel or a polished piece, you’ll find the perfect ring to match your taste.

Rings without interruption.


ETRNL began with my own need for a wedding ring that could withstand my lifestyle. 

The best day of my life was exchanging rings with my wife. Three months later though, that wedding ring was damaged and more often than not was left on the bedside table. I was frustrated that something valuable couldn’t keep up with my lifestyle. Through the grapevine, she heard about silicone rings and we got one to try. It was a perfect fit — incredibly comfortable and durable. The ring got people talking. And it’s here Etrnl started. People like me were in the same position —they wanted a symbol of their love and commitment without the hassle of a typical ring.

Since then we’ve grown Etrnl to cater to all lifestyles. Using a unique range of materials including silicone, tungsten, titanium, wood, black zirconium, damascus and more there are over 100 designs to suit the way you move and live. 

We’re thrilled to give you more choice as you pick the perfect wedding ring. 

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All our rings are in stock and ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. All orders ship within 24 hours

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