Beautiful Sunshine Coast Elopement

We are super excited to share this really beautiful Sunshine Coast elopement of Dannielle & George. It features some stunning photography by Naturally Jek Photography and a lovely personalised ceremony by Your Story Celebrant. It was just the couple, their fur baby Meeka, two friends and their elopement vendors.

It is really what eloping is all about. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and have a hundred people with you to get married. This elopement shows that all you need is a beautiful location, a few key elopement vendors and a loved-up couple that just want to get married. When you look through the photos and read their story, you will see that this elopement is a true reflection of them.

Dannielle & George are actually high school sweethearts that have now been together a long time. This is how their love story began…

“I was 15 and George was 16, we went to school together, we were in different grades so would normally just walk past each other. One night we were at a party and we met officially, we pretty much just stared at each other, didn’t really say much. Then a week or so later George best friend messaged me and asked if he could give my number to George. Of course, I said yes he was so good looking and his smile was to die for. As months went on, we talked over text, walked to and from school together, George would visit me at my work and I would make him coffee, hung out together on the weekends at parties or watching movies and since then haven’t looked back.”

“There was actually no proposal, George and I have been together 12+ years we never got engaged as we always knew we would elope and if we got engaged we would constantly get the never-ending question…..when are you getting married?”

Point Cartwright Elopement

Point Cartwright was the location for their intimate elopement. Point Cartwright is a beach and headland located at the northern end of Kawana beach on the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba. They got married high up on the headland, near the Point Cartwright Light with stunning views out over Mooloolaba and the coastline.

Choosing an elopement location is one of the major decisions when planning an elopement. Our advice to couples is to choose somewhere that is stunningly beautiful or a place that has a significant meaning to you. Dannielle & George’s location had both…

“This was an easy decision, we love spending time at Point Cartwright with our dog, we love going down there on the weekends for a walk and climb on the rocks. It’s just endless beauty there, the lookout, the beach, the rocks, the trees, the amazing views and the occasional sneaky whales or dolphins.”

sunshine coast elopement
sunshine coast elopement
sunshine coast elopement

“Our ceremony was actually a surprise to us, our amazing celebrant met with us on different occasions, asked questions to really get to understand and know us, we filled our lover’s questionnaire and from that, she created our own love story from that, which she absolutely nailed, it was such a beautiful intimate ceremony. We were standing up at the lookout, looking at the kilometres of beach stretch sharing our own personal vows to each other, there was a lot of laughing and crying and it was just beautiful.”

Couples have many different reasons to elope. Some couples just don’t really like weddings and all the traditions associated with them. Others find it too stressful both mentally and financially. There could be some complicated family reasons for eloping. And many couples just want the day to be about them as traditional Aussie weddings tend to be more about hosting a huge party for your family and friends.

“We chose to elope for a number of reasons, but the biggest factor was we wanted our day to just be about us, we are very easy going people and just wanted to enjoy the moment without all the fuss, family and stress. We come to the conclusions that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to prove your love. No one actually knew about our elopement, not friends not family, except we had best friends each, our beautiful puppy Meeka and our vendors.”

Telling your family & friends that you eloped can sometimes be a tricky situation. For these guys it was pretty straight forward…

“We don’t live close to our family or friends, some of our friends we told in person, our family we video called the following morning after we got married, then we posted it on Facebook/Instagram to inform friends and aquatints.”

This is probably the most relaxed signing of a marriage certificate I have ever seen… and one of the best. Normally it is set up on a little table. Flowers are neatly positioned over a white table cloth, and there might even be some trinkets or decorations on the table to dress it up. But this is how you sign a marriage certificate for a no-fuss, relaxed elopement!!

Sunshine Coast Elopement Photos

These beautiful Sunshine Coast wedding & elopement photos show you exactly how elopement photos should be. A lovely couple in a beautiful location, taken by a professional photographer who was able to really capture this couple’s personalities and spirit. They are creative, fun, full of emotion and just beautiful. Jekka from Naturally Jek Photography did an amazing job!

We were so lucky that we got to see two whales breaching from the water as we enjoyed a beer and ate cheese, we had the best view.”

The best thing about eloping for Dannielle & George was because…

Simple, stress-free, super cost-effective and being able to be in the moment for the entire time as there was nothing else/no one else to worry about.

Sunshine Coast Elopement Advice

If you are planning a Sunshine Coast elopement, or just thinking that you might elope, then it’s always good to get some advice and tips from someone who has just done it. This is what Dannielle & George said…

“JUST DO IT! Keep it a secret, keep it simple and don’t worry about what other people will think, do what you want. You don’t have to get caught up in the generalised wedding expectation stuff as it’s not for everyone, how you create your memory of your special day is so important and should be individual.”

Vendors from this Sunshine Coast elopement:

Photographer: Jekka from Naturally Jek photography 

Celebrant: Danielle from Your Story Celebrant

Videographer: Ash from Jensen and Young

Flowers: Jan from Branch & Blossom

Hair: Jess from Ayloulah Hair Design

Make up: Erin from Erin Fedele Beauty 

Dress: LUV Bridal, Sunshine Coast

Location: Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast 

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