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Based in Adelaide, South Australia


Starting at $3600. Also offering multi-day escape packages, including booking and planning the elopement itself with celebrant Melody Marshall.

Mid-week Elopements

Whenever it suits you best. Sometimes accommodation is a lot cheaper mid-week, so let’s go then!

Weekend Elopements

The price is the same, just might need a little bit more notice depending on what month you want to go.


I’m in South Australia and happy to travel anywhere, but normally charge a little bit extra if it’s more than a one hour drive away.

About Ramsay Taplin Photography

Get married, simply. A stress-free elopement that focuses on the stuff that matters. 

In the last few years there has been a huge change in what people want out of weddings. They’re smaller, more connected to nature, and totally stripped of the cultural and financial pressures that usually come with a bigger wedding. 

And that is why elopements are such wonderful things!

To me, an elopement condenses a wedding down to the essentials: beautifully simple moments, a few core people, and a place that means something to you – preferably out in the open somewhere. You’re free to be yourselves, be silly and laugh a lot. 

My photography style has always been about capturing these little moments without making the photography the centre of attention. No big poses or lighting setups, just all of us having fun together while I do my best to simply use these photos to tell the story of your elopement.

It’s an enormous privilege to be trusted to go away with a bride and groom and bring my cameras.  The intimacy and friendship of those days are really special, and it always makes for some beautiful photography.

Get married, simply. A stress-free elopement that focuses on the stuff that matters. 


I’m a big animal and insect lover, recovering iced coffee addict, and most of all enjoy being out walking in the forest somewhere.

In a former life I owned a small Internet marketing company which I sold five years ago to get away from social media and be outside with human beings again. Photography has been a true goldmine in this respect, and I’m constantly so thankful to be traveling somewhere beautiful with a client, or just hanging out with a new person for a few hours getting to know them while we take photos.

I really hope that end up bringing some of the calm and joy that I get from these things to your special day.

Photographer Ramsay Taplin

Fun Facts

I think 80’s and 90’s movies look and feel way better than modern stuff, and I take a lot of inspiration from the grain, mood and slower pace that these films have compared to modern day blockbuster CGI stuff. 

I love reading about philosophy, meditation and different historical ideas, and absolutely hate anything to do with Artificial Intelligence – it literally keeps me up at night!

I’ve just started running again and, as a runner, I now feel compelled to tell people about it!

My beautiful partner and I are very keen to move back to the country in the next few years and live a life a bit closer to the land.

Approach to Elopements

A photography mentor of mine once said that being a good wedding photographer is as much about how you make the couple feel as it is about the photos themselves. 

And it’s completely right – a wedding is a very intimate experience, and the photographer is usually there for the whole thing, right by your side. 

That applies to an elopement even more. You go away together, sometimes for a couple of days, sleep in the same building, eat meals together, and run around having a lot of fun. And sometimes it’s just three or four of you, so that connection is really important. 

All of this means that I think it’s really key that we “interview” each other beforehand – have a coffee or a walk and make sure we all get along nicely. Everything else is kind of just details to me – if the friendship is natural and easy then the rest of it works really well. 

As for the elopement itself, my goal is to capture the occasion as naturally as possible. I love being outside, looking for beautiful locations to have the ceremony, and just shooting every little part of the getaway. I like lots of black and white, movement, and just shooting things a lot of the time as if I’m invisible. 

I’m happy to be there for as much or as little time as you want.

As an extra, I’ve also teamed up with my dear friend (and world’s best celebrant), Melody Marshall, to start offering an elopement package together where we book and organise the whole thing for you. It’s nature-based, slowed down, and you just tell us the kind of place you want to go and we give you the options.

Elopement Pricing

My elopement photography pricing starts at $3600 for a full day. If you want Melody and I to organise and book it all as mentioned above we can put together a package for you. 

Photo Gallery


These are so beyond beautiful!
“These are so beyond beautiful – we can’t find the words to do it justice. We cannot thank you enough and feel so grateful that we’ve met you. We’re going to get so much joy from these over the years. Xxx” – Chloe & Daniel

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