Sydney Registry Office Elopement

This beautiful elopement of Robyn & Justin, has been brought to you by the wonderful and talented Rachel Gutierrez Photography.

This is the love story of Robyn & Justin…

“We met in Singapore. Robyn was a Corporate Expat, and Justin was a Rock n’ Roller. What started as a six-month hangout bloomed into a decade-long romance before the two tied the knot in 2022. Justin carried a ring he sourced from a jeweller in NYC for months until in February 2019, after an evening out in Brisbane, he proposed over late-night herbal tea at the W hotel in Brisbane.”

It is always interesting to hear why couples chose to elope or have a small wedding. This is why they decided to elope…

“We didn’t choose an elopement it chose us. Originally we wanted to do an outdoor Byron Hinterland wedding, but due to COVID and finances, the universe had other plans. Over the course of 12 months, we redefined our thoughts for the wedding and ended up with an urban elopement followed by parties in Michigan, USA and Northern Rivers NSW, Australia.”

This is how they told their family and friends that they were eloping… 

“We started with WhatsApp and then sent out a mass email. After we confirmed the details, we re-issued invites for the receptions.”

Deciding on an elopement location can be a tricky decision. Sometimes the easiest option for couples is the best option.

This is how Robyn & Justin chose their location… 

“The registry office seemed the easiest, so Sydney was it!”

The Sydney Registry Office is a government registry that handles the registration of life events such as marriages, births, and deaths in the Sydney area. It has two offices in Sydney, (Chippendale and Parramatta), where you can go in and get married. This couple went to the Chippendale Registry Office.

They offer quick ceremonies that cover all the legal requirements for a marriage in NSW. It is easy, quick and affordable.

This is what they had to say about their Registry office marriage ceremony…

“It was beautiful. We connected with our special people via Zoom and then proceeded to laugh, cry and pour out words of love. Yes, it was a little cheesy, but it was totally awesome!”

“After a lovely day of champagne and smiles, we finished the night at Restaurant Hubert in the city. It was perfect as we watched an amazing Jazz trio, and the lead singer was from the town of Saginaw in the US, where Justin was born!”

No matter how you do it, eloping is one of the best ways to get married. This is what Robyn & Justin said about eloping…

“It was simple and easy. We had no strict agenda, only the time for the ceremony and dinner at Restaurant Hubert.”

Here is this couple’s advice for future couples planning or thinking about eloping…

“Decide what you as a couple truly want and how many of your favourite people you want with you.”

“Elopements allow more time to be with those you care about, and you can always have little celebrations sprinkled throughout the year. Including any family requirements for inviting all those relatives you really don’t know but feel obligated to have in attendance.”

One of the best reasons to have a Sydney Registry elopement is that you are in Sydney!! What I love about this elopement is the vibe. How their photographer Rachel wandered through the surrounding inner city streets with them, through alleyways and urban street corners to capture them in some gorgeous backdrops and locations.

List of your elopement vendors/suppliers:

Photographer – Rachel Gutierrez Photography

Dress – Country Brides

Rings – Leonie Simpson

Makeup – Martha B Brows

Wedding Invites – KAO

Venue – Chippendale Registry Office

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