Stables of Somersby Elopement, NSW

This is the gorgeous elopement/micro wedding of Di & Nic. A beautiful same-sex couple who are passionate about each other and their rescue dogs, Bear and Phoebe!

The elopement photography was done by Rachel Gutierrez and the ceremony was conducted by the amazing Pauline Fawkner.

This is how their love story began…

“Nic and I met online. Nic was in Alice Springs for work, I was in Sydney. Nic sent a request to me. I said yes, because she was so far away and it felt safe, she didn’t even have a photo and her profile had approximately 3 lines. I remember looking at it and thinking are you serious? I somehow went from hitting no to yes, best decision ever! lol, within a couple of months we met, she moved in a few  months after that and we’ve been together since. Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance.”

“I proposed on Nic’s 40th birthday. I organised someone to set up a beautiful picnic with cushions, champagne, cheeses etcat Lavender Bay, the location we spent our first Valentines at. Inside the picnic basket was a digital album that had photos of our journey so far together. On the last page I had printed will you continue this journey with me? Our rescue greyhound Bear had the ring around his neck. There was lots of tears, smiles, happiness. It was the perfect day and a complete surprise for Nic.”

“We made a conscious decision to have only our very closest friends and family with us, those people that are in our inner circle. We wanted intimate and quaint.”

Tell your family and friends that you are not having a big traditional wedding can be a challenge for some couples. This is how Di & Nic handled it…

“We were coming out of our second wave of Covid, there were still restrictions in place. This made it easier for us. After having to postpone twice prior, everyone understood and wanted us to be married and happy.”

Choosing the perfect elopement location is a huge decision for every couple…

“Our biggest criteria was that Bear and Phoebe our rescue greyhounds were able to be with us. We also wanted somewhere with a relaxed charm. Stables of Somersby ticked all the boxes. We loved the location.”

“The ceremony was beautiful. I’m a past wedding photographer, our celebrant was someone that I used to work with often in the industry, which made it more intimate. We wrote our own vows which were beautiful and perfect, we had an acoustic singer strumming some tunes and our closest family and friends with us. It was perfect.”

“We had an “exercise dance of” which those who attended still talk and laugh about. I’m a Personal Trainer / Gym Manager and Nic is an avid swimmer and cyclist. We spontaneously started taking it in turns on the dance floor incorporating exercises into a dance. I’d do burpees, Nic would do squats and it continued. I had a suit on so it was a little easier for me, but Nic had no hesitation busting out the push ups and sit ups with her beautiful dress. I’m not sure who the winner was, but it was really fun and our guests all cheered, had fun with it.”

“Honestly it really was the best day of our lives. I always thought it was a bit corny when couples would say this afterwards. Everything we had, did from the start to the end was perfect. It was done how we wanted it to be. No regrets.”

Here is some advice from Di & Nic for future couples thinking of having a small wedding or elopement…

“Follow your hearts, listen to what each of you want and is important. Friends and family that love you understand, if they care, they will only want what makes you happy.”

Here is the team involved in this Stables of Somersby elopement.

Awesome legendary Photography by the talented, brilliant Rachel from Rachel Gutierrez Photography

Soulful tunes by the charismatic, smiling Kylie Jane music

Mouthwatering food and smiling service by H&H catering (Grace is the bomb)

Magical location full of love, good vibes and charm, Stables of Somersby

The words that declared us as wife and wife the lovely Pauline Fawkner.

Sizzling sexy Dress from Rebecca VallanceCool red suit from Shane Avenue 

Cheers to our retro caravan “Florence” from Memory Lane, with bartenders Nathan and Alicia who kept us all hydrated

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